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Hikaru no Go fics:
All Strides Lengthen in a Race by Luce Red
Yashirou's family plays host to Hikaru and Touya while they're in Osaka for the World Amateur Go Tournament.  As he watches them, Yashirou re-evaluates his life plans, trying to decide if his love for Go can or should stand against his parents' expectations and plans for him. (Added 3 Jan. 2005)

And the Stars Fell Down by Murinae
Sai watches Hikaru sleep and thinks about life and Go. (Added 3 Dec. 2004)

Balance by Tari Gwaemir
This is a medieval fantasy AU in which Hikaru finds a demon slaying sword with attached ghost to teach him how to use it. I'm not generally keen on this type of AU, but I enjoyed this one. Note that the links to the next sections are always at the beginning the section one's currently reading. That confused me at first. (Added 6 November 2005)

A Boy and His Ghost by flonnebonne
Hikaru always knew that the dead could watch the living. He just never thought about being on the other side of things. Hikaru watches Touya mourn and wonders why he hasn't moved on yet. (Added 6 November 2005)

Breaking a Few Eggs by lynnmonster
Ashiwara and Ogata have a peculiar relationship, and each of them needs to think a bit about what he really wants out of it. (Added 30 March 2005)

Cats in the Cradle by lisan
Hikaru's mother doesn't entirely understand him, but she wants him to be happy. (Added 1 Jan. 2005)

Caught in a Ladder by Sinnatious
Ogata's obsession with Sai leads him to desperate action and puts Hikaru in danger. Very tense. (28 April 2008)

Chasing Your Tail by Trixie
After the end of the series, Hikaru and Akira get an apartment together. Both find that living with a roommate requires work. (Added 27 Jan. 2005)

Chosei by Aishuu
Ichikawa watches a game between Hikaru and Akira and learns what it takes to be a master of Go. (Added 3 Jan. 2005)

Comfort Levels by Mina Lightstar
Hikaru and Touya can't play without fighting, and they can't live without playing. (Added 11 March 2005)

Confidence Man by Mooncalf
Tsutsui discovers that there are some stories that are dangerous to tell, even when edited. Maybe especially when edited. (Added 20 Jan. 2005)

Connections pt.1 by Lady Addiction
Hikaru no Go/XXXHolic. Hikaru needs help of the sort only Yuuko and Watanuki can provide. Part 2 is here, and "Payment," a sort of side story/epilogue, can be found here. (Added 15 June 2005)

Conversations Over a Go Board by Kim Smuga-Otto
Sometimes Hikaru's slow to catch on. (Added 3 Dec. 2004)

Death's Hands by issen4
Hikaru no Go/Death Note. Touya and Shindou run into (literally) a young man named Yagami. Shindou is very disturbed. The author says she may turn this into a multipart fic, but that's by no means certain, and it stands quite well as it is. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Driven by Murinae
Hikaru no Go/Death Note. Raito and Ryuuku overhear a conversation in a restaurant. (Added 28 April 2005)

Drunken Promise by Luce Red
Touya helps an intoxicated Hikaru home. Be sure to read the sequels. (Added 11 March 2005)

Echoes by semiramis
After Sai, Hikaru realizes that he can see other ghosts. This is a short piece. (Added 17 December 2005)

Finite Sequence by tastywheat81
This is a short Sai vignette. Two people playing the same game can be at different points of play. (Added 8 June 2006)

Forgetfulness by Alexandra Lucas
Hikaru has quite an audience as he waits for the return of an item he left behind. (Added 27 Jan. 2005)

Forsaking All by waxrose
Hikaru is unconscious after hitting his head. Sai watches, trying to figure out what's going on and whether or not there's anything he can-- or should-- do. (Added 30 March 2005)

Fujiwara by Catwho
Hikaru makes a wish that leads to him traveling back in time to the Imperial court a few years after Sai's suicide. (Added 19 July 2004)

A Game for Two by the Hoyden
Hikaru and Akira travel to a Go conference. (Added 30 March 2005)

Games Two Can Play by marksykins
Touya wishes that, just once, Hikaru would ask him to do something other than play go. (Added 8 June 2006)

Ghost by Misha
Touya Akira puzzles over the enigma that is Shindo Hikaru. (Added 2 June 2004)

Girl Talk by issen4
Akira's mother has to deal with all of the things her husband and son can't handle, like girls with crushes on Akira. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

Go Fish by Laziness Incarnate
Three brief character sketches working around images of fish and oceans and luck. (Added 30 March 2005)

Go Forever by Lucillia
Sai reincarnates. To say more would give things away. This is short and funny. (Added 8 June 2006)

Going Under by Silver Thunder
Hikaru ends up haunted by a second, much less friendly ghost. (Added 4 Jan. 2005)

Grey by treneka
WIP. Touya and Hikaru are adults. Hikaru is married and has a daughter. They live their lives. Not much happens but... I couldn't stop reading. (Added 11 March 2005)

Heaven by Azy
An aged Hikaru mourns Touya's recent death and wonders what it all means. (Added 6 November 2005)

Hikaru no Golf by Nope
Brief and humorous. Hikaru and Akira on the golf course with Kuwabara-sensei. (Added 15 June 2005)

His Name by K.Huntsman
This story is the first in an arc that focuses on a romantic relationship between Hikaru and Akira as adults and on how the people around them respondd to that relationship. (Added 11 March 2005)

Hover by karabana
When Touya Meijin has his second heart attack, Hikaru shows Akira how to fold paper cranes. (Added 28 April 2005 - as of 3 June 2006 the author's Live Journal has been deleted)

Illumination by Aishuu
What's it like to be a player who's almost good enough? (Added 3 Jan. 2005)

In Good Company by Reluctant Fangirl
Touya Akira prefers to be alone. Really. (Added 11 March 2005)

In the Forests of the Night by Murinae
This is not a fandom I know at all, but someone recommended this story to me, and I found myself hooked. Hikaru takes a shortcut through a cemetary and stumbles on a supernatural banquet that threatens not just his life but also his soul and Sai's. (Added 28 April 2004)

In Times of Need by kireira
Sometimes, Touya needs Hikaru's company. (Added 28 April 2005)

Introductions by Lady Seishou
This is so short that it's hard to describe it without spoiling it completely. Touya witnesses a very private moment of hope and mourning. (Added 6 November 2005)

Ishi no Shita: Under the Stones by Murinae
After Hikaru's father dies, Hikaru has trouble figuring out what to do. An unexpected person provides help. (Added 17 December 2005)

Jigo by Dracostella
After the death of Akira's father, Hikaru offer Akira a place to stay for a while. They try to find a balance between them, to learn to play for a draw. (Added 27 Jan. 2005)

Just Breathe by Ju
In this humorous piece, Hikaru discovers that he plays less well when... distracted and that Touya in tight blue jeans is a major distraction. (Added 27 Jan. 2005)

Just Visiting by kireira
Hikaru visits Touya's apartment regularly. (Added 28 April 2005)

Kami Kousen (Hair Battle) by kayue
HnG fans like to mock the characters' hairstyles. Hikaru and Akira dislike each other's hairstyles and each believe that their own taste is better. Each designs a new hairstyle for the other. (Added 6 November 2005)

Kuwabara Is Dead by flonnebonne
Kuwabara lives his last day in his own style. (28 April 2008)

Left-Handed Go by Mooncalf
An accident leaves Touya unable to use his right hand for several weeks. Hikaru suggests a new approach to playing Go that will accommodate Touya's disability. (Added 19 Dec. 2004)

Lessons in How to Make A Bishounen Snap by Aishuu
Touya Akira tries to juggle his professional obligations and a normal high school education. Things get a little crazy (and funny). (Added 11 March 2005)

The Losers Circle by flonnebonne
An older player propositions Waya. There are two versions of the story, one right after the other. The second one contains smut, but I rather prefered the first. (Added 15 June 2005)

Marked by Super Cat
Sai's influence and the marks he left behind continue to complicate Hikaru's life. (Added 27 Jan. 2005)

My Stranger, My Son by Betula
Hikaru's father takes his family to a business gathering and is surprised by the welcome his son receives. (Added 28 April 2005)

Not a Pretty Girl by Aishuu
Aishuu has a real gift for capturing minor characters. Kaneko finds that the things she wants in life take effort and that effort is no guarantee of success. (Added 27 Jan. 2005)

Obon Moon by Cyrus Lowe-Monterrey
Sai has one night to visit Hikaru again. (Added 8 June 2006)

One Day Soon by Dark Cyradis
Hikaru's not the only one who misses Sai. Touya Kouyou waits and waits for a rematch without having any idea why it will never happen. This story's bittersweet for the reader as we're left wondering which is sadder, never meeting the person who can give you what you need or only meeting him once. (Added 20 Jan. 2005)

One Thing by the Hoyden
Hikaru and Akira start betting on the outcome of their games with each other. The winner gets to ask the loser to do any one thing. It gets sexual very fast. (Added 30 March 2005)

Perfect Game by Mousapelli
Hikaru and Touya play Go on an improvised board, a form of foreplay probably alien to most people. Considerably more humor than smut. (Added 6 November 2005)

Ponnuki by mousapelli
Hikaru has standards, and he doesn't like being condescended to, even when the person doing it means well. (Added 24 January 2006)

Precipitation by karabana
Hikaru thinks Touya resembles a character from a certain famous movie. (Added 28 April 2005 - as of 3 June 2006 the author's Live Journal has been deleted)

Ramen by Petronia
Hikaru and Touya have lunch during a break and, just possibly, engage in a little psychological warfare. (Added 5 Jan. 2005)

Reminiscence/Starstruck/Legacy by Triste
Three glimpses of Hikaru and Toya's life together. (28 April 2008)

Requiem for a Dad by vkempf
After his father's death, the now adult Hikaru thinks about might have beens. (Added 3 Jan. 2005)

Returns and Reworkings by amber_and_ash
This fic consists of a series of snippets showing what might have happened if Hikaru had actually been able to move back in time to the point when he first met Sai. (28 April 2008)

Revenge Tastes Like Nougat by AlienYak
Hikaru and Touya exchange birthday presents. (Added 5 Jan. 2005)

Riding the Wave by Tam Chronin
WIP. 25 year old Touya Akira takes on a new student. (Added 3 Jan. 2005)

Seance de Go by Aishuu
Akira and Hikaru pass a rainy night playing Go and talking about their past. (Added 26 Oct. 2004)

Side By Side by Trixie Chick
As he watches Akira, Morishita remembers Akira's father. (Added 11 July 2006)

Silence Is Easy by Cynique
Hikaru doesn't know what to say in the face of Akira's confession. Silence may be easy, but it hurts, too. (Added 28 April 2005)

The Stars All Seem to Weep by Aishuu
This is Hikaru's story from his grandfather's point of view. I have the impression that it deviates from canon in a few places, but I don't care. Hikaru's grandfather really comes to life here, and his life isn't easy. (Added 24 January 2006)

Stone-Capturing Game by issen4
AU. Not all ghosts are kind ones, and obsessed ghosts are less likely to be kind. (28 April 2008)

Tainted by SVZ
Hikaru does something he swore he'd never do. (Added 21 July 2005)

Tea and Paradigm by Alexandra Lucas
Growing up changes a lot of things, including how we look at our parents. (Added 4 Jan. 2005)

This Isn't the Freaking Heian Era by Mousapelli
Akira's distracted from his Go as his parents keep trying to set him up with yet another nice girl. (Added 21 July 2005)

Together by Tsaiko
Achieving the Hand of God takes two players. (Added 27 Jan. 2005)

Tricks and Traps by Luce Red (Formerly called "Thousands of Star-filled Paths)
Hikaru no Go/Petshop of Horrors. Hikaru and Touya wander in search of ramen but find a petshop instead. The strange proprietor challenges Hikaru to a game. Anything further that the author writes will be gravy. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. Part 4 is here. Part 5 is here. (Link to part 5 added 15 January 2006)

Twenty Diversions, Isumi by Lynn
Isumi thinks about the Hand of God. (Added 15 January 2006)

The Way of Go by vkempf
WIP. This fic has barely begun, but I really like the first two chapters. I think they could stand well on their own. In them, Sai consults a powerful onmyoji, Seimei, on the eve of the fateful game. Seimei sees disaster coming but cannot avert it. I'm hopeful that the remainder of the fic will fulfill the promise of the early chapters. (Added 20 Jan. 2005)

The Ways You Remember by tarigwaemir
Every year, Hikaru travels to Innoshima, remembering Sai. Each year, he mourns in a different way. (Added 3 Jan. 2005)

Weird by Tammaiya
Hikaru thinks that Akira is acting odd and sets out to find out why. (Added 15 January 2006)

While You Were Away by Luce Red
Touya comes home to find surprising gaps in his wardrobe. (Added 28 April 2005)

Why Hikaru Won't Change His Hair by kayue
Many strangers wonder why Hikaru won't change his hairstyle, but Akira knows the reason. Just a bit of humor. (Added 6 November 2005)

With a Go Board as His Pillow by kurage_no_fic
Hikaru shares his life with someone he loves and respects but can never touch. Gently heartbreaking. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

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