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Saiyuki Fics
And All Returns by kickinpants
This is a Gaiden fic, one possible way that everything ends. It's sad but not without a determined hope. (Added 6 November 2005)

Assigning Blame by genx88
Bickering is a way of passing time. (Added 16 January 2006)

Beneath the Skin by Timmonsgray
Sanzo, Hakkai and Gojyo discuss scars, both visible and hidden, while sharing a bath. (Added 12 Feb. 2005)

Blaze by Mistress Renet
After it's all over, Goku and Kougaji run into each other by chance. Sex ensues. (Added 31 July 2006)

Breakfast by new_kate.
Gojyo, Hakkai, a spoon and increasing sexual tension. Set during the 'Burial' period. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Breakup by Harukami
Gojyo's not sure how to make things work, so he tells Hakkai they should break up. Hakkai objects. This story's more notable for things not said than for things actually said. (Added 24 January 2006)

A Certain Responsibility by incandescens
Petshop of Horrors/Saiyuki. D entertains a dragon. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Child in the Attic by incandescens
A short look at the world through Lirin's eyes. (Added 17 December 2005)

Cho-sensei by Nightfall
Sanzo has learned a thing or two from Hakkai. (Added 12 Feb. 2005)

Cut Off by Eleanor K.
Gojyo has mother issues. Hakkai helps. Disturbing but right. (Added 8 June 2006)

Dark Horse by springgreen
Rather than try to summarize this, I'll just give you the first paragraph: 'Some of the more bored officials in Heaven had an ongoing bet — whoever could catch Konzen Douji with an expression on his face would win the pool. They didn't particularly care about the money, but it was something to do.' (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

The Dark Season by Rana Eros
After it's all over, Goku waits alone, hoping for the dead to return. (Added 31 July 2006)

Dead Again by Sleeps with Coyotes
This fic offers a series of between encounters between the canon characters during the times when they're all between reincarnations. Each life does actually teach them something. (Added 5 July 2005)

Distant Relations by Sylvia
Gojyo meets a kappa and is not impressed. (Added 16 January 2006)

Distant Water's Gentle Guise by Nightfall
While recovering from the flu, Hakkai has to explain a few things to Goku and to Gojyo. (Added 12 Feb. 2005)

Easy by Eleanor K.
Gojyo will do anything to give Hakkai what he thinks he needs. (Added 30 March 2005)

Eggshells by trensaddiction
Gojyo wins a dragon egg in a poker game and isn't sure what to do with it, so he gives it to Hakkai. (Added 16 January 2006)

Errand by new_kate
This is a possible explanation for how Gonou came to be where Gojyo found him and for how he acquired his limiters. (Added 20 April 2006)

Five Books Tenpou Keeps Next to His Bed by springgreen
The title says as much as I could manage without spoilers. Humor with a thread of seriousness. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

Five Things Kenren Brought Tenpou from the Lower World, and One Thing He Hasn't by springgreen
Again, there's not much I can say that the title doesn't. Humor, sweetness and sorrow. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

A God in the Sack by harukami
Gojyo prays for a woman and gets Kanzeon. (Added 31 July 2006)

Godsend by Sylvia
In this AU, Gojyo rescues Kanan's halfbreed daughter. (Added 30 March 2005)

Hakkai's Gift by Edo no Hana
Gojyo doesn't know what to do when Hakkai gets depressed. (Added 12 Feb. 2005)

Heaven and Hereafter by Harukami
The story ends on the road to Heaven. And starts again there. (Added 16 January 2006)

How Does Your Garden Grow? by writingrose
Gojyo mourns Hakkai in his own way. (Added 20 January 2007)

If pt. 1 and pt. 2 by Sleeps With Coyotes
This is one take on how the group's journey to the west might end, complete with battles, explosions, and meddling by Kanzeon. Because I'm a sucker both for happy endings and for threesomes, I also very much liked the sequel: pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3, pt. 4, pt. 5. (Added 15 August 2005)

Ikka Danran by Trismegistus
Sanzo tells his soon to be traveling companions about the orders for their trip west. He's not very happy about it, and none of them make him any happier about the prospect. (Added 22 June 2005)

In a Name (The Elemental Remix) by Louise Lux
An evening camp from each character's point of view. (Added 30 March 2005)

In My Father's House by K.A. Rose
In this AU, Sanzo has been captured and is being used as part of an experiment by Gyokumen Koushu's scientists. He and Kougaiji find some common ground. (Added 30 March 2005)

Instructions for the Babysitter by treneka
Hakkai's taking a little time off and leaves written instructions for the babysitter. "Thank you for agreeing to babysit on such short notice. I appreciate your intervention and the efficiency of your agency. You'll remember there are three boys and one pet, and I promise to tip well." (Added 30 March 2005)

Kappa Habits by Harukami
This is three not quite connected humorous vignettes about Gojyo and his interactions with the rest of the group. (Added 17 December 2005)

Kitchen Love by Aki
Most of the important moments in Hakkai and Gojyo's relationship have happened in kitchens. This story's more of a stringing together of incidents that fit together as a mosaic than it is anything else. (Added 6 November 2005)

Minutia by Veszelyite
Dramatic gestures are all very well, but cleaning up afterward can be time consuming. (Added 12 Feb. 2005)

Mother Hen by Aki
Both Hakkai and Gojyo have painful memories involving ordinary things. Each helps the other as he can. (Added 6 November 2005)

Nature Nurture by Devera
Hakkai's having some problems with his youkai instincts. There are things about what he's become that he doesn't understand. And no, the instincts in question aren't sexual. There's a kiss before the end of the story, but that's something else entirely. (Added 6 November 2005)

Ne Me Quitte Pas by Louise Lux
Hakkai sets off to travel with Sanzo again, leaving Gojyo at loose ends and miserable. Gojyo starts a journey of his own, hoping to find... something, anything. The ending is reasonably happy, but Gojyo's not happy along the way. Cicer has written a companion piece, "Je Retournerai," that follows Hakkai on his journey with Sanzo. It's unbeta'd, so read with that in mind. (Added 16 January 2006)

Non-Perishables by lierdumoa
Goku hits puberty and starts feeling a different sort of hunger. (Added 8 June 2006)

On a Deaf Ear by trensaddiction
A series of vignettes in which Goku talks about his life with Sanzo, from beginning to end. (Added 17 December 2005)

One Flew Over by Treneka
A disturbing AU that might not be entirely AU. (Added 27 Dec. 2004)

Origami Tales by Ariana Deralte
Making paper airplanes is an essential skill for all Sanzos. Lots of humor. (Added 8 June 2006)

Pay It Forward by Nightfall
This story follows Jien after he fled home. He lands, temporarily, at an orphanage and takes an interest in young Cho Gonou. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Promises Unbroken by springgreen
Konzen and the others promised Goku that everything would be all right. Goku almost remembers, just enough. (Added 8 June 2006)

Rainy Days and Sundays by springgreen
They all respond differently to bad dreams. (Added 8 June 2006)

Rant by Virdian5
Four strong personalities in a rather small jeep... I think I'd want to kill them all after a few miles myself, and I have more patience than Sanzo does. (Added 16 January 2006)

Reaping What You Sow by trensaddiction
Sanzo takes care of Goku as well as he can. (Added 8 June 2006)

Reconciled by Nightfall
Cho Gonou was an educated man. His knowledge causes problems for the Sanbutsushin. This is very funny for readers who have some knowledge of the original Journey to the West, but I think it's still accessible for those who haven't a clue. The important point is that Cho Gonou knows things that are... inconvenient. (Added 12 Feb. 2005)

Recovery by newkate
After the madness ends, a village tries to rebuild. They'll accept newcomers as long as they're human. (Added 20 April 2006)

Rise by Brigdh
Gojyo accuses Hakkai of being greedy. (Added 11 July 2006)

Sakura by Louise Lux
Ni saved Kanan's child. Hakkai can't face the baby, and Gojyo can't abandon her. See also the sequel, "Snow" by Cicer. (Added 17 December 2005)

The Sanzo Series by ghost_helwig
The author offers a series of drabbles defining Sanzo's relationships with other characters. Some of them hurt. (Added 11 July 2006)

The Sanzou Who Walked By Himself by mjj
Stories of Sanzo meeting Gojyo, Hakkai and Goku told in the style of Kipling's Just So Stories. Quite funny. (Added 17 December 2005)

The Science of Morality by Newkate
The universe of Saiyuki has been altered to comply with the Hays Code. Everything that doesn't fit is disappearing, and the surviving characters rush to repair reality. It's worth a laugh or three. (Added 6 November 2005)

Senses Working Overtime by Devera
Hakkai finds himself suddenly, overwhelmingly aware of Gojyo, and one thing leads to another. Gojyo's side of the story is presented in Hearts Like Flowers by springgreen. (Link to Hearts Like Flowers added 20 April 2006)

Sex Ed by harukami
After Goku declares himself to Sanzo, Sanzo does nothing. Hakkai and Gojyo decide that they need to remedy the problem by showing Sanzo what he needs to do. (Added 20 April 2006)

Small Miracles by trensaddiction
Jeep has a nest with an egg. Fairly fluffy. (Added 11 July 2006)

Something, At Least by Harukami
Goku asks Gojyo and Hakkai for lessons in kissing and then for more than that. (Added 17 December 2005)

Tea with the White Dragon by MJJ
Hakkai comes home one day to find that his little white dragon has changed. (Added 12 Feb. 2005)

Teeth by Newkate
Nii experiments on Gojyo. Gojyo bides his time. There's violence and sex and nastiness and Nii being Nii. The author has posted a follow up piece. (Follow up added 17 December 2005)

Three Hundred and Sixty Four by devikun
One year in Gojyo and Hakkai's life. This story consists of little vignettes that string together to make a larger whole. (Added 11 July 2006)

Transformation by MJJ
Sanzo has doubts about Hakkai. (Added 12 Feb. 2005)

Voices by Sleeps With Coyotes
Goku waits without quite knowing for what. (Added 11 July 2006)

Voices in the Dark by MJJ
Gojou has trouble adjusting to living with Cho Hakkai instead of Cho Gonou. (Added 9 April 2005)

Waiting for Morning by the_fatbunny
Gojyo is the easiest. It gets harder from there. Death fic. Second person Sanzo point of view. (27 April 2008)

Water for the Broken by Laylah
Sometimes Hakkai needs a little bit of help fighting his inner demons. (Added 12 Feb. 2005)

Weathered by Eleanor K.
Dokugakuji asks Hakkai to look at him, as a healer, to confirm something Nii says he's done. (Added 11 July 2006)

When You Go There by Eleanor K.
Gojyo tells Hakkai a story about his past. (Added 11 July 2006)

Woman with Gun by Tosca's Kiss
Saiyuki/Farscape. While on a backward planet, the members of Moya's crew find themselves in need of transportation and try to steal some. (Added 22 June 2005)

Written on the Skin by louiselux and emungere
Gojyo gets a tattoo that he doesn't want Hakkai to see. (Added 8 June 2006)

Youkai by Jaida
Goku's thoughts on Hakkai's youkai form. (Added 12 Feb. 2005)

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