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World notes for Occlusion.

In addition to coming from the kink meme prompt, Occlusion came from a bit of role playing that I did with Olna Jenn. That was an utterly sex and kink free scenario that set the stage, long term, for Omi having Schuldig at his rather dubious mercy. We were mostly focused on having Omi and Schuldig be forced to cooperate in order to save the world from demonic invasion, and we ended up abandoning the game as we both got busy. I played Schuldig, and she played Omi.

When I saw the prompt, I realized that one of the darkest possible outcomes (putting aside the demons-invade-everybody-dies options) for that scenario fit, and I ran with it. This is not where Olna Jenn's version of Omi would have gone. This is an Omi much further consumed by ruthlessness, anger and power. This Omi doesn't have a lot left for positive personal relationships.

Part of the reason that the fic fragment has several contradictions is that, as I was writing it, my notions of what was going on changed. I hope that those slips aren't as obvious to others as they are to me and that they don't detract from anyone's enjoyment of the story.

The backstory/AU for this story is that Omi never became Mamoru. Gluhen, Side B and so on never happened. Omi claimed the Takatori money and estates but stayed a Kritiker agent. He started working alone after persuading the rest of Weiss to retire (and finding ways to make Kritiker accept it). During one mission, he infiltrated a group of cultists that had assimilated some Estet survivors. They talked a lot about demon summoning, but he took all of that with a certain amount of skepticism.

Then he found Schuldig in one of the cult's holding cells. Schuldig was going to be the star of a summoning ceremony that would have had demons torturing him for years, so he was actually glad to see Omi. Schuldig threatened to blow Omi's cover if Omi didn't help him out.

They worked together rather grudgingly. Schuldig needed to find a particular former Estet agent who knew both things that Crawford needed to know and things that Crawford needed to avoid letting anyone else know. Both of them wanted to stop the summoning ceremony, at least once they realized that it was likely to work. As it turned out, the two of them were able to stop the ceremony but only because Omi was a latent mage. The process bound the two of them together and bound them to the partially opened dimensional gate.

A group of magi found them almost immediately. Omi has received some limited training so far but is hampered by the fact that he doesn't trust any of his teachers. He knows-- and Schuldig doesn't-- that Schuldig is his familiar. That's why he has some control over how Schuldig can use his power. As long as they're bound together and bound to the dimensional gate, neither of them is going to age (again something that Schuldig doesn't know).

Omi hated Schuldig and took full advantage when he realized that he had the upper hand. Omi has a lot of anger, a lot of violence, in him that he never let out before. He enjoys having power. He enjoys hurting Schuldig. He doesn't entirely like himself for it, but it was a lot easier for him to start than it would be to stop.

There's a lot that I'm not sure of in the story-- I don't know why Crawford didn't see his capture coming. Or maybe he did and thinks he'll get something out of it that'll be worth his while. I've no idea yet. I also don't know just how much of an asshole Crawford is. He did always know that Schuldig was going to end up as Omi's slave. He did warn Schuldig, in very misleading ways, that he was risking a lot by making Omi hate him.

I do think that he didn't have much choice about giving Schuldig to Omi. I doubt that he could have killed Omi then, and Schuldig wouldn't have survived away from Omi, not with the magical connections so new. Besides, Omi had the information that Crawford had sent Schuldig after. Giving up Schuldig was an expected price.

I suspect that Omi's gone freelance, broken mostly free of Kritiker. He may also be contemplating empire building. He has a lot of time ahead of him and needs to fill it with something.

I'm not sure what the rest of Weiss is doing. Omi did do his best to get them out of the business, but he might not have succeeded. Kritiker may have found a way to lure one or more of them back or may simply have lied to Omi about them having retired. One or more of them may have craved the adrenaline or needed money or otherwise found a reason to return to the business, maybe for Kritiker and maybe not. If they did, Schuldig will eventually find out and use it against them. If they ever became part of Omi and Schuldig's story here, it would be because they went down a path as dark as any other in the story.

I'm not sure of the shape of magic here or what the politics are among magi. I don't know if there's one organization or many (I lean toward the latter). I don't know if dimensional rifts and demons are a common problem. I don't know how much effect magic has on the everyday world or how common it is. I also don't know if the world includes other supernatural elements.

Nagi hates Crawford for what happened to Schuldig and, possibly, for things Crawford's done to him. Nagi expected freedom after the fall of Estet and instead ended up bound more strongly to Crawford. Nagi may well also hold Farfarello's death against Crawford on the theory that he should have seen it coming and prevented it. Depending on whether or not Tot's alive, Schuldig may be the only person in the world that Nagi likes at all. I think that Nagi realizes that he can't separate Schuldig from Omi but wants to find a way to change the situation so that Schuldig is happier. I'm not sure how much he knows.

If anybody wants to write stories set in this AU, I don't mind. I won't consider them canon for my version, but I'm also not likely ever to write more than fragments. Basically, consider this explicit permission (if it's not too arrogant of me) to write fanfic based on my fanfic. I'm not going to tame this plotbunny. I have others that are a lot more fun for me. I just have a certain fondness for it because I've watched it grow so far.

I will post more fragments if I write them. Assuming that they're not utter crap. Assuming I can tell if they are or not.

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