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Disclaimer: Weiss and Schwarz do not belong to me. I'm borrowing them for my and (I hope) my readers' amusement only and have no intention of trying to make money off of them in any way, shape or form.

Author: The RCK

Pairing: Omi/Schuldig
Rating: NC-17
Note: Written for the Weiss Kreuz Anonymous Kink Meme. This is a tiny fragment of a huge AU that will never be written completely because, while I find the story interesting and the character arcs plausible (given my AU elements), I don't want to let it have that much space in my brain. The characters aren't people I want to live with for long enough to tell their whole story. I may occasionally write small snippets of this when I'm stuck on other things, but I'm unlikely ever to write more than fragments.
Prompt: Omi (or Mamoru)/Brad and Schuldig; D/s, please. Omi can be substituted for Nagi.
Warnings: Rape, bondage, slavery, unbeta'd/rough draft, vicious sociopaths being vicious sociopaths, AU, permanently incomplete
Summary: Schuldig should have realized that Omi was a repressed sadist. It probably wouldn't have made any difference, but he should have realized.
Posted: 26 April 2008

Further notes on this AU can be found here.

Thanks to those who tried to beta this for me. It's not your fault that this one is nasty squicky. Thanks for being willing to look.

All mistakes and infelicities here are mine.


After the pain was done, after the games were over, Omi always asked the question. Schuldig thought that was the worst part. All he had to do was to say yes, and it would all be over. Omi'd do it quickly, cleanly, and the whole thing would be over. No more pain. No more dread. It wouldn't be gentle. Omi was never gentle unless for psychological effect. All I have to do is say, 'yes.'

Every time, before he pulled away, before he left the room, Omi would ask in just the barest whisper of thought, //Schuldig, do you want to die?// He didn't want to hear a yes. He didn't crave a no. The question and its answer were the one bit of utter honesty between them. They weren't about punishment or vengeance or how useful Schuldig could make himself.

Schuldig sometimes wished he could say yes, but he couldn't. He wanted to live. He dreaded the next time Omi became angry or bored or horny or... anything that could be eased by fucking Schuldig, by hurting Schuldig, by humiliating Schuldig, but he wanted to live. Rosenkreus had taught him not to expect better, and though he had hoped for better, it had also taught him to want to survive.

He'd thought more than once about finding other toys-- victims really-- for Omi. Dividing Omi's energy and attention could only improve Schuldig's situation. The problem was that-- at least for everyone in the universe who wasn't Schuldig-- Omi had ethics. He divided the world into categories-- people he cared about, people he didn't care about but would protect, people he didn't care about and would kill, people he hated and would kill, and people he would hurt without compunction. He wouldn't pick up a casual victim in a bar, brutalize, rape and abandon him or her. He might consent to a one night stand-- purely consensual-- but he kept his sadism reined in, carefully not hurting those individuals more than they wished for.

And sometimes he lets them fuck me. No. One night stands not a good idea. The only person Schuldig could think of who might be, in Omi's mind, a companion to Schuldig was Crawford. And... No. The thought of sharing living quarters with Crawford brought acid into Schuldig's throat. Much as I'd like to see him naked, on his knees, praying that this time wouldn't hurt as bad-- No.

But it has to be someone who doesn't deserve better. Someone who wants to stay alive, given the choice. Someone who appeals to Omi as useful, as attractive. Schuldig let his head rest on his knees. The posture hurt his wrists and shoulders, but the change to a different hurt came as a relief. Omi'd left him kneeling with his arms cuffed behind his back at the wrist and connected to a bolt in the floor by a short tether. Schuldig could move enough to lie down or to sit cross-legged, but he wasn't sure enough of his ability to get back into position before Omi returned. Punishments for breaking posture generally involved more painful positions, longer duration and harsher bondage. And sometimes-- if he's feeling playful-- with drugs as an added bonus. At least this isn't so bad. No clamps, plugs, sharp objects--

Who would work? He wrenched his thoughts to a safer subject. Experience had taught him not to allow his thoughts to go down that path. If he did, all of those things would hurt more the next time Omi chose them. He needs emotional engagement, something he can't detach from. Hell, he detached from Farfarello enough to let someone else kill him. Bang. Some nameless Kritiker flunky bags the Berserker. He just doesn't give a damn about anybody. Except Weiss. Manx. Crawford. But not Nagi. Thank god for that much. Lots of dead people. He avoids emotional entanglements. I can't help approving even if it does suck for me.

I wonder what the rest of Weiss is doing now...? We should look into it. To make sure they're as safe as Omi hopes, of course. He spent the next little while fantasizing about scenarios that would lead to various other members of Weiss joining him as Omi's dogs and about what Omi might do to them-- or let Schuldig do to them-- once they were there. If only I could reach my dick...

Schuldig tried to persuade his dick to soften as he sensed Omi's decision to come downstairs. He was supposed to have hours more work! He checked his posture to make sure that, hard-on aside, he was as Omi had left him.

The tumblers in the lock clicked. There was a slick, retinal imaging lock, too, but Omi had realized early that Schuldig responded to the sound of a lock opening.

Plus, Nagi can't open a mechanical lock without being close enough that Omi'd notice him. Schuldig swallowed hard, trying not to think about the fact that Nagi would abandon Crawford and break Schuldig loose in about thirty minutes if Schuldig just asked. There are good reasons not to. But, as the door opened, he couldn't remember any of them.

Omi walked into the room and studied Schuldig's posture and naked body. He shook his head. "Enjoying yourself?" He came closer, until Schuldig could only see his shoes and pants. He tangled his fingers in Schuldig's hair then pulled hard to tilt Schuldig's face upward. "What were you thinking about?"

"About doing unto Crawford as you do unto me." Schuldig knew better than to lie blatantly to Omi-- Omi would just pull out the truth drugs-- but he wasn't going to admit to the thoughts that had occupied most of his time that afternoon. It's not a lie even. I did think about it.

Omi laughed. "The idea of fucking Crawford gets you that hot?" He leaned down and kissed Schuldig, biting his lower lip then pushing his tongue inside. //It's unlikely, you know. Not that I wouldn't indulge you, but I'd need a way to block the precognition, one that wouldn't set off his precognition before I deployed it. Do you want Naoe, too?// The last question carried genuine curiosity.

//Estet had to have something... and no. You know that, even if Crawford doesn't.// Schuldig closed his eyes. Fucking an enslaved Nagi was one of the few things Omi could demand of Schuldig that Schuldig really wouldn't-- Couldn't. --do.

Omi pulled back and laughed. The echo in his mind was deeply feral, and Schuldig shuddered. //We're going hunting tonight, Puppy. Hunting something that might help.// Omi traced a finger along Schuldig's jaw. //If you're helpful, I might let you play a little, and you'll be on the bed tonight. If not...//

Schuldig cringed, trying to get distance from the images and impulses that went with 'if not...' Not being able to block Omi's thoughts unless Omi wanted him to, not being able to disentangle them from his own, meant that he couldn't escape. That's why I don't call Nagi. I don't know what killing Omi would do to me, and Omi always knows where I am. He whimpered.

//We have a few hours yet.// Omi smiled, in no way offering reassurance. He squatted next to Schuldig and flicked his fingers hard against Schuldig's dick. "I didn't expect that." He pinched the foreskin. "Get rid of it."

Schuldig swallowed hard and nodded. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, focusing on ignoring Omi's intentions and arousal. Things that don't relate to sex... or to pain... We are so fucked up. Focus. Takatori Reiji in a miniskirt. Masafumi and Tot... He never got Nagi through her, did he? No. I'd have found out, and I'd have killed the fucker. Except that's why Crawford would make sure I didn't find out.

Schuldig felt Omi's hand on his now flaccid dick. "Stay that way." Omi's hand was gone. "Keep your eyes closed." Footsteps moved toward the cupboard where Omi stored his toys.

He knows what he's after, but he's not letting me see. Schuldig tried not to think about the options even as his mind listed the contents of the cupboards. A minute or so later, as Omi enclosed Schuldig's dick and balls in a cloth lined metal mesh bag, Schuldig thought, That's not so bad.

//Open your eyes.// Omi rocked back on his heels. "Now, tell me what you want to do to Crawford. In detail." He smiled. "If it's hot enough, I may let you stop talking for long enough to suck me off." //And if it's not hot enough, I'll start my entertainment with your ideas and continue from there.//

Schuldig looked past Omi at the wall. Stupid me. He shifted his weight, trying to ease his ankles. He won't hurt me too badly. Not with a mission tonight. He'll want me at my best or near it. He drew in a shaky breath. "Crawford values control," he said. "He's used to knowing what's coming next. The first thing to do is to take that from him. It's not hard."

//No?// Omi twisted one of Schuldig's nipples. His facial expression and body language announced boredom, but his mental interest was sharp, like a hook keeping Schuldig focused on the subject. //How is that done?//

//With the right drugs.// Schuldig's memory offered three different drug cocktails that would crush precognition temporarily. Two of them were even safe for prolonged use. He pushed the information into Omi's head and watched Omi's eyes glaze over with pleasure at having a new weapon. "Drug him." Schuldig licked his lips. "The stuff you used on me would be good. Nausea and vertigo. Add in noise and flashing lights, and he'll be in hell before he even sees me." He tilted his head to one side. "But I want him to know it's me. I won't hurt him then-- maybe, just maybe I'll give him a gentle fuck, something to anchor him, to make him think it won't be too bad. He'll be going crazy because he's used to knowing." He could say anything now because Omi wasn't really listening. As long as Schuldig kept talking and it related to Crawford, Omi wouldn't mind if it wasn't arousing. Just for a minute or two. Then he'll be back.

Omi rubbed his hand over his crotch.

Schuldig hissed as he realized that Omi was already hard. He wants Crawford. I didn't... really expect that. "Maybe add in hallucinogens after that so that he's not really sure that it was me." He rocked up on his knees, arching his back as the tether pulled him back. His dick wanted to expand, and his throat felt tight. "Then-- Then it depends on him, on what scares him more. I'd be in his mind, so I'd know--" He tried to catch Omi's eye and grinned. "So we'd know. I'm not sure whether I'd rather start with playing with him, with clamps and weights and cutting and dildos and--" //Please take this thing off me! Please?//

Omi struck Schuldig across the belly, forcing him back to his knees. //You should be grateful that I didn't use the one with spikes.// The blow didn't carry more than a fraction of Omi's strength, so Schuldig took it as a sign of approval. He twisted and rubbed against the bits of Omi that he could reach.

"I'd enjoy figging with him or maybe something more than ginger, something that would make him cry.  I want to see him with the snot and tears running down his face. I'd be careful. I wouldn't want to hurt him too badly. I wouldn't want to wait while he healed or do anything too... permanent." Schuldig smiled, letting the nastiest edge of his anger at Crawford show. "After all, if we break him properly, he could be useful."

Omi unhooked the tether connecting Schuldig's wrists to the floor. He held the tether in one hand and massaged Schuldig's shoulder with the other. "And what would you do if you didn't play with him immediately?"

Schuldig laughed. "I'd watch two or three strangers take turns fucking him, maybe playing with him, too, but maybe not. I'd keep up a monologue in his head the whole time, critiquing his performance. I'd punish him when he didn't do well enough. I'd probably do that even if I played with him first. The strangers would be worse than me or you, even if they didn't torture him, even if we did. He may not think we're his equals, but we're still on the radar."

Omi pushed Schuldig forward.

Schuldig turned his head so that his cheek rather than his nose came to rest on the hard wood floor. He's still playing, nothing harsh yet. That could have been much worse. He waited, silently, assuming that Omi had something in mind. Something hard pushed at Schuldig's anus. He knew it wasn't Omi's dick. There's no way he do that yet. That still left a frightening number of possibilities.

"We haven't used this one before." A hard push took the thing past Schuldig's body's resistance. "It's porous, with a central tube and a pump. I can use it to deliver, well, anything really, as long as it's a gel or a liquid." Omi wiggled the butt plug then pulled it out a little before shoving it home again. "Maybe we should test a few things out. Just in case we ever get our hands on Crawford." //Serendipity. I just happened to pull this one out. We won't have time for the fullest... enjoyment today. That will take weeks. This is a good way to administer drugs, anything absorbed through the mucous membranes. No visible marks.//

Schuldig shuddered. Omi's desire to be able to take Schuldig out in public had saved him from certain types of abuse at certain points in time. The clarity with which bruises showed on Schuldig's skin pleased Omi sometimes but was an inconvenience at others. An inconvenience for which he blames me.

"This will burn a little."

Schuldig set his teeth. He didn't want to risk biting his lips or his tongue. When the pain hit, he twisted, trying to pull away from it, from Omi, until the tether brought him up short. He shook then whined, letting the pain out as sound.

Omi grabbed Schuldig by the hair and pulled him back up to his knees. "Keep talking," he said. "I'm getting bored."

Schuldig couldn't think. He could tell that Omi was still aroused, was becoming more aroused, but he couldn't string words together. He panted. Tears ran down his face.

//Puppy, talk to me.//

Does he sound... worried? Schuldig whimpered. "I-- I would-- He--" He dug his fingernails into the palms of his hands. "There are... drugs that... make him..." //You can make him have visions. Uncontrollable visions. He hates those drugs. Desperately.//

Omi ground his body against Schuldig's ass. //Perfect.// He uncuffed Schuldig's wrists, letting his arms fall to his sides. "Tell me."

"I'd..." //I'd make him keep his mouth open and his ass available all the time. Keep himself clean. I wouldn't shave him. I'd wax him. I'd take his glasses. He's nearly blind without them. Take that sight, too.// Schuldig's dick hurt, wanting to expand again in spite of the pain in his ass. He'd learned, after all, to find pleasure in spite of pain when Omi was present. "Please..." The tremors from the pain were enough that he'd have fallen if Omi hadn't held him up.

Omi pinched Schuldig's nipples. "I'd make him your whipping boy. Not for everything. I wouldn't want you misbehaving just to get him punished." He bit Schuldig's neck. //You're not feeling anything except your ass, are you? Try this-- Think about doing this to Crawford. Maybe an hour a day. Maybe three hours every week. Maybe just when you've pleased me. You do manage that, don't you?//

//I'm sorry.// Schuldig tried to make the words sound abject rather than tortured and was sure he failed miserably. He'll enjoy tortured even more than abject. We both know that abject is just me saying, 'Of course it's my fault. Everything's my fault. Please don't hurt me.' He let wistfulness into his mental voice. //Do you really think you could? He'd rather die.//

//That depends on what we find tonight. And on Naoe. If Naoe chooses to protect Crawford...//

//Nagi likes me better than he likes Crawford, and he's not protecting me. That's sure as hell not because he's scared of you.// Schuldig flinched when he realized what he'd said and how he'd said it.

Omi laughed. //No. He isn't protecting you because you choose to stay. If you wanted to leave, you'd be gone. In spite of Crawford, in spite of spells.// He let Schuldig collapse forward. //Do you think I'd chase you, or are you afraid I wouldn't?//

Schuldig flattened himself to the floor, gasping, and refused to answer. He wasn't really sure what he could say. Say something else. Change the subject. No. Not a change... //Nagi can't leave Crawford, and I won't go back to the son of a bitch. You're better than Crawford. More honest.// He heard the sound of Omi's zipper. Was it enough? Is he satisfied or will he--

 "I find your fantasy hot as hell," Omi announced. "Get over here and ease the problem." //Can't or won't?//

Trust him to multitask. Schuldig crawled in a semicircle so that he was facing Omi. His arms and shoulders protested as he pushed himself up. //Can't. There're layers of telepathic compulsions making him obey Crawford. I've chipped away at them, but if Crawford thinks they're going to fail, he'll kill Nagi. Under the circumstances, I can't do more than give him latitude.// He dropped his jaw, opened his lips and waited.

Omi liked taking the last step himself. He stepped closer and pushed his dick into Schuldig's mouth.

Schuldig used his tongue and lips to tease Omi's dick before taking it deep in his throat. As he felt Omi's attention shift to his own body, Schuldig allowed himself to feel relief. I still hurt like hell, but I'm not hurt. Pain not damage. He pushed back the questions he wanted to ask. He wouldn't answer anyway, and... Nagi can defend himself against Omi. At least, I'm better at this now. I know what he likes, what he doesn't, what he expects. Damn Crawford for sending me after Haberland. Damn Estet for wanting a telepath to incubate demons. Damn Omi for being there. Damn me for not being stronger. Damn that sorcerer for whatever the hell he did to us.

Omi smacked the side of Schuldig's head. "Teeth."

Schuldig put his full attention back on the blow job and didn't let it wander again until after Omi'd tucked his dick back into his pants. //I'll do just about anything if you'll get me Crawford.//

Omi's grin had sharp edges. //You'll do anything for me anyway.// He laid a hand on Schuldig's head for a few seconds then stroked his hair. //But I'll get him for you, Puppy. Eventually.//

Schuldig closed his eyes. The pain in his ass hadn't abated much, but he felt it less. He bowed his head, wishing he were allowed to show affection to his master.

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