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Ouran High School Host Club fics:
Anything Easy Has Its Cost by trixie chick
Future fic. Haruhi's a hard working lawyer. She doesn't have time for vacations, even if Tamaki keeps asking. (Added 20 January 2007)

Five Men Fujioka Haruhi Didn't Kiss (And One She Did) by sophiap and aishuu
Exactly what the title says. Sharply characterized. (Added 20 January 2007)

The Framework of the Universe by Afrai
Future fic.  Kyouya and his new wife host a party. (Added 20 January 2007)

Merry-Go Round by one_if_by_land
Tamaki decides that the Host Club should have a Secret Santa exchange. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Ouran Academy Guest Lecturers Series - Japanese Literature (Sohma Shigure) by Celeste
Ouran High School Host Club/Fruits Basket. This is utter silliness involving Shigure as a guest lecturer at Ouran High School. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

Seeing by writingrose
Future fic. Renge has married Kyouya in spite of being sure he can't possibly love her. (Added 20 January 2007)

Sense, Memory, Loss by Sophia Prester
This is a series of vignettes about members of the Host Club and sensory memory. They're all a little sad but exactly right. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Sweet Burning (The Chip on Her Shoulder Remix) by mousapelli
Haruhi makes chocolate chip cookies. Everyone else 'helps.' (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Whisper of a Waking Dream by hazelator
Haruhi attends a class reunion. Most people haven't changed. (Added 20 January 2007)

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About my taste in fanfics.