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Disclaimer: Weiss and Schwarz do not belong to me. I'm borrowing them for my and (I hope) my readers' amusement only and have no intention of trying to make money off of them in any way, shape or form.

Author: The RCK

Pairing: Schuldig/Yohji
Rating: R
Notes: Written in response to a prompt in Springkink's August 2008 multifandom anonymous kink meme. The prompt was: Yohji enjoys being Schuldig's prisoner, Stockholm syndrome.
Warnings: Implied but non-explicit rape and violence, Stockholm Syndrome
Summary: Dark ficlet covering a very damaged Yohji's thoughts on his situation.
Posted: 29 September 2008

Thanks to Olna Jenn for cheerleading and to the members of The SWC for beta reading.

Stockholm Syndrome

If anyone had bothered to ask, Yohji would have said that he didn't remember anything before the room. Sometimes, he even believed it himself. Anything that he needed, Schuldig brought him. If Schuldig didn't bring it, Yohji obviously didn't need it, not really.

He remembered being terrified at first, fearing Schuldig's touch even more than Schuldig's absence even though the latter meant time without food. Schuldig's presence meant pain, just a little, really only a little, never more than he could bear, but warmth and light and food, too. To be worthy of that kindness, he would bear anything, and Schuldig never asked much-- Yohji's mouth, Yohji's ass, Yohji's honest response to Schuldig's touch.

Loving Schuldig came with rewards. Yohji had light now, when he wanted it, a switch inside his room. He had books. He could open his own door now, was allowed access to the kitchen and the exercise equipment when he chose. He could even sit on the furniture in the living room when he was alone, and Schuldig hadn't bothered to hobble or chain him, except in play, for weeks, maybe even months.

He still didn't have clothes, but he didn't really want clothes. They'd only get in the way when Schuldig wanted him.

Nobody ever asked.

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