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Disclaimer: Weiss and Schwarz do not belong to me. I'm borrowing them for my and (I hope) my readers' amusement only and have no intention of trying to make money off of them in any way, shape or form.

Author: The RCK

Pairing: Omi/Schuldig
Rating: NC-17
Note: Written for the Weiss Kreuz Anonymous Kink Meme. This is a tiny fragment of a huge AU that will never be written completely because, while I find the story interesting and the character arcs plausible (given my AU elements), I don't want to let it have that much space in my brain. The characters aren't people I want to live with for long enough to tell their whole story. I may occasionally write small snippets of this when I'm stuck on other things, but I'm unlikely ever to write more than fragments.
Prompt: Omi (or Mamoru)/Brad and Schuldig; D/s, please. Omi can be substituted for Nagi.
Warnings: Rape, bondage, slavery, unbeta'd/rough draft, vicious sociopaths being vicious sociopaths, AU, permanently incomplete
Summary: Schuldig should have realized that Omi was a repressed sadist. It probably wouldn't have made any difference, but he should have realized.
Posted: 1 August 2014

Further notes on this AU can be found here.

All mistakes and infelicities here are mine.

This section was written for the weissvsaiyuki community on LJ for the summer 2014 challenge.

Occlusion part 2

Schuldig had picked stranger places to meet than this underground parking garage, but Nagi wasn't sure there'd been a place he liked less. Even if seeing Schuldig is a rare-- I hesitate to call it 'treat.' Nagi took no pleasure in his own helplessness to assist Schuldig. I would if he asked and damn Crawford's orders. I can figure out a dozen ways around the compulsions.

//Schuldig?// Nagi opened his mind and used his own telepathy to call out. It was barely enough for Rosenkreus to have trained. He could communicate a little but couldn't read any minds.

//I'm here, Nagi, third floor down, near the south stairwell.// Schuldig's mental voice carried a warm welcome and overtones of barely suppressed eagerness.

Nagi couldn't think what might have Schuldig so excited. He's been so subdued for so long. When was the last time he seemed happy?

When Nagi reached the third level down, he hesitated before emerging from the stairwell. The place stank of car exhaust, and the lighting was just bright enough to cast long shadows. //Wouldn't a park have been nicer?//

//But nothing like so private. This floor and down is long term parking. Almost nobody comes down here.// Schuldig stood in the light just outside the stairwell.  He smiled when he saw Nagi. Then he took something out of his pocket. //Put this on. Well, you could just hold it. That would work. But putting it on means you're not likely to lose it, and it will be easier to hide that way.//

Nagi hesitated, but he trusted Schuldig, so he extended a hand and took the something. It proved to be a pendant on a string. He looked at it then looked at Schuldig. He raised his eyebrows.

"Crawford can't See you as long as you're carrying one of these." Schuldig smiled, showing teeth.

Nagi stared at the pendant, not at all sure he believed a word of it. Still, it can't hurt.

//And that means I can finally break those obedience compulsions Rosenkreus put on you.// Without waiting for permission, Schuldig reached into Nagi's head and started rearranging things.

Nagi clutched at his head. His knees started to give way. Somehow, he managed to keep his grip on the pendant.

Schuldig caught Nagi before he fell and held him more or less upright.

Nagi had no idea, afterward, how long the process took. It felt eternal. It hurt like hell and felt better than anything he'd every experienced. When he could think again, he pulled away from Schuldig and stepped back. The inside of his head felt foreign to him. Of course, it's the way Schuldig thinks it's supposed to be. He started trying to put things back in a more familiar order, but there were large chunks of something missing. Were the compulsions really that big? Schuldig's too good to pull out things that didn't have to go, right? "Couldn't you have warned me?"

"I told you what I was going to do." Schuldig sounded like he didn't understand.

He probably doesn't. Nagi took a deep breath and tried to still his shaking. He pulled the pendant over his head and let it settle around his neck. "I assume you're wearing one of these?"

"Actually, both of us are."

Nagi recognized the voice and went utterly still. Schuldig didn't mention him. I wonder if killing him really will kill Schuldig? He flexed his fingers. "Tsukiyono." He gathered his power, feeling his hair start to rise.

Schuldig cringed. He looked from Nagi to Tsukiyono and back. "Please, Nagi--" He put a hand on Nagi's arm. He darted another glance at Tsukiyono then licked his lips. "We just-- We've got a business proposition for you."

Nagi covered Schuldig's hand with his own and squeezed. He hoped the gesture was reassuring. I'm scaring him. He met Tsukiyono's eyes and raised his chin in a challenge. "I'll listen." For his sake, I'll do that much, but I'll bargain high. I don't like you, not in the least.

Tsukiyono didn't say anything. He didn't move.

But he's not stupid. He must know I'm a threat. I could do a lot that wouldn't kill him. Yes, and then he'd take it out on Schuldig.

Schuldig's fingers dug into Nagi's arm. //It's Crawford. He wants Crawford. I want Crawford. He's promised me--//

Nagi squeezed Schuldig's hand again. //I'll think about it.// I owe Crawford nothing. Less than nothing.

"My puppy wants a toy." Tsukiyono gestured, and his hand was wreathed in fire. He slowly closed his hand into a fist. The flame faded then died. "He's been a good puppy. He deserves an indulgence."

Nagi's eyes narrowed. He's letting me know that he could go toe to toe with me if it comes to that. He squared his shoulders. "Calling him 'puppy' isn't helping your case." Yes. Tell me why I should give you the most powerful precognitive either of us are ever likely to meet.

Tsukiyono shrugged. "I apologize." He looked at Schuldig. "Schuldig, do you have your credit card?"

"Yes." Schuldig ducked his head and let go of Nagi's arm.

"Good." Tsukiyono smiled. "There's a bookstore about a block from here and a nice cafe near it. Buy yourself a book or three. I'll make sure you have time to read them all when we're home. Go and sit in the cafe and have some food while you read. I'll call you when I'm ready to go home."

That means, if we fight, I don't have to worry about protecting Schuldig. Of course, if we fight, I can probably take him down quickly. I doubt he has defense against pressure on the carotids. Yes, something big and showy to distract him, first, then the real attack more subtly. Nagi knew he wouldn't do it, but he felt better knowing he could.

Schuldig looked from Tsukiyono to Nagi and back again. He gave an awkward bow then almost scuttled away. //Please, Nagi-- For me.//

Once Nagi was sure that Schuldig was out of earshot, he said, "I'm not sure that I don't hate you more than I hate Crawford."

Tsukiyono looked distant. "I suppose you have some justification."

Nagi snorted at the understatement. "He's not even a shadow of who he was." And that's all your work.

"This thing with Crawford is the first business he's had any enthusiasm for in… quite a while."

That's because he hates Crawford. He can't afford to hate you. "And you get nothing out of it." Nagi let disbelief into his voice.

Tsukiyono made a dismissive gesture. "Crawford and I have a decent working relationship. He's expensive, but his work has given me no cause for complaint."

"And he ceded Schuldig to you without even trying to find an alternative." Which left me with no defense against Crawford. He felt his gut tighten at the thought. Whatever else he did, Schuldig was good at shielding me from Crawford.

"He really had no option."

"So he said." Nagi wanted desperately to wipe that smug expression off of Tsukiyono's face. "I think killing Schuldig would have been kinder."

"Schuldig doesn't want to die. If he did, he'd be dead."

"I'm not convinced he wants to live, either." Nagi didn't like admitting that. It's a big world. We could hide from Tsukiyono somewhere.

"You may be right. I have... misjudged."

"Bullshit." Nagi wasn't going to entertain any discussion that absolved Tsukiyono of even an iota of responsibility. "Everything you've done, you did very deliberately."

Tsukiyono shrugged. "Have you noticed-- He looks younger than you do now. That gap will continue to grow."

Are you offering to do something about that? Just how badly do you want Crawford? "The years may not leave a mark, but you certainly have. Do you know-- Crawford likes to watch you. When you 'play' with Schuldig, I mean. His gift means he can." And he knows I don't want to hear about it, so he tells me details. The cars nearest Nagi started to vibrate. He thought about tamping it down, regaining control, but he didn't want to.

Tsukiyono went still. "Some things should be private."

"Did you really think I didn't know?" Killing you would be so easy. Nagi clenched his fists.

"I didn't think Schuldig had told you."

"Not in detail, but some things are obvious." I saw the bruises. I heard his voice change. He stopped talking about the future. Even without Crawford, I'd know. "Something to consider-- If Schuldig dies, how long do you think you'll last?"

Tsukiyono didn't look intimidated. "Is that a threat?"

Nagi raised his chin. I'm not afraid of you. "I suppose it is." And what are you going to do about it? "I don't feel like being subtle." But, if I kill you, you won't see me coming. Which would it be? Heart attack or stroke? Or would I be more creative?

Tsukiyono smiled. "That may be the first credible threat I've heard in a long time, Naoe-san. It won't stop me from killing Schuldig if he ever asks me to, but I acknowledge your abilities."

"If Schuldig wants to die, it will be your doing." Nagi didn't intend to let Tsukiyono off the hook.

Tsukiyono shrugged but didn't deny it.

Nagi's eyes narrowed. Damn it! React! Why is he just standing there? Wait-- Am I looking for an excuse? I can't do that to Schuldig, can I? He sighed and forced himself to relax. "I believe you want something from me. What's in it for me?" Why shouldn't I just kill Crawford and be done? Or I could walk away and leave all of you behind. I can do that now. No. I can't. Schuldig. I can't abandon him.

"What do you want? Wealth? I can do that."

So can I. I have access to most of Crawford's accounts. Try again. Nagi shook his head minutely. But Schuldig said please. He wants this. There's damn all I can do for him. Or-- I can try, but I don't imagine it's going to fly. "I'll trade you-- Crawford for Schuldig."

"I only want Crawford as a gift for Schuldig, so there's no point." Tsukiyono tapped one finger against his leg. "Magic is useful. Perhaps unspecified future favors? There are likely to be things you can't do by ordinary means."

Nagi raised his eyebrows. "A gift for Schuldig? I hadn't had the impression that you gave him anything but bruises."  Would having Crawford distract you from Schuldig?

"A gift for Schuldig," Tsukiyono confirmed. "I was content with the previous arrangement, but Schuldig holds Crawford responsible for... our current circumstances. Crawford knew it was going to happen and did nothing to prevent it or ease it."

"Why would Crawford do that?" Schuldig was useful. Wasn't he? What could be worth giving up a-- not a friend. Crawford doesn't have friends. But losing Schuldig was more than an inconvenience. He hasn't been able to find another telepath, not one who lasts. Crawford's too much of an asshole for anybody to work with him who doesn't have to.

Tsukiyono seemed to consider that for a moment. "Possibly to put me in his debt. Possibly-- No. Crawford's no altruist."

Nagi snorted. No.

"Possibly Schuldig was becoming too... difficult. He was already unhappy with Crawford, before. He was only staying for your sake and because, working with Crawford, he thought you stood a better chance against the remnants of Estet." Tsukiyono looked distant. "Of course, it was remnants of Estet that caused the... trouble."

"As far as I can tell, it's not any 'trouble' for you." Nagi didn't bother to keep bitterness out of his voice. Just for Schuldig. What happened? Schuldig went away one day and never came back. "Neither Crawford nor Schuldig has bothered to explain to me what happened."

"I can give you that as a goodwill gesture."

"Why would I believe your version?" I'm sure it makes you look good.

"It takes some effort, but I can share my memories with you. I could share Schuldig's with you, but he'd have to relive them, too. That would be unkind. Especially when he's trying to pick out a book he'll enjoy."

"Like you care." But not Schuldig's memories. That would be a violation. Do I trust Tsukiyono for this? He could enslave me the way he has Schuldig. Then-- Nagi shook his head. "I'm not letting you into my head."

"As you wish." Tsukiyono shrugged. "You might ask Schuldig, later. I can't think of a reason he wouldn't tell you."

Except that he hasn't yet.

"It comes down to this-- The first time I did magic was... stressful. There were demons involved and fanatical Estet agents. Schuldig was in my head at the time and helped me with what needed doing. That was enough."

That sounds simple. I doubt it really was that simple. But Schuldig never could stay in his own head. Nagi nodded once.

"A human familiar isn't unheard of, but it is rare and generally quite deliberate."

"Familiar." Nagi didn't quite make it a question. What the hell does that mean?

"His life is bound to my magic. My magic works quite a bit better when he's cooperating." Tsukiyono looked bored.

He's stupid. If he's telling the truth, he's stupid. Treating Schuldig like this is the work of an idiot. Nagi simply stared at Tsukiyono. Though I suppose Schuldig cooperates now. There's nothing else left in him. He closed his eyes for a second. "The only thing you have that I want is Schuldig. If you won't trade him for Crawford, maybe--" How to put it? "--part of him? Say half of his time?"

Nagi stood a few yards from the cafe and watched Schuldig read. Schuldig sat at a table on the sidewalk. He had a sandwich, a large coffee, and three very thick books. He was giving his attention in equal parts to the sandwich and one of the books, something with a green cover. He looks totally normal. No. He should have seen me by now. Giving that much attention to anything isn't safe, not when he has enemies. When Tsukiyono has enemies. He may not want to die, but he doesn't care very much about living either.

Nagi walked slowly over to Schuldig's table, giving Schuldig plenty of time to notice him coming.

Schuldig didn't look up until Nagi pulled out the chair across the table from him. He started then saw Nagi and smiled. It almost touched his eyes. He put a bookmark into his book and closed it. "Nagi, do sit down." //Did you and Omi reach an agreement?// His mental voice sounded eager.

//We did.// Nagi sat. When was the last time he sounded that eager about something? For that alone, I'd do it. Good thing Tsukiyono didn't know that.  "Is that a good book?"

Schuldig flushed. "It's a history of the Edo period, very scholarly."

Since when do you read that sort of thing? Did you just pick the three longest books you could find? Nagi couldn't help a brief frown. He followed it with the best smile he could manage. I'm not adding to whatever he's carrying. Not that way, anyhow. "If that's what pleases you." //I'm sorry to interrupt your time to yourself.// He wasn't sure how to say what came next, so he waited.

"Does he know you're here?"

"I told him I intended to talk to you." //He said that details like how much I let Crawford know about what's happening are up to you. It's your revenge.//

Schuldig nodded. //Don't let the bastard see you coming. Not one hint. There's time enough for revenge once he can't put a bullet into you.//

Nagi inclined his head. //As you wish.// "Is the sandwich any good? We're going to be here a while, and I should probably buy something so that they don't kick us out." He looked around. The cafe was about half full. They'll probably leave us to ourselves, however long we take.

"I like the food here because they have good bread." Schuldig looked down at his sandwich. "I'd kill for a good liverwurst, though."

There must be somewhere in Tokyo with decent German food. Later. I'll find a place later. "I'll go order something. After that, you can tell me all about your new books."

When Nagi returned, Schuldig was reading again. Nagi thought he was making slow progress. His written Japanese is nothing like as good as his spoken. I suppose it's harder to borrow that from other people.

Nagi sat down and started to eat. He wasn't particularly hungry, but extra calories were always a good idea if he planned to exert himself. He let the silence stretch between them. Do I really need to know? Yes, I do. Until I know what happened, I won't know if it can actually be broken without hurting Schuldig. He hoped that it could and that it would hurt Tsukiyono.

Schuldig turned a page in his book. He didn't look up. //You want something.//

//I do enjoy spending time with you, and it's rare we get the chance to meet physically.// Nagi realized he was stalling and sighed. //But you're right. I-- Tsukiyono offered to show me, from his point of view, exactly what happened to bind the two of you together, but letting him into my head seemed like a bad idea.//

//You never asked before.//

Nagi closed his eyes for a moment. //At first, I didn't believe anything had happened, in spite of what Crawford said. Then-- Well, I hadn't asked before. I didn't think I could any more.//

//There's not much to it, not really. I got tangled up in his head while he was working magic. Neither of us knew that was what he was doing or that it was dangerous for me to help.//

That sounds like more than getting 'tangled up.' Nagi studied Schuldig's face but couldn't read anything in his expression.

//Me helping probably tipped the balance. He might have stopped the rift on his own. Doing it might have killed him, but I guess we'll never know.// Schuldig placed a bookmark in his book and set the book down. //Crawford knew it would happen. He knew exactly what would happen.//

//I'm sorry.// That seemed inadequate, but Nagi didn't have anything else to offer.

//Let's just say that, if you're ever in someone's head and you start seeing energy-- It was like glowing strings-- If that happens, shut down your telepathy immediately and get the hell out of there. Don't make the mistake I made. Don't try to do anything with the energy.//

//I'll remember.// Nagi didn't feel like he could press Schuldig for more details. How did you end up there? Why did you want to help him? There's a lot more to the story. He poked at the remains of his food, just for something to do. "You know, we could still run." //I could kill Crawford, easy, and we could lose ourselves somewhere. It'd be easy.//

Schuldig seemed to fold in on himself. "He can find me anywhere."

Nagi shrugged. "So we keep moving. He'll get tired eventually." Chasing us would be a lot of trouble. Does Tsukiyono care that much? Not that I'd say that to Schuldig.

Schuldig picked up his napkin, twisted it then let it fall. "I-- I can't. I just-- I can't."

Can't or don't want to? Nagi bit his lip. Yelling at him won't help. I don't understand what ties them together. If it were me, I'd have killed Tsukiyono and damn the consequences. Better to be dead. But Schuldig wants to live, even like this. "Okay." He didn't sigh, and he did his best not to let his disappointment show.

Schuldig looked down at his hands.

Nagi hated feeling so helpless. "If you think of anything I can do, just ask."

Schuldig seemed to consider that for a moment. "You could-- Maybe--" He shook his head.

Spit it out! Nagi kept his eyes on Schuldig's face. //I really do mean it.//

"I don't know. Maybe it would work. Maybe it wouldn't."

"Can it hurt to try?"

"That depends on if he finds out."

No need to ask who 'he' is. Nagi nodded and waited.

//Do you think-- Could you find out what happened to the rest of Weiss? He thinks they're safely out of the business, but I'm not so sure. It's not like they had anything to fall back on.//

//I can find out. What do you want me to do with the information?//

//If it comes from you, maybe as something that Crawford had you dig up, he won't take it out on me, and he might-- If any of them are still in the business, he'll want them working for him, probably the same way I do.//

Nagi leaned back in his chair. Ah. More targets. Is that why Crawford, too? At least you can do that much. Is there anything I can do that will really help? "Tsukiyono's word-- Can I trust him?" I'd say as far as I can throw him, but that's a pretty considerable distance.

"He's never broken his word to me. I've seen him lie many times, just not to me, and he promised me he'd bargain fairly with you."

I don't like dealing with Tsukiyono. I have no intention of being his toy or his tool or his-- anything. Could he do to me what he's done to Schuldig? Will he try? Nagi tapped his fingers on the table. //If he tries to enslave me, I will kill him. If he tries to cheat me, I will break every bone in both of his hands.//

Schuldig flinched.

You're my friend, Schuldig, probably my best friend, but it's not just about you.

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