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About my taste in fanfics.

Weiss Kreuz Fics:
Animal Husbandry by Lady Bast
Ken talks Sena into helping him bring a goat home. I'm linking to the author's LJ memories because that's the easiest way to find all the parts. (Added 11 July 2006)

Aoe and Shoori share a website that's full of great Weiss Kreuz stories. I most particularly enjoy Aoe's fics, but I look forward to new stories from both authors. I particularly recommend: "Guilty" and "Found Out About You"; "Something Me In You" and its sequels; and "Seeing the Light" and "Embracing the Shadows." For those whose taste runs to AU epics, I'd suggest taking a look at the New World Order arcs.

Believing in Fates by ingenius_inc
Schuldig doesn't believe in Fate, but he does believe in Crawford. (Added 16 January 2006)

Black Omen by Daegaer
Weiss Kreuz/Good Omens. Schwarz has a close encounter with the absolute wrong person on a Tokyo street. (Added 11 Sept. 2004)

Blue Roses by kinsugi
This series of drabbles is dark. Very dark. They were written for a character death challenge, so be warned. Schwarz destroys Aya for fun and sets off a chain reaction. (Added 30 March 2005)

Bound and Determined by !Super Cat
When part of a mission goes wrong, Yohji has to improvise. He's masquerading as a slave trader and finds Aya among the goods offered to him. (Added 16 January 2006)

Breakdown by Nixerchan and bonnejean
Work in progress. The plot centers on the Weiss guys having psychic powers that have been deliberately suppressed. When the powers surface, the characters need to rethink their alliances.

Carpe Diem by Daegaer
Neither Nagi nor Mamoru wants to deal with the other's past. (Added 16 January 2006)

Chocolate and Cream Puffs by Mami-san
Coffee and Biscuits by Mami-san
This pair of stories are light and fairly fluffy. The former involves developing romance between Ken and Nagi and the latter between Crawford and Omi.

Cicada by sylphide
Not all stories have happy endings, and this one hurts. Yohji and Schuldig become friends, but life and friendship are fragile. (Added 26 Oct. 2004)

Closure by Talitha X
Yohji regains his memories and finds most of them easy enough to deal with. The exception is his memories of Aya. Before Yohji can settle back into his marriage with Asuka, he needs to know where the other man is now and see if he's happy. (Added 16 January 2006)

The Color of Joy by Sionnachdhubh
Work in progress. This is a Schwarz-centric Weiss Kreuz story. Schwarz has fled Japan looking for a place where they can be free of Estet after the failed summoning ceremony. There are two completed side stories focusing on Weiss and on Aya-chan that I also recommend.

Coming Home by Guilty Red
WIP. Schwarz has destroyed the elders of Esset, but it cost them. Now the remnants of the organization are hunting them. There's also a parallel WIP called "The Rain Doesn't Grieve" that follows the members of Weiss during the same time period. (Added 30 March 2005)
6 November 2005
: I suggest also checking the author's fic journal. The author has provided some character backstory there.

Complex by Hitori
Crawford helped make Schuldig who he is today. A Schuldig origin story. (Added 11 Sept. 2004. Link updated 6 November 2005)

Control by Miko no Da
This is an AU that ignores Gluhen. The members of Weiss have gone their separate ways, and only Omi is still even sort of in the business (just no longer doing wetwork). Ran visits Omi, bringing him dinner on Christmas and staying for something more. (Added 16 January 2006)

The Corset by Kiriko Moth
Dominant Yohji, submissive Aya and sex. I'm really amazed that I haven't already rec'd this. I thought I had. (Added 20 April 2006)

Daegaer started a series of very, very funny drabbles about the members of Schwarz getting pregnant. It's become an almost epic series of drabbles about Schwarz family life. This link goes to an index being maintained by a fan of the series. So far as I'm aware, the series doesn't have a unifying title. (And yes, I do remember that I already put up a blanket rec for all of Daegaer's WK stuff. These need to be read as a group, preferably in order. Deal.) Did I mention that these are funny? (Added 23 Feb. 2005)

Daegaer's Weiss Kreuz fics.
Daegaer has a number of very short Weiss fics, mostly focused on Schwarz, on her Live Journal. This link goes to her index. Her take on Schwarz has a definite edge that appeals to me. (Added 2 Oct. 2004)

Dead Men Walking by writingrose
Young Brad Crawford believed in zombies. (Added 20 January 2007)

Deliverance by Tosca
Petshop of Horrors/Weiss Kreuz. An unhappy Nagi visits a petshop and finds more than he expects. (Added 5 July 2005)

Drifting Apart by trensaddiction
Crawford does his best to keep Schuldig alive a little longer. (Added 8 June 2006)

Epilogue by Persephone II
A post-Gluhen story told from Omi's point of view. I think the first sentence works as a summary: "When it was over, I took away everything they had and gave them everything they'd ever wanted."

Exorcism by Lavender Onion
In a post-apocalyptic world, Yohji and Aya suffer at Crawford's hands. (Added 28 Jan. 2005)

An Eye for an Eye by Rose
Weiss Kreuz/Brimstone. After the museum collapsed, the rest of Schwarz started thinking that Farfarello was dead. This story won't make sense unless you have a good feel for the premise of Brimstone, but it's perfect when you do get it. (Added 24 January 2006)

The Flashlight by Acid Rain
Aya and Schuldig get stuck together in a dumbwaiter. Sex ensues. (Added 21 July 2005)

Force of Habit by Raz
This one's very definitely AU. I didn't expect to like it, but when I poked at it, I found myself hooked. Schwarz had a fifth member, Void, who was captured and reprogrammed by Kritiker to become an amnesiac who remembers only that his name is Kudoh Yohji. Against his better judgment, Aya did the reprogramming and now has to keep an eye on Yohji to make sure it holds. But Schwarz and Estet want Void back, and yet another group wants the person Void was before Estet created him. There's a sequel story that's still in progress.

Forever Pure by TalithaX
This story starts a long arc that's all worth reading. How to sum it up? In the first story, Aya gets captured, and the rest of Weiss has to rescue him. Revenge follows. The arc extends forward into Side B territory. (Added 11 Sept. 2004)
6 November 2005
: I suggest also checking the author's fic journal. There are many more fics posted there.

Fractured by Tammaiya
Schuldig and Yohji are not good for each other because they're heading, inevitably, in the same direction. Other people can help them hold on a little longer. (Added 16 January 2006)

Games by Marith
This is a Yohji-centric story. It's full of introspection and angst and gave me a new view of Yohji.

Ghost Writer by runefallstar
A series of drabbles about contingency plans, instructions left behind. (Added 9 April 2005)

Gunning Down Romance by Mami-san
Schuldig's having trouble sleeping at night and decides that Aya is the best available solution. Faced with a threat to his sister, Aya secretly moves in with the surviving members of Schwarz. (Added 19 Dec. 2004)

Guter Ausgang by Tosca
Weiss Kreuz/Sandman. Schuldig meets Death. (Added 11 July 2006)

Heir Apparent by Yuri the Seventh Demoness
Weiss Kreuz/Tokyo Babylon. Yohji gets targeted by Seishirou who claims to want Yohji to be the next Sakurazukamori.

Hot-House Flowers by Trio Maxwell-Chang
I'm fond of Schwarz as villains, but their nastier side doesn't always make for the best stories. Here's a vignette that shows them in perfect unpleasantness. Trio's Schwarz uses mercy as much as they use everything else. (Added 15 August 2005)

Inner Child drabbles by Lady Bast
These drabbles look at various characters and the ways in which they're vulnerable. Some are sweet, some are sad, and some are both. (Added 11 July 2006)

It's a War in There by Marith
Aya asks Yohji's help in getting laid. He seems to feel that it's important but, at the same time, to be very uncomfortable about it. (Added 19 Dec. 2004)

Job Perks by Tosca's Kiss
Crawford and Schuldig establish the start of a working relationship. (Added 5 July 2005)

Kapitel Elementary by willocwen
I wouldn't quite call this an AU... Life's a game, and everyone contributes a bit. This explains so much about Kapitel. It all makes sense now. (Added 2 March 2006)

Kein Romantisch (Unromantic) by Tosca's Kiss
Schuldig amuses himself and Nagi. (Added 5 July 2005)

The Kid's Dangerous by Utopian Trunks
This is actually the second story in a two story arc, but I like it much better than the first story (not that there's anything wrong with the first story, "Why Kids Shouldn't Talk to Grown-Ups About Sex." I just like this one better). Youji and Ken have a long standing, non-exclusive relationship, but the only person entirely happy is Ken. (Added 20 Jan. 2005)

Kitten Caboodle by Lady Bast
Weiss Kreuz (Gluhen)/Tokyo Babylon. Weiss hires Subaru to exorcise a ghost. Nothing goes quite as planned. (Added 6 May 2005)

The Knack and How to Get It by Penelope Z
Crawford has a vision and informs Schwarz that Schuldig must manage to have sex with a willing Yohji within the next week or all of Schwarz will die. As you might expect, humor dominates. (Added 11 July 2006)

Living Different Lives by Miko no da
What if Omi hasn't dealt with his past traumas quite as well as he wants people to think?

Lust by Tien Riu
Work in progress. This story currently (so far as I know) can only be found at The blurb's a bit misleading, reflecting what the author apparently planned on beginning the story rather than where it's actually gone. It focuses on Aya and Yohji, and a recent installment contains the first lemon.

My Bodyguard by Eleanor K.
Mamoru meets his grandfather, accepts a job and hires a bodyguard. (Added 15 June 2005)

My Hereness, Your Thereness by Penelope Z
Mamoru doesn't really like who he is, and Nagi's his only touchstone. That doesn't help much. (Added 22 June 2005)

Night Operation by Tosca
House/Weiss Kreuz. Strangers with guns break into House's home and demand medical assistance. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Of Kittens and Dogs by Leokitsune
Crawford's not always right. Farfarello considers possible futures and ways of creating them. This story starts an arc that offers an alternate view of the time between Kapital and Gluhen. (Added 26 Oct. 2004)

Oracle by Hope of Dawn
WIP. Everyone has a past. And even the all-knowing leader of Schwarz was a tool for Estet...once.  (Added 7 June 2004)

An Ounce of Prevention by blehmeh05
Crawford tries unsuccessfully to prevent an unfortunate event and discovers that the possible repercussions are even worse than he expected. (Added 6 November 2005)

Part and Whole by !Super Cat
"Youji followed Aya until Aya lost him, every Monday, without fail." Sometimes, Aya loses track of which parts of him are still Ran. (Added 28 Jan. 2005)

Patty Hearst Lived Here by M. Jones
Schwarz captures Yohji. Crawford handles the interrogation. (Added 28 Jan. 2005)
6 November 2005: The author has apparently taken this story offline. If anyone sees it elsewhere online, please let me know so that I can link to it again.

The Problem with Fortune Telling by Tari Gwaemir
Crawford reflects on the drawbacks of precognition as he waits for a confrontation he knows is coming. (Added 20 Jan. 2005)

Progression by Mistress Renet
This is one possible way that Nagi might have come to work for Mamoru. (Added 16 January 2006)

Reflections by L.A. Mason
. Aya disappears while on a solo mission. When the rest of the team finds him, he's in very bad shape and isn't acting like himself. (Added 3 Dec. 2004)

Reunion by Tenar
Takatori Mamoru's daughter is in love, but when her parents meet her boyfriend's parents, her father recognizes the young man's father and has to make some decisions. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

Role Reversal by Juliette Torres
One of the repeating plots in this fandom is the story in which Schwarz kidnaps members of Weiss for sexual purposes. This story takes all of the cliches of those stories and turns them around so that Weiss is kidnapping members of Schwarz. I found it quite funny. (Added 23 Dec. 2004)

Scarlet Ribbons by Jessi Albano
This is a sweet little romance, Schuldig+Aya-chan. I was surprised how much I liked it.

Shades of Gray by Hana-chan
Work in progress. This is another fic that I've only found at It's a story about Aya-chan and the guys trying to make things work after the series. And that description so doesn't do the story justice...

Shining Things by writingrose
Neu forces Hel to take time to relax so that she doesn't burn out during her efforts to revive Masafumi. Explicit f/f with some bondage and as creepy as Schreient should be. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

Sing for the Moment by Mami-san
Yohji finds himself running into Crawford in unexpected places. He also discovers that they have a surprising  amount in common. (Added 19 Dec. 2004)

Something Missing by Truth
WIP. Aya-chan, Weiss, Schwarz and the return of Estet. (Updated 2 December 2006)

Sozialinteraktion (Social Interaction) by Tosca's Kiss
Japanese has sublties of pronunciation that challenge gaijin. Schuldig knows how to use that to his advantage. (Added 19 Nov. 2004)

Stages of Love by Mistress Renet
Mamoru and Nagi's interactions move through several stages till they each find their places with each other. (Added 22 June 2005)

Stand Alone by Lady Bast
Nagi wants very badly to prove himself a capable member of Schwarz. (Added 27 Dec. 2004)

Sudden Death by Hope of Dawn
Weiss Kreuz/Yami no Matsuei. Schwarz is sent to attempt to recruit a Japanese psychic. Somebody's timing is off. Or perhaps... Somebody's timing is better than anyone guessed. (Added 19 Nov. 2004)

Summer Camp by O-Maguro
This is a view of Ken's life in prison, of how it does and doesn't change him. (Added 16 January 2006)

Temper by Gen X
This fic is a painful monologue as Ken tries to persuade his (former) lover to talk to him.

Three by Lady Jaida
How to summarize this...? Crawford and Schuldig reach a bit of a crossroads. Schuldig takes risks, and Crawford rescues him, just like always. Or not. (Added 24 January 2006)

Three's a Crowd by Misura
Sakura can't quite make up her mind about the men in her life. (Added 22 June 2005)

The Tightening Noose by Viridian5
Post-Gluhen, Yohji's past comes back to haunt him in the form of an orange haired man who claims to know him. (Added 11 Sept. 2004)

To Bury the Hurt of a Memory by Talya Firedancer
This is a dark fic. Yohji has amnesia after a car accident. I wasn't going to include it because it depressed me, but it also stuck in my mind, so...

The Ultimate Self-Made Man by Rokeon
A take on Schuldig's origin.

Uncle Yohji's Book of Love by Durendal and The Beef Chick
This fic is incredibly funny for readers who know the fandom well, but it's one of those cases where I can't really explain the humor. (Added 26 August 2004)

Unstained by Eleanor K.
Aya has a disturbingly sexual dream, and Yohji helps him out. (Added 31 Dec. 2004)

Untitled by ingenius_inc
Crawford has to make a decision about Schuldig. (Added 16 January 2006 - as of 3 June 2006 author has locked the fic)

Untitled by Rose
The author warns that this is likely to be revised at some point in the future and that it properly comes at the end of a story arc. I don't care. It's good as it stands. It's an AU with Aya and Schuldig trying to figure out where they stand with each other a few months after the death of Estet's elders. It was written for a smutfic challenge, so expect sex. (Added 24 January 2006)

Urameshi by White Cat
Ken remembers Kase, and the memories hurt. (Added 16 January 2006)

What Rough Beast by Alexandra Lucas
After events in the OAVs, Weiss is on the road. Omi sends Aya to bring Ken back after he wanders off. (Added 16 January 2006)

When Ninjas Attack by ann89103
This is a series of three short, Schwarz centered fics. Ninjas show up, one way or another, in all of them. Humor. (Added 11 July 2006)

Yami no Schwarz by Rana Eros
Yami no Matsuei/Weiss Kreuz. In this series of drabbles, the members of Schwarz from Weiss Kreuz canon are replaced by characters from Yami no Matsuei. (Added 20 April 2006)

Zerbrochen by Tritorella
An AU story arc that assumes that Estet regrouped after the failed summoning ceremony and destroyed Kritiker. Weiss has survived and gone underground to carry on the fight, but it's been far from easy for them. Each part of the arc can pretty much stand on its own. (Updated 20 July 2004)

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