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Disclaimer: Weiss and Schwarz do not belong to me. I'm borrowing them for my and (I hope) my readers' amusement only and have no intention of trying to make money off of them in any way, shape or form.

Author: The RCK

Pairing: Omi/Schuldig
Rating: NC-17
Note: Written for the Weiss Kreuz Anonymous Kink Meme. This is a tiny fragment of a huge AU that will never be written completely because, while I find the story interesting and the character arcs plausible (given my AU elements), I don't want to let it have that much space in my brain. The characters aren't people I want to live with for long enough to tell their whole story. I may occasionally write small snippets of this when I'm stuck on other things, but I'm unlikely ever to write more than fragments.
Prompt: Omi (or Mamoru)/Brad and Schuldig; D/s, please. Omi can be substituted for Nagi.
Warnings: Rape, bondage, slavery, unbeta'd/rough draft, vicious sociopaths being vicious sociopaths, AU, permanently incomplete
Summary: Schuldig should have realized that Omi was a repressed sadist. It probably wouldn't have made any difference, but he should have realized.
Posted: 26 April 2008

Further notes on this AU can be found here.

Thanks to those who tried to beta this for me. It's not your fault that this one is nasty squicky. Thanks for being willing to look.

All mistakes and infelicities here are mine.

Occlusion part 3

Schuldig knelt by Omi's chair, staring at the unconscious, carefully bound form of Brad Crawford lying on the floor in front of them. I didn't think it could really be done. He looked up to meet Nagi's eyes.

Nagi offered Schuldig a thin smile before turning his attention to Omi. "Delivered as promised." Crawford's body shifted a little as Nagi prodded it telekinetically. "I gave him a sedative, but apart from that, he shouldn't even be bruised."

"As promised," Omi agreed, "and the payment will be as promised."

Schuldig tensed. Payment? //Nagi, what did you ask him for? He's fucking dangerous, and you needed to get rid of Crawford anyway.// He tried to look into Nagi's thoughts but found himself rebuffed by unexpectedly strong shields. I should never have taught him that.

Nagi smiled again. "Good. If you need me again, you can reach me through the usual channels, and we'll negotiate." //Nothing you need to worry about. We're still figuring out if we can work together at all. Shared history being what it is. Don't worry. I won't sell myself-- or you. I just also have no reason to slam any doors yet.// He looked down at Crawford. "And let me know if he gives you any trouble. I have scores to settle, too." He glanced at Schuldig. "I'm just deferring to a greater claim."

"Would you like a drink before you go?" Omi stood up. //Should I ask him if he wants to fuck you, Puppy?// His fingers tangled in Schuldig's hair for just a second. //I think he might. Maybe not this time but some time. He'd be kinder than me.//

Schuldig felt his eyes widen. //Is that what you want?//

Omi patted Schuldig's head. //This one's not about me. It might make an alliance between us more likely. It might also make him more likely to ask if he wants to play with Crawford. But... it's up to you.//

Schuldig flinched, and his breath came a little faster.

Nagi looked from Omi to Schuldig and back again, his expression opaque. He seemed to be waiting for something.

Calm. Calm. It's not like he's never given me choices before. Yes, but-- Not about things like this! What kind of tea I want. How I want to kill a target. Which toy he'll use first. Schuldig started to tremble.

"Shh." Omi bent down to Schuldig's level. //It's all right, Puppy. I'll ask him, and it'll be up to him. I shouldn't have started with something so hard...// He rubbed Schuldig's back. "I think my puppy needs whiskey," he announced.

"Ah." Nagi sounded like he understood.

Schuldig didn't see Nagi move. But then, he wouldn't have to. The alcohol burned going down, and that gave him something to focus on. He tried to look at Omi's mind only to find it closed against him. That wasn't new. Omi had secrets. I just don't know what he wants. I usually know what he wants.

Omi patted Schuldig on the back again then stood up. "When you're a little steadier, put Crawford in the room we prepared for him." //He'll stay out for at least another two hours. If you want him to wake to hallucinations, either of the red tagged vials will achieve that. Just leave the empty for me so that I know. I'll go down later. Strip him. I don't want him hiding any weapons.// He was silent for a moment then added, "Naoe-san and I will be in the library if you feel up to returning, but you should lie down if you're feeling unsteady."

I just had whiskey on an empty stomach. Of course, I'm going to feel 'unsteady.' Somehow the sarcasm grounded Schuldig better than Omi's words. Something... changed. When? What? How did I miss it? He looked over at Nagi, wanting to ask if he understood, but he couldn't quite bring himself to. He's free now. I'm...  He gave his head the slightest of shakes. "I understand." //He won't break his word to you, Nagi. He doesn't break it to me, and he has a higher opinion of you than of me.//

//Would you like me to work with him? It would mean... seeing me like... this more often. Would that bother you?// Nagi sounded a little uncertain.

Schuldig kept his laughter mental. Omi might not approve, and he wasn't entirely sure that he could keep from hysteria if he laughed aloud.  I have more control of my mind than of my body. //I went through Rosencreus. Who sees me doing what doesn't matter.// It was only a little lie. It's not like he's ever judged me. //I want you to be happy.//

Nagi made a small, half strangled sound that Schuldig couldn't interpret. Then Nagi and Omi were gone, closing the door behind them.

"Right." Schuldig muttered. He used Omi's chair to stand then leaned on it for a moment to let the light headedness pass. He studied Crawford. "I was worth a hell of a lot more than one murder, you bastard." He spat on the floor. "That for your alliances and grand schemes. Not that he won't rule the world if he wants, but you won't be ruling anything." He bent and wiped up the spit with the edge of his shirt. Just so Omi doesn't notice. He lifted Crawford in a fireman's carry. "We're not sharing a room," he informed the deadweight. My former master. Hard to believe. "He didn't even suggest it."

He stripped Crawford by cutting his clothes off then injected the contents of one of the red vials into his arm. "Enjoy." He grinned and whistled as he locked the door. Some of his cheer vanished. Now what? He considered his steadiness. I don't know what he wants. Maybe there's no right answer, just an excuse to punish me for choosing wrong. No. He wouldn't do that. Would he? No. He doesn't do that. Crawford did sometimes to see if we could find another answer, but Omi doesn't. Yet. He sighed. //Nagi?//

//Yes?// Nagi sounded irritated. //Is Crawford giving you any trouble?//

Schuldig poked a little deeper into Nagi's thoughts to be sure that the irritation wasn't aimed at him. //No. He's still out. I just... Are you talking secrets?//

//That depends on what you mean by secrets. Tsukiyono mentioned that you haven't eaten yet today. You should.//

//Is that what he wants?//

Nagi sighed. //Is that what you want?//

Schuldig's hands clenched. He took a deep breath. What I want doesn't matter. He just couldn't say that to Nagi. He's free now. I'm not. He turned and headed back up the stairs. At the top, he stopped and leaned against the wall, letting his forehead press into the cool surface. I'm not drunk. Am I? How long since I had hard liquor? More than a taste, I mean. It was before Omi, wasn't it? What is he doing?

//I'm coming,// he told Omi.

//Very well.//

There wasn't enough to the response for Schuldig to guess whether or not he'd made the right decision. He knocked at the partly open library door and waited.

"Come." Omi's voice sounded a little muffled, and when Schuldig stepped inside, he saw why-- Omi held a washcloth wrapped bag of ice to his jaw. He sat behind his desk, relaxed, as if nothing in the world were wrong.

Nagi sat in one of the overstuffed chairs. Schuldig read his posture and expression to mean that, whatever had happened, Nagi, too, wasn't worried.

Schuldig crossed the room to kneel beside Omi's chair. If they'd been alone, he'd have waited to see if Omi wanted him to crawl, but Omi had indicated in the past that he preferred not to flaunt Schuldig's status in front of outsiders. Nagi's not an outsider, and he knows, but if Omi wanted the usual, I wouldn't be wearing clothes. Of course, if the guest had been anybody but Nagi, Schuldig wouldn't have knelt. He would have stood, waiting for instructions, or sat. //What happened? Why didn't you call me?// he asked Omi privately. I should have noticed when it happened. Which means... He didn't want me to?

Omi squeezed Schuldig's shoulder. "Naoe-san and I had a bit of a discussion," he said mildly. "We've resolved the matter now."

Schuldig looked over at Nagi who nodded once, sharply.

"He should eat."

"Yes," Omi agreed. "Perhaps we should adjourn to the kitchen?"

Schuldig tensed then relaxed as he realized that the question wasn't addressed to him. He wasn't being asked to play whatever odd game the other two men were engaged in. Yet. He took a deep breath and leaned a little against Omi's leg.

Nagi stood, and so did Omi. Schuldig stayed where he was, waiting.

Omi snapped his fingers.

Schuldig rose as gracefully as he could with the alcohol skewing his balance. Nagi's telekinesis steadied him as he swayed, but Nagi didn't turn to look at him. Schuldig walked a careful three paces behind Omi as they crossed the house.

When they entered the kitchen, Schuldig started to kneel again, but Omi said, "Planning conference," and pointed at the table. Schuldig ducked his head and sat in a chair.

Schuldig took a deep breath and tried to balance himself. Professional not personal. Pretend Nagi's just business. He's never seen anything to think I'm anything but Omi's coworker, bodyguard or whatever the hell the cover is today. Omi never asked-- He bit a knuckle. //He brought in the Western furniture after he... brought me home,// he told Nagi, feeling the need to make small talk. //I think having me kneel while he was didn't work.//

Omi broke two eggs into a bowl, whisked a fork through them and stuck them in the microwave. "Tea?"

"Please." Nagi nodded. //Remodeling also got rid of the traces of the Takatoris, didn't it? Schuldig...// Nagi hesitated, and his shields leaked worry for Schuldig and memories of seeing Crawford sell Schuldig to Omi. //You do have a choice. Always.//

Schuldig didn't bother to answer Omi's question. He could tell that it hadn't been for him. He'd be getting tea with his scrambled eggs and whatever other food Omi thought he needed. //I wouldn't have gone with Crawford then even if he'd wanted me. He knew. He always knew. He used to warn me that I'd be Bombay's dog someday. As I am.// As you've seen. Repeatedly.

While the microwave was running, Omi rummaged in the refrigerator to find other food. "I need your expertise." He hesitated.

Schuldig wasn't sure Nagi'd recognize it as hesitation. He doesn't know Omi as well as I do. He waited.

Omi cleared his throat. "If Estet--" He waved as hand as if dismissing argument. "--or what passes for Estet these days-- caught Crawford, what would they do?"

"Break his shields," Schuldig said immediately. "Probably with torture as an aid."

"Cripple him physically," Nagi said. "His hands or his legs most likely. Or maybe his eyes."

"They'd only take his eyes if they had extra telepaths." Schuldig couldn't lose sight of the fact that Omi only had one. "After that, they'd keep him drugged so that he couldn't control the visions. I don't think they'd trust him to seek visions. He could skew them, too much, even without shields."

Omi put the scrambled eggs on the table in front of Schuldig. "He's a present for you." //Just as I promised, Puppy.// "I don't need him, but he could be useful." //He could make the games I'm playing with Kritiker and the Magi much more interesting.//

Schuldig poked at the eggs.

"Eat." Nagi shook salt onto the eggs without touching the shaker physically.

"I just thought that he'd be more..." Omi shrugged. "Estet has got to be one of his nightmares."

Just like it was one of mine. Now Schuldig really didn't want to eat. Omi's better than Estet and better than being an incubator for demons. Much. He  picked up the bowl and chopsticks anyway.

//If you just want to play with him and then kill him, that's one thing.// Omi started slicing a peach. //If you want him around for a long time, you-- or we, if you prefer-- have to break him.//

The problem with being a telepath is that putting food in my mouth doesn't buy me any time. Still, Schuldig waited until he was done chewing to say anything. "I'm trying to remember--" He looked at Nagi. "Is there any reason we'd want not to hurt him?"

Nagi gave a single shoulder shrug. "Estet?" He didn't sound convinced.

Schuldig shook his head. "Not for us." //He'd have sold all of us back to them if the price was right.// He looked at Omi's hands. "We break him." He had to set down his chopsticks because his hands were shaking. "I... I'm not sure I can not kill him. My..." He shook his head. My self-control is nothing to brag about. He looked at the floor.

Omi put the sliced peach on the table. He squeezed Schuldig's shoulder. "Is it worthwhile to make him think Estet has him?"

Nagi shook his head minutely. "Not if you're planning to 'rescue' him. If he ever saw through it, he'd take any chance he could get to screw you over. Not for capturing him-- For giving him even a little hope."

That's personal experience, isn't it? Schuldig didn't even need to look at Nagi's thoughts to know that much. After all, that's what he did to you. "Estet's approach is still... efficient. If he's physically weak enough, I can break his shields, and if I do it once, I can do it again. I just have to set a few commands." Never mind that I haven't done anything like it in years. "I can't break his shields and... work on his body at the same time. Not for long enough, anyway." He put his hands in his lap. "Well, it would work eventually, but it might take weeks." Or even months. //We have to get him to the point where he can't even choose to die,// he told Omi.

Omi picked up Schuldig's chopsticks and scooped egg into Schuldig's mouth. "You need to eat." //Maybe you could play with him a bit and then break him. If you play for a week or four, it's nothing. Would that please you?//

Schuldig didn't answer immediately. Instead, he asked Nagi, //What do you think?// He knew he sounded a bit plaintive.

//I brought him here for you, Schuldig, not for Tsukiyono. I don't care what happens to him.//

//Nagi... Did Crawford... hurt you? Physically, I mean? Did he... Did he fuck you? Did he give you to anyone else?// Schuldig had never wanted to ask before.

Nagi's shields tightened, and his face went blank. He looked away.

//I'll play with him for a little while,// Schuldig told Omi. //It'll be personal. I'll tell him I'm protecting him from you by doing it. You can show up and terrorize him from time to time. When I'm bored, we'll tell him you got impatient and demanded it.//

Omi laughed without much humor. He ran a hand over Schuldig's hair. "I can play Bad Guy." //He deserves it, Puppy. He does.//

"Let him hallucinate for now. Tomorrow's soon enough-- No. Visions first. Uncontrollable visions for a day or three." Schuldig managed a thin smile. "He might see something he can use against us, but I doubt it. If the odds are against us fucking this up, he's going to see himself crawling and happy to be allowed to." He reached out and took a slice of peach.

Omi and Nagi regarded him with creepily similar expressions of pleased pride.

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