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Rating: NC-17
Pairings: mainly 13 x 5, implied 1 x 2, 3 x 4

Last updated: 17 July 2003

Shall We Dance?
Nakki no Miko

Why am I here? Wufei asked himself the question for the umpteenth time as he tried to make himself inconspicuous against the far wall of the Peacecraft ballroom. There was a full size orchestra in one corner of the room, and there were dozens of couples gliding around the floor to the grand waltz it was playing. The war was over, and the Earthsphere Alliance's finest were out celebrating. Wufei snorted softly to himself as his eyes searched the room for possible threats. The war might be over, but Wufei knew that there were always individuals that would upset the peace if it were possible. To insure peace, he thought to himself. That is why I am here. Wufei allowed himself to think the lie, and then berated himself for telling it in the first place.

He knew why he was there. The war was over, and it was really because of his own actions. He had fought OZ's general in a fair fight, and Wufei closed his eyes against the memory of Talgese II going up in a white-hot ball of flame. He had cried for the General then; hot, bitter tears that seemed to sear his cheeks as they fell. He hadn't realized until that moment that he hadn't really wanted to kill Treize at all. Devastated was too kind of a word for what he had felt upon his return to earth, and he had wanted to disappear, but he knew he couldn't. The peace Wufei and the other pilots had won was, at best, fragile. Wufei knew he had to stay around to insure the peace grew strong so that it could survive on its own. So, he had swallowed the grief he was feeling and threw himself into his work at the Preventers.

He had been doing well until he heard the rumor circulating through the office. Treize is alive, he heard a group of junior officer whispering amongst themselves. A salvage crew found the cockpit and it was intact and he's alive. Wufei hadn't even bothered to ask the underlings if it were true. Instead, he marched himself to Lady Une's office, and when he arrived he found Zechs and Noin there, already asking the question that was upon his lips. Is it true? Wufei had demanded. Yes, Une had answered simply. She went on to tell them that the General had contacted her earlier that morning, that he was fine, and that he had no desire to be involved in the politics of the world anymore.

To say that Wufei had been shocked would have been an understatement. He had simply stood and stared at Une for several moments before he felt Noin's hand on his arm and heard her ask if he were okay. He had simply shook his head, unable to form any coherent thoughts. Treize is alive he had thought, over and over, until it was like a mantra in his mind. When he had finally managed to pull himself from his sudden stupor, he had enough presence of mind to ask Une if she knew where he was. No, she answered, But he's been invited to the ball at the Peacecraft Palace in Sanq this weekend.

And that is why you are here, Wufei thought to himself. He was here to reassure himself that the one man in his life that he most respected really wasn't dead by his own hand.

"Wufei?" Duo was standing in front of him now, his lithe frame decked out in a tuxedo that was such a dark violet that it was almost black and his wide, violet eyes looking concerned. "Aren't you going to dance?"

"And who would I dance with, Maxwell? You?" Wufei snorted. "I don't think Heero would appreciate that." Wufei couldn't help but laugh at the shocked look on his fellow pilot's face.

"You... Knew?" Duo finally managed to stammer, a blush spreading over his fair cheeks.

"Baka! Of course I knew!" Wufei retorted. "You were always throwing yourself at Heero. It was fairly obvious, actually."

"Oh," Duo managed, and he looked embarrassed.

"Duo," Wufei reached out and placed his palm on Duo's warm cheek. "I'm just glad he finally noticed. If he had waited too much longer I was going to knock some sense into him for you." That earned him a bright smile, and Wufei smiled inwardly. He would never tell Maxwell, but that smile was enough to brighten even the worst of his moods.

"Thanks, Fei!" Duo exclaimed, and Wufei accepted the quick hug the pilot gave him. "Are you sure you don't want to dance, though? I'll bet Sally or Relena would if you asked..."

"While they are wonderful people, Duo, they just aren't my type," Wufei said. Duo, again, looked pole-axed.

"Wufei, you mean . . . they're not your type of girls... Or they're not your type because they are girls?" Much to Maxwell's credit, the pilot kept his voice quiet enough so that the question was not overheard. "I mean... weren't you married before?" Wufei took a deep breath before he spoke.

"I was married, but it was out of duty to my clan," Wufei said so that Duo could just barely hear him over the orchestra. "They are not my type because they are girls, Maxwell. It's something that I've always known about myself. I just never chose to act upon it... I've never met anyone that would make me want to act upon it." Duo cocked his head to the side, his violet eyes regarding him thoughtfully.

"That's not true," Duo finally said. And it was a statement, not a speculation. Understanding seemed to dawn on Duo's face, and his violet eyes narrowed slightly. "You know, I was wondering why you agreed to come here tonight. I mean, Quatre loves these parties, and that's why he's here, and Trowa's here because he goes wherever Quatre is. I'm here because I love a good party, and Relena's my friend and asked me to be here with her. Heero's here because I asked him to come along as a favor, and because, as you guessed, he loves me. But you... I thought you didn't have a reason to be here, but now that you've shared your secret, I know exactly why you are here." Wufei resisted the urge to walk away from Duo-- it wasn't something that you did to a friend, especially when that friend had saved your ass several times during a war. Instead, Wufei said nothing. "I heard the rumor going around the office yesterday," Duo continued, his tone speculative. "Treize is supposed to be here tonight."

"So?" Wufei asked, but even as he spoke, he knew he wasn't fooling Duo. The boy was cunning and too smart to fall for it. Duo regarded him silently before he suddenly leaned forward and kissed Wufei's cheek.

"Wufei, don't let that damn pride get in the way of your happiness," Duo whispered, his amethyst eyes deadly serious. "I had my comm link up during the battle between you and Treize."

"And?" The word was spoken more harshly than Wufei had intended, but Duo was used to his eccentricities, and the Gundam pilot just gave him a soft smile. It seemed as if he were going to speak, but there was a sudden commotion at the entrance of the ballroom, and Duo looked over his shoulder. Wufei followed his gaze with his own, and suddenly found that he could not breathe properly. "Ah, gods," he breathed as Treize Kushrenada strode into the room with that self-assured poise and grace that he was known the world over for. The General was mobbed with well wishers, and he felt a pang of longing as he watched Treize embrace first Zechs, then Une, then Noin as they welcomed him.

"You should go say hi," Duo said, and Wufei tore his eyes away from Treize long enough to look at the man standing directly in front of him.

"Duo, I'm afraid," Wufei whispered. The Deathscythe pilot's eyes grew wide as Wufei called him 'Duo.' He recovered quickly, a small smile playing on his lips.


"What if . . . What if he doesn't feel the same?" Wufei managed. It was hard for him to admit what he was feeling. "I don't want to make a fool of myself in front of all these damn politicians!"

"Wufei, no one is asking you to confess your undying love to him," Duo said with a chuckle. "Just go say hi. See how he reacts. Wufei, you'll regret it if you don't." The Shenglong pilot sighed. He knew that Maxwell was right. All he had to do was find the courage to pry himself from the wall and walk over to where Treize was now talking with Trowa and Quatre. He felt a warm hand encircle his own, and before he knew it, Maxwell was tugging on his hand and pulling him towards the opposite side of the room. "Come on, Fei. I'll go with you." Wufei followed after gently removing his hand from Duo's, but he stayed close to his friend as they approached the place where Treize stood.

"...I was lucky that the cockpit was made of Gundanium as well," Treize was saying as they drew closer. "The doctors say it was the only reason I survived."
    "It's a miracle," Quatre said. The blonde pilot smiled up at the General. "I'm so happy that you are alive, sir. It would have been a shame to lose such a brilliant mind." Treize chuckled softly, and the sound warmed Wufei from the inside out.
    "You, Quatre, are a very gracious winner," Treize said with a slight bow. "It is very kind of you to say such things."
    "It's the truth." That from Trowa, who was hovering very close to Quatre. Wufei smiled as Quatre's hand seemed to find Trowa's on its own. "What will you do now, sir?"

"I really haven't thought about it much," Treize mused, a small smile gracing his lips as he, too, noticed Trowa and Quatre's linked hands. "I do rather hope I end up as happy as the two of you seem to be." Quatre blushed, just as Wufei knew he would, and found himself wondering... Could I make Treize that happy?

"And what would it take to make you happy?" Duo's voice cut into the conversation, and Wufei's mouth went dry when Treize's blue gaze turned away from Quatre and towards where he and Duo were standing.

"Duo Maxwell, isn't it?" Treize asked, politely addressing the pilot. Duo grinned as he bowed slightly.

"I run, I hide, but I never tell a lie," Duo quipped. He extended a hand, and Treize shook it. "It's an honor to meet you, sir."

"Likewise," Treize said as he released Duo's hand. "You're a legend in yourself, Duo. I can't tell you how many times I've heard survivors of Gundam attacks talk of you. Shinigami, they called you." Duo's expression became serious suddenly.

"I did what I had to do," Duo said softly. I'm not proud of it, was the underlying meaning and Treize nodded.

"You did," he agreed. "We all did what we had to do," Treize said as he pointedly turned his gaze onto Wufei. The Shenglong pilot momentarily forgot how to breathe as those blue eyes locked with his ebony.

"Yes," Wufei said softly. "Even if we didn't like what we had to do." At that moment, the orchestra finished the waltz it was on and wound down into another waltz, this one more quiet and slightly slower. Suddenly, for Wufei there was nothing and no one else in the room but Treize, and he felt as if he would drown in the azure pools of his eyes. He was dimly aware of Quatre and Trowa moving off to dance to the new waltz, and a moment later Heero came and whisked Duo away to do the same. And through it all Wufei merely stood and gazed at Treize, not sure what he was waiting for. As it was, he felt as if the world had gone surreal when Treize reached out with a white-gloved hand and asked in a soft, unassuming voice:

"Shall we dance, Wufei?" The Shenglong pilot couldn't find the words to answer the man. Instead, he reached out with his own gloved hand and allowed the General to take it into his own and lead him onto the floor. There was no question in Wufei's mind that the General would be leading, and he allowed himself to relax slightly as Treize turned to face him and placed his free hand at Wufei's waist before stepping off and whirling Wufei into a waltz.

They said nothing for several moments, Wufei content to let Treize lead in the conversation as well. Finally, Treize pulled him a little closer as they moved across the floor, and bent to whisper in Wufei's ear.

"I do hope that you are not beating yourself up over what happened out there, Wufei," Treize breathed. "It was not your fault. I was a fool to underestimate you as I did."

"I was the fool," Wufei answered as Treize led him into a turn and continued to waltz around the floor. "I didn't realize what I wanted until it was too late." Wufei swallowed hard as the near confession left his lips. This was hard. This was like pulling scabs off a deep wound, and he wondered if he'd be able to go through with what his heart was telling him to do. Treize pulled away enough to look him in the eyes, and the General's expression was thoughtful as he looked down at Wufei.

"And what did you want, Wufei?" Treize whispered, his eyes never looking away. Wufei couldn't answer right away, and he continued to gaze at Treize as the older man led him gracefully through the dance and around other couples. He was dimly aware of passing by Trowa and Quatre, and thought that perhaps Duo and Heero had been in the crowd somewhere, but he was unsure. His world consisted of nothing but the tall man holding him in his arms. "Wufei?" The Chinese man took a deep breath and swallowed hard before he answered:


"Ah, now you are finally being honest with yourself," Treize said with a soft smile. "Honesty is so much better, Wufei, don't you think?" The blue eyes were kind as they looked down at him.

"Hai," Wufei whispered, and he suddenly had to look away. He averted his gaze and dropped his eyes to study the neat bow-tie of Treize's tux. "Even if it scares you to death."

"Even so," Treize whispered. "If it helps any, Wufei, I am afraid, too." Ebony eyes snapped back up to look at Treize, and he found the General smiling at him. "I have wanted you from the moment you left your Gundam to challenge me, Dragon. Isn't it funny? We wanted the same thing and didn't even know it until now." The music was changing again, and the orchestra was replaced by a D.J. so that the musicians could rest. The soft strains of music filled the ballroom, and it was a slow dance. Many of the older couples left the floor, but Wufei noted idly that his fellow pilots merely stepped closer to one another and continued to sway slowly with the music. His attention was drawn back to the man that held him when he felt Treize draw closer. Wufei closed his eyes as a woman's angelic voice filled the room.

Spend all your time waiting, for that second chance, for the break that will make it okay. There's always some reason to feel not good enough, and it's hard at the end of the day. I need some distraction, a beautiful release, memory seeps from my veins. Let me be empty and weightless and maybe I'll find some peace tonight...

The meaning of the words pierced Wufei to the very center of his soul, and at that very moment, he realized just how alone he had been in his life. He had always been a loner, and he was most unforgiving with himself. He could remember every mistake he had ever made in his life, and he berated himself for them still. He was his own worst critic.

So tired of the straight line and everywhere you turn, there's vultures and thieves at your back. And the storm keeps on twisting, you keep on building the lie, that you make up for all that you lack. It don't make no difference, escaping one last time, it's easier to believe in the this sweet madness oh, this glorious sadness that brings me to my knees...

He was tired of running from himself. He was tired of lying to himself about what and who he was. The war had been hell, especially when he had thought Treize was gone.

"Wufei?" Treize's concerned voice made him look up, and he was shocked to find tears in the General's eyes. "Wufei, are you okay?" Wufei felt tears rising in his eyes as the voice sang on.

In the arms of an angel, fly away from here, from this dark cold hotel room and the endlessness that you fear, you are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie. You're in the arms of the angel, may you find some comfort here.

"Treize," Wufei's voice was a mixture of desperation and pleading as he spoke the General's name, and he leaned into Treize's arms as the music played on. Treize wrapped his arms around Wufei's waist and when the pilot tilted his head upwards to meet Treize's lips in a kiss, it seemed right. Tears fell freely from his eyes as the void in his soul was filled with his love of Treize. He was dimly aware of Duo's soft encouraging words from somewhere to his left, and Quatre's happy sigh from somewhere on his right, but all he really cared about was the man that held him. Treize broke the kiss off and smiled softly at him.

"I love you, Wufei. You know that, don't you?" He whispered. Wufei wrapped his arms around Treize and rested his head on the General's shoulder. Treize sighed happily as he rested his chin on the crown of Wufei's head.

"Yes," Wufei whispered. "And I love you, too." Treize tightened his embrace and continued to sway softly to the music. Wufei looked up at him. "Please don't leave me again."

"Never, Dragon-fei," Treize whispered as he bent and kissed him again. "Never again."

You're in the arms of the angel, may you find some comfort here.

An hour or so later...

Relena Dorlian Peacecraft was tired of the ball. Oh, the orchestra was nice, but the atmosphere was so stuffy! She looked sideways at the blonde sitting next to her, and where Relena hid her boredom, Dorothy Catalonia had no qualms about letting it show on her fine features. She chose at that moment to yawn rather openly, and Relena couldn't help the giggle that escaped her lips. Dorothy arched a forked eyebrow at the noise, and even though she never looked at Relena, her lips curled upwards in a smile. Relena smiled and nodded at a passing dignitary as they passed the table on their way out. She didn't have the heart to get up-- her feet were killing her!

"Now, there's a delicious sight," Dorothy muttered under her breath as she placed her elbow on the table and rested her chin in the palm of her silk-encased hand. Relena followed Dorothy's gaze across the room and found herself agreeing with the statement as she drank in the sight of Treize and Wufei gliding gracefully across the floor to a waltz. The two had been inseparable after their first waltz together, and every other hopeful in the room had resigned themselves to watching the stunning couple every time they hit the dance floor together. Relena's gaze turned back to Dorothy, her eyes wandering over the thin frame encased in a black silk evening gown. Her blond hair was piled atop her head in a fetching array, wisps of her blonde hair framing her narrow elfin features. Relena let a slow smile turn up the corners of her mouth.

"Not nearly as delicious as you," Relena said softly. Again, Dorothy did not look at her, but she smiled again.

"Whatever are your friends going to say when they find out about us?" Dorothy asked, her voice laced with amusement. Relena laughed.

"I would hope they would say they are happy for us," Relena finally managed, and then she gave Dorothy a mock frown. "It'd be pretty damn hypocritical of them to think anything else, now, wouldn't it?" Dorothy gave a slight nod.

"And our Gundam pilots are many things, but hypocrites they are not," Dorothy stated. "Besides, they adore you, Relena-chan. They wouldn't care if you loved an old balding man if that is what made you happy." Relena smiled and nodded. It was a good feeling to know that her friends loved her unconditionally.

"However, it's not something they have to worry about, for I much prefer you, Dorothy dear," Relena purred. Again, Dorothy smiled, and a moment later her eyes narrowed, and the smile became a wide grin. "Ah, the last of our stuffy dignitaries are leaving. Look." Relena's eyes wandered over to the entrance, and sure enough, Une was saying a farewell to the last foreign leader and his wife. Two seconds later, they left, and Une reached out to shut the large double doors.

"It's about damn time!" Relena exclaimed as she got to her feet. "Now the real party starts!"

Wufei was, to put it simply, in heaven.

"Dragon, whatever are you thinking?" Treize's silk tenor interrupted his reverie, and he smiled as he looked up at the man twirling him around the dance floor. Blue eyes were dancing with amusement as they looked down at him, and Wufei found he didn't care. The warmth in those eyes made his heart melt, and Wufei found himself thinking that dancing with Treize was so much more fun than fighting him! "Dragon?"

"I'm thinking that I wish this evening would never end," Wufei answered truthfully. Treize chuckled softly.

"Ah, fairly close to what I was thinking, then," Treize said. "Great minds often think alike."

"So do perverted ones!" Duo quipped. He and Heero had been close enough to hear the exchange, and Wufei couldn't help but laugh at the audacity of his friend. "You look like you're having a good time there, Wu-chan! I didn't think it was possible!"

"Maxwell, you're incorrigible, you know that, don't you?" Wufei said with a mock scowl. Duo grinned hugely as he waltzed by with Heero.

"You hear that, Heero? I'm incorrigible... Mpf!" Duo's words were cut off by Heero's lips on his own, and Treize laughed with Wufei this time as they continued to move across the floor.

"Baka," Wufei muttered, but the word held a wealth of feeling, and Treize smiled softly.

"You and he are very close, no?" Treize asked. Wufei nodded.

"Hai. Sometimes, Maxwell was the only thing that stood between me and suicide," Wufei answered truthfully. Treize made a pained sound in the back of his throat and Wufei felt his arms pull him closer.

"Dragon, I'm so very glad for Duo, then," Treize whispered into his hair. "Was it so very bad, then?"

"Oh, gods, yes," Wufei whispered. "When I thought you were dead, I wanted to die. I thought I had killed the only person in my life that I could call my equal. And as I said before, I didn't realize until you were gone that the emotion I was feeling towards you was so much more than mere respect."

"I'm not dead," Treize whispered, fiercely. Wufei chuckled as he tilted his head back and stole a kiss from the General's lips.

"I'm aware of that," Wufei said, his lips quirking into a slight smile. "At least, I'm fairly certain you are not a ghost." Anything Treize might have said was curtailed when the orchestra suddenly ceased to play. Wufei looked up and was startled to find that the ballroom was near empty. The only people left were his fellow pilots, a few dozen Preventers soldiers, and Une, Zechs, and Noin. Relena and Dorothy were speaking with the D.J, and after a moment, Relena took the microphone from him and tapped it to test it.

"Hey, is this thing on?" Relena said, and blushed slightly as her voice echoed throughout the spacious room. "I guess it is." Wufei chuckled along with everyone else. "First of all, I want to thank all of you for coming this evening. I know for most of you dealing with politics and foreign world leaders is not your idea of a good time, and I really appreciate your support this evening. It's so much easier for me to face such things with good friends at my side."

"We'll always be here for you, kiddo!" Noin called out, and the sentiment was heartily echoed by several people in the room.

"Yeah!" Duo cried. "Whenever you need to have someone's ass kicked, just let us know!" There was laughter all around when Heero gave a tug on Duo's braid, causing the Deathscythe pilot to give a soft "eep."

"Heero! Behave, will you?" Relena admonished, and then giggled when Heero merely smirked and shook his head. "Yes, well, I agree. I believe we've all 'behaved' for enough this evening. I've managed to talk the DJ into staying for at least three more hours, and I hope you will all stay and enjoy it. There's still plenty of food left, and I for one, plan on dancing till my feet fall off. Please, my friends, enjoy yourselves!" The minute she turned the microphone off, the DJ started the music, and it was good, solid techno dance music. It wasn't long before Duo and Quatre were on the floor dancing to the hard beat, their eyes closed and their heads thrown back as they lost themselves in the music. Wufei grinned at the sight as he followed Treize from the dance floor. They looked good out there, and Wufei glanced around the room and after a moment found what he was looking for. Trowa and Heero were standing side by side just off the dance floor watching their lovers dance, and their gazes were smoldering. Hm, wonder if I could get Treize to look at me like that? Dare I even break the image I have so carefully created? I'll bet Duo thinks I can't dance!

"Hey, having fun?" Wufei looked up as Treize drew up to a table. Sally, Noin, Zechs and Une were sitting around it, and Wufei smiled at Sally as Treize pulled a chair out for him.

"Yes," Wufei answered as he seated himself in the chair. Une's smile was wide as Treize seated himself next to Wufei.

"Well, one look at your date, and I can see why," she drawled. "I can't even tell you how many nasty, jealousy-filled remarks I heard about your character tonight, Wufei!"

"Let them talk," Wufei said with a snort. "If there's one thing this war has taught me, it's that life is too short to spend time worrying about what other people think about you."

"Well said!" Noin said, raising her wine glass in a salute to Wufei's new found wisdom. Again, Wufei gave them a genuine smile.

"Thank you," Wufei said. "And I'm sure your character was attacked almost nearly as much as mine, Noin." He looked pointedly at Zechs as he spoke, and Noin giggled and nodded.

"Jealousy is such an ugly thing, isn't it? I mean, can we help it if we've landed the two most arguably gorgeous men in the room?"

"Absolutely not," Wufei said, grinning up at Treize. The General smiled and kissed him on the temple before he raised a hand for a passing waiter. Treize ordered a glass of wine for himself, and in a very telling moment for everyone at the table, green tea for Wufei. The General obviously knew the pilot very well, even though it seemed they had only just admitted their feelings towards one another, which meant Treize had thought about him often in the past. The realization caused Wufei to feel a surge of love so strong for Treize that it nearly brought tears to his eyes.

"Love you," Treize murmured as he gave Wufei a quick peck on the lips. Wufei felt a blush spreading over his cheeks as Une and Sally grinned at him.

"Damn Onnas," Wufei muttered, but couldn't help but smile. He was so happy!

"Gods, will you look at those two?" Noin said, pointing to the dance floor. "Gods, they look so damn hot! And check out Trowa and Heero! I think they're going to pass out from the sheer wanting!" Wufei had to agree with her. Quatre and Duo had shed their tux jackets and had rolled up the sleeves of their dress shirts and were now moving sensuously to the music. Wufei's eyes found Heero and Trowa again, and the two pilots looked like hungry lions before a feeding. Their eyes were riveted to their lovers as they danced provocatively.

"And Duo and Quatre know exactly what they are doing," Wufei said with a snort. "I almost felt bad for Yuy for a while there. Once Duo made up his mind to win him over, the fool never stood a chance."

"Indeed, Duo is a rather fetching creature," Treize said. Wufei frowned when he looked up and found that Treize was watching Duo. Wufei was not, by nature, jealous, but it irked him that Treize was watching his friend.

"Excuse me," Wufei said as he rose, a plan already forming in his mind.

"Wufei?" Treize sounded worried, and Wufei smiled as he bent and kissed him on the lips.

"I'm going to go have a word with the DJ," Wufei said. Everyone at the table was looking at him oddly as he walked away. He started to shed his jacket as he walked towards the DJ booth, and by the time he had finished talking to the man, his jacket had been tossed aside and he had rolled his sleeves up, removed his bowtie and had opened the first two buttons of his shirt. He turned and watched Quatre and Duo dance for a few moments before he took a deep breath and gathered enough courage to step onto the dance floor and join them. He strode calmly to where they were dancing, and when the current song wound down, he cleared his throat.

"Wu-chan!" Duo exclaimed. "You're going to dance?" Wufei nodded once as he purposefully lifted a hand and snapped the tie holding his hair back. Quatre and Wufei just stared at him as the black silk fell from its confinement and came to rest around his shoulders and face. He glanced over towards Treize, and couldn't help but smirk as he realized he had the rapt attention of everyone at that table. Wufei gave Quatre and Duo a sultry smile as the first strains of the song he had requested started up.

"Now, gentleman, let me show you how seduction is really done."

Treize felt his mouth go dry when Wufei snapped the tie on his hair. It had always been a fantasy of his to see Wufei with his hair down, and the reality was so much better than the fantasy!

"Dear God," Une breathed.

"My sentiments exactly," Treize breathed as a steady R & B rhythm filled the room, and Wufei started to dance. Treize swallowed hard as Wufei's hips started to sway to the music, and shifted as his pants suddenly seemed to be a size too small. He had always thought that Wufei was a stunning creature, but the young man swaying to the beat on the dance floor was down right sexy.

"You are a very, very lucky man," Treize heard Noin say, and he only nodded dumbly as he watched Wufei's dancing form. He was brought back to his senses when he heard Zechs snort and comment:

"Treize could do better." He shrugged his shoulders when Noin looked at him. "He could. You knew that he and I dated before, Noin. Treize and I used to go to the clubs together, and let me tell you, as enticing as Wufei looks out there, Treize could turn the tables on him, no problem."

"Zechs!" Treize protested, and he blushed slightly at the amused looks he was getting from Une and Sally.

"Don't let him fool you," Zechs continued. "He could turn Wufei in to a puddle of lusting ooze if he got out there with them."

"I have to admit," Une said, arching an eyebrow, "That's a sight I'd love to see. I'm so used to Wufei being an uptight prude that I would get no end of satisfaction from seeing that!"

"Yeah," Sally said, smirking. "Besides, if you ask me, it looks like Wufei's tossing down the proverbial gauntlet! He just can't resist challenging you, one way or another!" Treize couldn't help but smirk at the observation.

"Indeed, it does seem as if my little Dragon enjoys trying to best me," Treize drawled. He rose from his chair in a slow, languid movement that fairly oozed with sensuality. He laughed inwardly at the soft, tortured sound Zechs and the ladies gave as he moved. He took his time undoing the buttons on his jacket, and in an equally languorous movement, removed it and tossed it onto the back of his chair.

"Wufei's very, very lucky too," Noin said, fanning herself absently with a hand. Treize arched an eyebrow at the hungry look Noin was giving him, and looked at Zechs. Zechs merely shrugged and gave his long-time friend a big grin.

"I'd be a damn hypocrite if I scolded her for it, Treize. I'm enjoying the view just as much as she is," Zechs admitted, still grinning. Treize laughed as he undid the cuff links on his sleeves and rolled the cuffs up. "I take it you're going to go out there and show 05 how it's really done?"

"I am," Treize said. "My ego will not allow me to let such a challenge pass unanswered."

"That ego of yours is going to get you into trouble one of these days," Zechs said with a smirk.

"Ah, Miri, that may be true, but I do believe this evening my ego is going to help me get lucky," Treize drawled as he turned and started for the dance floor. Noin and the others erupted into laughter when Zechs retorted:

"And then some!"

Trowa and Heero were just staring, open-mouthed, as they watched Wufei dance.

"Did you know he could dance?" Trowa finally managed. Heero just shook his head. "I mean, he's giving Duo a run for his money!" Heero nodded. Taking the spotlight from Duo on the dance floor was not an easy thing to do, yet Wufei had somehow managed to do so. Much to Duo's credit, the Deathscythe pilot seemed unperturbed by the whole thing. Rather, Heero suspected his braided lover was enjoying the show. Wufei, simply put, was hot. A movement at the edge of the dance floor caught his eye, and he smirked and nudged Trowa and pointed to where Treize was just emerging from the crowd gathered at the edge of the floor.

"Looks like Treize has taken up the gauntlet," Heero stated as the older man made his way to where Wufei, Duo and Quatre were dancing. Trowa groaned.

"I don't think I can take much more of this," he complained, good naturedly. Heero merely smirked.

"It will be worth it later, Trowa," Heero said as he watched Treize start to move. "Gods, Duo's going to jump me the minute we get through the door tonight, and I suspect Quatre will do the same with you." Trowa snickered softly.

"Well, when you put it that way..." Heero nodded, and the two pilots settled in against the wall to watch the show.

Wufei was lost in the music when he felt Duo elbow him in the ribs and hiss:

"Incoming!" Wufei snapped his eyes open and looked towards where Duo was pointing, and nearly stopped moving at the sight of Treize stalking towards him like some great cat on the prowl.

"Bloody hell," Wufei muttered. "We're about to get bested, boys." Duo and Quatre laughed.

"You got that impression, too?" Quatre teased, and then he beamed at Treize as the man joined them. "Hi!" Treize smiled and nodded first to Quatre and then Duo before turning his attention to the Chinese pilot still dancing before him.

"Dragon, must you constantly challenge me so?" Treize drawled. Wufei laughed out loud at the question.

"I can't help it," he said with a shrug. "Especially when I know you'll rise to the challenge every time. I like having that kind of power over you." Treize's grin was predatory as he started to move his hips to the music and he drew closer to Wufei.

"Oh, you do, do you?" Treize purred as he snaked his arm around Wufei's waist and pulled him closer. Wufei's breath caught in his throat as Treize started to really move to the music, his body pressed against Wufei's.

"H-h-hai," Wufei managed to stammer, and then groaned when Treize bent and kissed him deeply. To his left, Duo snickered.

"Who's got power over who, Wufei?" Duo teased.

"Personally, I think Wufei's deluding himself," Quatre said brightly as he continued to dance. Wufei couldn't help but chuckle as he let himself get swept away by the music and Treize.

"Some friends you are," Wufei groused, still smiling.

"Oh, but we're the best kind," Duo said cheerfully. "We tell you when you're wrong!"

"And you take great pleasure in doing so as often as possible," Wufei said, sticking his tongue out at Duo.

"Ah, ah, ah! Don't stick that out unless you intend to use it!" Duo admonished, and Wufei's eyes took on a wicked gleam as he leaned into Treize's frame and tasted the flesh of his neck. Treize moaned softly as Wufei's tongue and then his lips found the pulse in his neck. Wufei felt Treize's arms wrap around him tightly as they continued to move to the music.

"Careful, Dragon," Treize breathed into his ear. "Unless you want me to take you right here on the dance floor." Wufei felt the heat of a blush spread over his cheeks, and he hid his face against Treize's shoulder. He felt a shiver of desire traverse his spine when Treize whispered into his ear: "You're so very beautiful, Wufei, and I want you so very badly." Duo and Quatre had moved away a little to give them some privacy, and Wufei was grateful to them.

"Me too," Wufei husked against his shoulder. He shivered again as Treize moved his hands over his back and then rested them in the small of Wufei's back and pulled the smaller man closer.

"You're trembling," Treize whispered. The song they were currently dancing to wound down, and a slow, sultry tune started. Wufei was barely aware of several couples joining them on the floor, and Trowa and Heero came to claim their own lovers for the dance.

"I'm afraid," Wufei confessed. "I've... I've never done anything like this." Treize chuckled softly as he swayed them to the music.

"You're a virgin?"

"Not exactly," Wufei said, blushing again. "I was married once." Treize pulled back enough so that Wufei could see the surprise in his eyes. "I was! Her name was Merian, and we married out of duty to our colony. She was killed by the Alliance when our Colony was attacked. It was because of her that I started to fight." Wufei couldn't stop the sudden tears in his eyes as he spoke of his long dead wife.

"You loved her?" Treize whispered as he pulled Wufei close again and cradled his head against his shoulder. Wufei nodded as he slid his arms around Treize's waist and leaned into him. He let the General dictate their movement to the music, content to let the man take control.

"More as a sister than anything else," Wufei murmured against his shoulder. "I mean, we had sex because we wanted to provide a child to help with the population of our colony, but I knew even then that I didn't like women that way. I think Merian knew it too. But, I loved her. We were very, very close when she died."

"I'm sorry," Treize murmured against his ear. "It must have been so very terrible for you."

"I still miss her sometimes," Wufei confessed. He looked up at Treize. "Are you sure you want to get involved with me, Treize? I'm an emotional mess, really. I just hide it well." Treize smiled softly as he bent and kissed Wufei deeply and slowly. Wufei was breathless when Treize finally let him up for air.

"What do you think, Dragon-fei?" Treize husked. Wufei gave a happy sigh as he rested his head against Treize's shoulder.

"I think I may be the luckiest man alive." Treize chuckled softly as he ran his hand over the black silk of Wufei's hair.

"Funny, I was just thinking the same thing."

Duo watched as Treize and Wufei talked and danced with each other. The two were wrapped so tightly in each other's arms that it was hard to tell where one of them started and the other finished. It made Duo's heart warm to see Wufei so in love. The Shenglong pilot had been sharing an apartment with he and Heero since the end of the war, and it had been so hard for Duo to see the sadness in Wufei's ebony eyes when he had thought that Treize was dead.

"What are you thinking, Duo?" Heero's voice cut through his thoughts, and Duo smiled up at his lover as they moved to the music.

"I was just thinking that we need to make sure Treize comes back to the apartment with us tonight. Have you ever seen Wufei look so happy?"

"No," Heero said. He smiled and placed a kiss on Duo's nose. "I'm sure we can talk Treize into coming back to the apartment tonight. I mean, he's got incentive, now, doesn't he?"

"Heh. Yeah. And then Wufei won't feel quite so lost in that king size bed he's got stuffed into his bedroom," Duo quipped. Duo gave a happy sigh as he looked over at them again. "Gods, I'm so happy for them I could just burst."

"I love you, Duo," Heero breathed just before capturing his koi's lips in a kiss. "You're so selfless, and I adore that in you."

"Hey, I just want everyone to be as blissfully happy as I am!" Duo said with a grin. Heero smiled as he rested his forehead against Duo's. They danced like that for several moments before Duo took in a sharp breath. "Well, will you look at that!" Heero looked towards where Duo was, and just stared. Relena was on the dance floor.

And she was dancing in a very provocative manner with none other than Dorothy Catalonia.

"Who would have thought?" It was Quatre that spoke, for he and Trowa had sidled closer when they had heard Duo's startled exclamation.

"Indeed, I did not think my cousin went that way," Treize mused as he and Wufei drew closer to the two couples. "Then again, I don't ever remember her dating at all. I rather think they go well together, though."

"They do," Heero said suddenly, and he was smiling softly as he watched Dorothy pull Relena close and kiss her. "I'm glad for her." He turned his attention back to Duo. "Let's go home." Duo's smile was sultry.

"I thought you'd never ask," Duo purred.

"Damn," Wufei muttered as he heard Heero suggest he and Duo go home.

"Dragon?" Treize's voice was filled with concern, and Wufei gave him a wry smile.

"If they're going home, that means I have to leave, too. We share a large two bedroom apartment about a mile from Preventers headquarters, and they're my ride home," Wufei said with an apologetic look.

"So bring him with you," Duo said, and for once, his tone was serious. Wufei's chanced a glance at Heero, and the Wing pilot smiled and nodded slightly. Suddenly, Wufei had the distinct feeling that Duo was suggesting more than a one night stay over for the OZ General. Wufei looked up at Treize.

"Would you like to?" Wufei whispered, afraid of the answer. Treize smiled and nodded once.

"If it's not too much trouble for your apartment mates, yes," Treize said. "To be honest, I came straight from the shuttle port, and my bags are in the coat room with my coat. I hadn't even really thought about where I was going to stay."

"That does it, then! You're staying at the Maxwell-Yuy-Chang hotel!" Duo said happily. "You'll love the accommodations!" Duo's expression turned serious as he looked at Treize and Wufei. "And I kind of hope you stay a while."

"Duo!" Wufei exclaimed, but Treize's hand on his shoulder stopped him. He looked up to find Treize looking at him with a loving gaze.

"Only if it's what the Dragon wants," Treize said, quite seriously. "Regardless, I have to find a place to live. I've agreed to become an free agent for the Preventers, which means I need to stay close."

"It seems too good to be true," Wufei whispered. "Gods, yes! I want you to stay!" Duo grinned again.

"Well, the Dragon has spoken! Shall we, then?"

"By all means," Treize drawled as he slid his arm around Wufei's waist and followed Heero and Duo off the dance floor.

"What a beautiful place," Treize exclaimed as he followed Wufei into the apartment. Wufei had not been kidding when he said the apartment was large. It was more than large--it was downright luxurious. The entrance hall gave way to a large living room with high cathedral ceilings and a balcony overlooking the common park of the apartment complex. To the right was a large kitchen, and from a quick glance Treize was able to tell it was equipped with state of the art equipment. The Dining room was just off the kitchen and was nearly filled with the mahogany table and matching chairs. The living room was decorated in a deep forest green with matching chairs and sofa. Treize was not surprised at all to see that the pilots had a state of the art entertainment system, complete with a Sony Playstation 2.

"It's not much, but we kind of like it," Duo said as he opened a hall closet and held his hand out for Treize's coat. The General shrugged it off quickly and handed it to the Deathscythe pilot. "You should see the bathroom."

"Full size Jacuzzi," Wufei said with a shrug. "And a multi-head shower big enough to fit four people into. I thought it was rather extravagant when we moved in."

"You would," Duo said with a snort. "But I'll bet Treize will like it just fine. Personally, it's the skylight and all the plants that make me love the room." Duo hung up his coat and then stepped aside so Heero and Wufei could do the same. "Come on, I'll show you the rest of the place. It's actually a three bedroom apartment, but we've converted the biggest room into an office of sorts for the three of us. Treize followed Duo deeper into the spacious apartment. Duo opened the first door he came to and ushered Treize in. There were corner desks situated in the room, each with its own computer. Duo grinned at him as he pointed at the fourth empty corner. "And would you look at that? Room for another one!"

"You are incorrigible, Mr. Maxwell," Treize chuckled. He looked around at the room, liking the hardwood floors and the deep mahogany of the desks. "I like this room."

"That's good, because if you've joined the Preventers, you'll probably spend a lot of time here. We like to work from home for the simple fact it's easier than trying to deal with all the hero worship at the office. The younger recruits tend to just stop and stare at us Gundam pilots. Une swears nothing gets done when we're there. Anyway, we've got DSL lines and secure lines for the work we do. We'll get you set up right away. I'll call and order everything tomorrow." Treize nodded as Duo led him from the room down the hall. He pointed to the second door. "That's the bathroom." He switched the light on, and Treize made an appreciative sound as he took in the beauty of the room.

"It's magnificent," Treize breathed. Duo grinned.

"Ain't it, though? And I'm betting that Wufei will learn to appreciate it a little better now that you're here," Duo said. Treize nodded as he smirked. "I, personally, adore this room. I've got a lot of fond memories of nice, quiet baths with Heero."

"And I intend to make some of my own," Treize said softly. Duo nodded as he snicked the light off and motioned for Treize to follow him again.

"This is mine and Heero's room," Duo said as he flicked the light on. This room, too, had a cathedral ceiling and was done in black and white. "Both ours and Wufei's room have their own private baths, but they've only got showers, no bathtub. It's nice for when the main bath is in use, though."

"Very nice," Treize said as Duo flicked the light off and turned towards the room directly across the hall.

"And this would be yours and Wufei's," Duo said as he switched the light on. Again, there was a cathedral ceiling. The décor had a decidedly Chinese flavor to it, not that it really surprised Treize. The hard wood floor was covered almost entirely in an oriental rug, The king size bed was made with cotton sheets and covered with a large quilt that was embroidered with what Treize speculated was Wufei's family crest.

"It's beautiful," Treize said in a hushed voice. Duo smiled and nodded.

"I've always liked it, too. Wufei's got a softer side to him that most people don't get to see," Duo said quietly. "Besides me and the other pilots, you're probably the only one that's seen beyond the tough, bad-ass exterior he so prides himself on. This room... This is the real Wufei. Honorable, courageous, and loving." Duo paused, and when Treize looked down at him, the younger man's eyes were full of tears. "We almost lost him," Duo finally whispered. "Gods, I'm so glad you are here, Treize. I've lost so much in my life... I don't think I could have stood losing my best friend on top of everything else."

"But you didn't lose me, baka," Wufei said as he walked into the room behind them. He pulled Duo into his arms and held his friend close. Duo sobbed and wrapped his arms around Wufei and buried his face in the crook of his neck. Heero, alerted by Duo's sob, appeared in the doorway.

"Is he okay?" Heero asked softly, and Wufei smiled and nodded as he ran his hands over Duo's hair and down the length of his braid.

"The baka's just overly tired," Wufei said gently. Heero nodded.

"I'm going to go make him some tea. Should I make enough for you and Treize, as well?"

"Please," Wufei said with a nod. Heero slipped from the room and Wufei returned his attention to Duo. He hugged the pilot closer and pressed his cheek against Duo's hair. "Baka, I'm not going to go anywhere or do anything stupid."

"I know," Duo sniffed as he hugged Wufei hard and then pulled away. He blushed as he wiped the tears from his face. "Gods, I get so stupidly emotional sometimes."

"It's who you are, I suspect," Treize said as he reached out and brushed a tear from Duo's cheek. "There's no shame in it, Duo."

"I keep trying to tell him that," Wufei said with a slight smile. Duo snorted then.

"That's rich coming from you, Mr. Keep-it-bottled-inside," Duo teased. Wufei smiled.

"That's just the way I am, Maxwell," Wufei said. Duo rolled his eyes, and then paused to sniff the air.

"Mmmmm. Peppermint tea!" Duo said, and he turned and bounded from the room. Wufei grinned up at Treize.

"We had better hurry if you want any," Wufei said. "It's Duo's favorite, and he can drink a whole pot by himself. Just toss your bag on the bed and we can worry about rearranging the closet space tomorrow, ne?" Treize nodded as he tossed the bag on the bed and then turned to follow Wufei back to the kitchen. The kitchen had a small, four person table, and Treize found that he liked the coziness of it as he slid into a chair and accepted a cup of tea from Heero. I'm going to be very happy here, he thought contentedly as he watched Heero and Duo interact with one another. He reached under the table and took Wufei's hand into his own and squeezed it. Wufei smiled softly at him before releasing his hand and picking up his cup to sip at his tea.

"We'll have to order another corner desk tomorrow," Duo was saying to Heero. "And a DSL line and a computer with all the Preventers software on it, too."

"Hn." Heero nodded and sipped his tea. "I'll call Une in the morning and take care of it. She'll have to authorize it all, anyway, although I suspect Treize may end up with higher security clearance than we even have."

"You got that feeling too?" Wufei asked. "I guess it makes sense. We're just field operatives, after all. And frankly, I like it better that way. I'm a soldier, not a politician," he said with a snort. He looked sideways at Treize. "No offense meant." Treize gave him a lazy smile as he reached out to trace his Dragon's jaw line.

"None taken, Wufei," Treize said with a smile. "To be honest, I was reluctant to take the job, but when Une told me you had joined the Preventers as well, I accepted. Somehow that woman knew of my feelings for you, even though I had never even given voice to them before."

"That's Une for you," Duo said with a chuckle. "That woman is ruthless, you know."

"I know," Treize said with a smile. "That is, after all, why she was my first in command. She will do well at the head of the Preventers. I am more than happy to be a free agent. I've had enough of being in the spot light."

"Gods, don't I know that feeling?" Duo groaned.

"Hn. Any one of us walking through the office results in something akin to a three ring circus," Heero said.

"That's what Duo was saying," Treize said.

"It sucks," Wufei said bluntly. "All I want to do is my job, and we've become some sort of public icon. We can't go anywhere on base without starry-eyed cadets pointing and gossiping."

"I feel your pain," Treize said with a smirk. "I guess it's fortunate that you can work from home, ne?" All three pilots nodded in unison. Duo yawned suddenly, and he gave them a sheepish grin as he stood from the table and placed his teacup in the sink.

"I'm so going to bed," Duo said. "It's been such a long day." Heero rose from the table and placed his cup in the sink and followed Duo. "Have a good night, guys, and we'll see you in the morning. I'm going to make pancakes, so don't sleep too late or you'll miss them!"

"We won't," Wufei said, and waved as the two left the kitchen and disappeared down the hall to their room.

"I take it they're good?" Treize asked as he finished his tea. Wufei nodded.

"They're the best damn pancakes I've ever tasted," Wufei said. "Better than any of Quatre's cooks have managed, and Quatre freely admits that. Duo likes to cook, especially breakfast. He would pretty much shoo the cooks out of the safe house kitchens during the war and make breakfast by himself. After Heero finally admitted his feelings for Duo, he started to help, and breakfast just got better. Heero makes good tea, better coffee, and believe it or not, his scrambled eggs are just this side of heaven. He puts scallions and cheese and a combination of spices into them that he won't even share with Duo."

"Then you've been well fed, at least," Treize said with a fond smile. Wufei laughed lightly.

"Yes, but I like to cook, too," Wufei said. "Heero swears that I make the best fried rice."

"Hmm . . . I'll have to try it sometime," Treize said. "I like to cook."


"I like to bake, believe it or not. Ask Zechs--I used to make him brownies all the time," Treize said.

"Mmm . . . Brownies," Wufei said, dreamily. "I love brownies, especially fudge ones."

"I can make you some," Treize said softly as he leaned over and kissed Wufei's cheek. "Would you like that, Dragon?"

"Hai," Wufei breathed, and he turned his head to capture Treize's lips in a kiss. "Do you know what I would like even better?"

"Hm?" Treize ran his fingers over the flesh of Wufei's neck before dropping them to undo the first two buttons on his shirt.

"I'd like it if you would follow me back to the bedroom," Wufei breathed. "I want you, Treize." Treize nodded as he pulled away and stood. He took their teacups and placed them in the sink and then turned back to Wufei and lifted him effortlessly into his arms. Wufei gave a startled 'eep', and then settled into Treize's embrace, and reached out and switched the kitchen light off as Treize carried him from the room. Wufei couldn't help but smirk as they passed Heero's and Duo's room and he heard a soft moan from behind the closed door.

"Looks like Duo wasn't as tired as he thought he was," Treize whispered to Wufei as he carried him into their room and toed the door shut.

"Heero's got that effect on him," Wufei said as Treize put him on his feet. "I'm beginning to understand how that goes," Wufei husked as he wrapped his arms around Treize's waist and tilted his head back for a kiss. Treize devoured his mouth hungrily, their tongues twining together in lust and passion.

"It goes both ways, Dragon." Treize breathed as they separated. He moved his hands back to the buttons on Wufei's shirt. "And you have on far too many clothes." Wufei chuckled, a low, sultry sound that sent a rush of blood to his groin.

"So do you, General," Wufei husked as he brought his own hands up and started on the buttons of Treize's shirt. Wufei's breath caught in his throat as he pushed the material back to reveal the hard planes of Treize's chest, and couldn't resist the urge to lean forward and place an open mouthed kiss against one of his pectorals, right above a nipple. Treize moaned softly, Wufei's shirt momentarily forgotten, as the Shenglong pilot's mouth dropped another centimeter and enveloped the bud of flesh. Wufei's tongue swirled around the nipple before he gently nipped at it.

"Gods, Wufei!" Treize gasped when the pilot started to suckle at him. Wufei eventually came up for air, and Treize growled low in his throat as he captured Wufei's lips in a searing kiss before completely removing his shirt and then practically tearing Wufei's from his smaller frame and tossing it aside. "Pants off, now." Treize commanded breathlessly, and Wufei was quick to kick his shoes and socks off and obey. A moment later, Treize was faced with the sight of a completely nude Wufei standing before him, and he moaned softly as he took in the perfection of the Shenglong pilot's body.

"Now you've got too many clothes on," Wufei teased as he turned and pulled the sheets down on the bed. He climbed onto it and rolled onto his back so that he was laying spread-eagled.

"Indeed I do," Treize murmured, and then set about remedying that oversight. Moments later he was as nude as Wufei, and he stalked to the bed. He paused for a moment to look at the man lying there. Wufei's hair was spread over the pillow and shone in the dim lighting of the room. His black eyes were wide with love and passion as he looked up at Treize, and his body language screamed his want of Treize. Wufei smiled softly as he reached out for the older man, and with a soft moan, Treize let himself be pulled into the bed and onto Wufei.

"Oh!" Wufei gasped as their arousals slid against each other, his eyes fluttering shut as the pleasure radiated through his whole being.

"Gods, Wufei, you are so beautiful," Treize whispered as he claimed another kiss. It took him several more kisses before he realized Wufei was trembling, much as he had on the dance floor earlier that evening. Treize levered himself up onto his elbows and looked down into Wufei's ebony eyes. "Wufei? You're trembling..."

"I'm still afraid," Wufei whispered. "I've never done this with a man..." Treize smiled softly as he bent his head and kissed Wufei lightly.

"We don't have to do this," Treize whispered. "I'll stop right now and just hold you if that is what you want. I don't want to make you uncomfortable, Dragon. I don't want to hurt you."

"No, I want this," Wufei whispered. "But, I've heard things, that it hurts..."

"At first, yes," Treize answered truthfully. "But if done carefully the pain subsides quickly and it becomes wonderful." Wufei closed his eyes as he took a few calming breaths, and then opened them.

"I trust you," he whispered. He reached up with a hand to lace his fingers into the ginger hairs at the nape of Treize's neck and pulled him down for a kiss. "Make love to me," Wufei husked against his lips. "Please, Treize!" Treize nodded and started to kiss a trail down Wufei's neck. He paused when he reached his chest and Wufei gasped when Treize trailed his tongue lazily over his nipples.

"Mmm... Love you," Treize husked as he went lower. Wufei gasped as he felt Treize place a kiss on the head of his arousal, and then cried out when he felt the General's warm mouth engulf him and swallow him whole.

"Treize!" His name was a breathless cry on Wufei's lips. Treize hummed appreciatively as he sucked and licked at Wufei's arousal, relishing in the taste of his young lover. He continued until Wufei was trembling with a need for release, and then he pulled away. Wufei cried out in protest, but Treize silenced him with a slow, lingering kiss.

"Lubricant?" Treize husked, and Wufei made a lazy gesture towards the bed-side table. Treize reached over and opened the door, and found the tube lying right on top. He snapped the lid open and coated his fingers before setting it on the table and looking back at Wufei. "Dragon? Are you sure about this?"

"Hai," Wufei whispered.

"Then try to relax," Treize whispered as his fingers found the cleft behind Wufei's manhood. "It will hurt less if you relax."

"I'll try... Oh!" Wufei gasped as Treize slid a slick finger into his depths. His eyes fluttered shut at the erotic feel of that elegant digit moving slowly in and out of him. He gasped again when Treize added a second finger, and then whimpered as the third entered him.

"Relax," Treize husked as he brought his free hand up to wrap around Wufei's arousal. Wufei's whole body seemed to sink into the mattress as he relaxed fully under Treize's gentle touch, a long drawn out moan issuing forth from his lips when Treize found his prostate.

"Oh, gods, that feels good," Wufei whispered. Treize chuckled softly as he removed his fingers from Wufei's tight passage and slicked the remaining lubricant over his own arousal. Wufei looked up at him as Treize lifted his hips and positioned the head of his erection at Wufei's slicked entrance.

"It's going to get better," Treize promised as he started to slowly push forward. Wufei's eyes grew impossibly large as the head of Treize's manhood breached his opening, and he forced himself to relax as he took gulping breaths of air. Treize was so much larger than the fingers!

"Oh, god," Wufei gasped as Treize slowly rocked into him, centimeter by centimeter, until he was completely seated in the Shenglong pilot's pulsing warmth. Treize paused to give Wufei the chance to adjust to his girth, and he bent to lap away the tears that had sprung to the ebony eyes. Wufei felt so tight around him, so good.

"Wufei, are you okay?" Treize whispered as he lapped at another tear.

"Yes," Wufei breathed. "It just hurts a little, that's all."

"Do you want me to stop?" Treize whispered. Wufei made a negative gesture with his head.

"Just give me a minute," Wufei managed. The pain was starting to subside, and Wufei shifted his hips slightly. "Oh!" Wufei moaned as the movement sent a shock of pleasure through his system. "Oh, gods, Treize! Move, please!"

"Yes, my Dragon." Treize pulled back slightly and then plunged back into Wufei's silky depths, and Wufei whimpered as Treize's hardness brushed against his pleasure center. Treize's hands held Wufei's hips tight as he set a slow, steady rhythm. Wufei's legs wrapped around his waist, and he tilted his hips so that Treize had even greater penetration. Treize took advantage of it, and Wufei cried out as each thrust filled him completely. Treize's hands were all over him, his soft caresses sending shivers of pleasure down Wufei's spine as each thrust set him closer and closer to the edge.

"Gods, Treize... I'm..." Wufei's words were lost in a cry as the orgasm washed over him in intense waves of pleasure. Treize groaned as Wufei clenched around him, and a moment later he succumbed to the pleasure with a soft cry. He collapsed onto Wufei, sighing in content as the Shenglong pilot wrapped his arms around him and held him close.

"I love you," Treize whispered against his chest. He felt Wufei's arms tighten around him.

"I love you, too," Wufei husked. He laughed softly. "We're a sticky mess now." Treize chuckled as he carefully lifted himself from Wufei's body and then slowly withdrew from his lover. Wufei winced slightly as Treize's softening manhood slid from him.

"I hurt you," Treize said with a frown.

"I'm okay," Wufei said. Treize's expression was doubtful, but he went to the small bathroom attached to the room and wet a washcloth and cleaned himself off before wetting another and taking it back to the bed. He cleaned Wufei off with gentle strokes, first his stomach and then his opening. He frowned when he saw a trace of blood on the pristine white of the cloth, and Wufei reached up to stroke his cheek. "It's fine," Wufei said softly. "I was a virgin, after all."

"I didn't want to hurt you," Treize said as he left the bed long enough to rinse the blood from the cloth and hang it to dry.

"It only hurt for a minute," Wufei reassured him as he held his arms out for Treize. The General slid into bed and pulled the covers up and over them before wrapping Wufei in his embrace. Wufei gave a sigh of contentment as he pillowed his head against Treize's shoulder. "It was wonderful, Treize," Wufei said sleepily. "I love you." Treize smiled softly as he lay a kiss in the crown of Wufei's hair.

"I love you too," Treize whispered. Wufei gave another contented sound, and then he was asleep. Not much longer after that, Treize followed him into slumber.

Wufei woke slowly the next morning, and it took him a moment to remember the events of the night before. He opened his eyes slowly, and stared at the white ceiling for several moments before he turned his head to the side to take in the sight beside him. Treize was still sleeping, his ginger lashes shimmering softly in the morning light. His lips seemed to be curled in a slight smile as he slept, his breaths coming slow and steady in his sleep. He was simply the most beautiful thing Wufei had ever seen, and it humbled him to think that this sleeping angel was his. He watched Treize sleep for nearly another twenty minutes before Treize's cornflower blue eyes fluttered once, twice, and then slowly opened. A slow smile spread over Treize's sensuous lips as he snaked a hand out and drew Wufei close.

"Good morning, Dragon," Treize purred as he wrapped his arms around Wufei and entangled their legs together. Wufei moaned softly as their lips meshed in a gentle kiss.

"Morning," Wufei managed. Treize stroked Wufei's hair from his cheeks before he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.

"What is that marvelous smell?" Treize asked, his voice a soft growl in the room. Wufei gave him a slow grin as he disentangled himself from his lover and sat up.

"Heero and Duo in the kitchen," Wufei said as he unfolded himself from the bed and went to the closet. He removed a black silk robe from the inside of the door and wrapped it around his lithe frame before digging out another and walking back to the bed. Treize sat up slowly and took the offered robe. He slid it over his shoulders and then stood and tied it. It only came to below his knees, as he was a good foot taller than Wufei, but it covered everything nicely. "Mm... That looks good on you," Wufei said. "Needs to be a tad longer though."

"My sentiments exactly," Treize said with a laugh. He pulled Wufei into his arms and kissed him again. "Heero and Duo won't mind that we aren't dressed?" Wufei snorted.

"We'll be lucky if they've got anything on at all. It's Saturday morning, and neither of them like to get dressed before they have to on Saturday," Wufei said. His stomach chose at that moment to make itself known, and Wufei grabbed Treize's hand and tugged him from the room. "And right now, I'm so hungry that I don't give a damn." Treize laughed as he allowed himself to be led from their room, down the hall, and to the kitchen. Duo and Heero were there, clad only in their pajama bottoms as they moved around the kitchen. Duo looked up as they entered and grinned.

"Why, good morning, kids! Anyone want some coffee?"

"I'd love some," Treize said as he sat at the small kitchen table. "Gods, it smells wonderful in here!"

"That would be Heero's scrambled eggs," Wufei said, and in a move that surprised everyone, he plopped himself down in Treize's lap.

"Well, make yourself comfortable there," Duo said, laughing. Wufei stuck his tongue out at his friend.

"I will, thank you very much," Wufei said as he did just that. Treize chuckled as he wrapped one arm around Wufei's waist and accepted a mug of coffee from Duo with the other. Wufei was practically purring as he leaned back against Treize's solid chest, and Heero smirked as he handed Wufei his customary morning cup of tea.

"You're not a Dragon," Heero teased. "You're a cat." Wufei merely stuck his tongue out at Heero, as well, before he took a sip of his tea. Heero smiled and shook his head as he returned to the stove and tended to his eggs. "I've already spoken to Une this morning, Treize. Everything will be here later today. And as we suspected, you've got a higher clearance than we do, although Une did say she didn't really care if we read over your shoulder or not. It kind of irks her that the rest of the Preventers higher ups don't trust us. At any rate, we'll have everything ready to go by dinner tonight."

"Sounds fine," Treize said. He took a long sip of coffee and then placed the mug on the table. It hit him then, that he was for the first time in his life truly happy, and that it felt right, him being there. The revelation was overwhelming, and Treize looked up at the two pilots cooking breakfast. "And Heero, Duo?" Both pilots paused in what they were doing and turned to look at him. "Thank you," Treize said softly. "Thank you for everything." Duo smiled warmly at Treize.

"Any time," Duo said with a wink. "Welcome home, Treize."

"Yeah," Wufei husked as he shifted on Treize's lap and captured his lover's lips in a soft kiss. "Welcome home."


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