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FarScape fics:

Fialka has several stories that I recommend. Those I've read are all very short, more vignettes than full stories, but they pack a wallop. If she's added to the page since I was last there, I'll recommend the additions, sight unseen. (I've been told that her X-Files stuff which is elsewhere on her site is also excellent, but I have not yet read any. It's never been a show or fandom I follow.)

Bargain at the Price by Kernezelda
Sometimes Rygel's the only one who can do what needs to be done. Short AU. (Added 20 Jan. 2005)

The Break-Out Club 1 by Thea and feldman 1/2
Auntie Chiana decides that 16 year old D'Argo Crichton needs to get out and live a little. Part 2 can be found here. I especially laughed at the ending. (Added 6 November 2005)

Chain of Evidence by aeryncrichton
Jack Crichton explores Moya, trying to decide if his son really is alive. (Added 6 November 2005)

Chess for Losers by sunshiner
This story offers an AU but relatively plausible and painful future for Crichton, working with the Nebari resistance while still opposing the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans. Be sure to read Part 2 as well. (Added 19 Nov. 2004)

Contredanse by Cofax
Firefly/Farscape. Aeryn Sun takes a new job and tries to find her place in a new crew. (Added 11 July 2006)

The Delitescent Doorway by analise
John and Aeryn shouldn't have come to Earth. Most of the story is told from the point of view of an original character, but she's absolutely perfect for it. Saying more would give away too much. (Added 11 Sept. 2004)

Displaced Persons by Andraste
Blake's 7/Farscape. Avon and Scorpius make a deal. (Added 30 March 2005)

Disruption by huzzlewhat
Moya's crew encounters Jenavian Chatto again, blowing her cover. They allow her to travel with them for a while, to get her out of the mess they created. This is her take on the crew and its dynamics. (Added 3 Dec. 2004)

Enlistment by shaye
Farscape/Harry Potter. After defeating Voldemort, Harry and his friends seek a new challenge. This fic is very short, just a brief first meeting. (Added 26 August 2004)

Five Things John Crichton Never Told a Single Soul by pdxscaper
Exactly what the title says. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Flights of Angels by Flora
Moya makes sure that Talyn and Crais aren't alone as they face death. A mother's grief and pain come through clearly in this short piece. (Added 19 Nov. 2004)

Flying Low At Night by cofax
Stargate: Atlantis/Farscape. Cut off from Earth, John Shepard hires out as a pilot and takes a job getting a few refugees off a station about to be taken over by the Nebari. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Gehenna by Maayan
This is a dark future with Crichton and Chiana all that remain of Moya's crew. (Added 19 Nov. 2004)

Going Home by Claire
Doctor Who/Farscape. Crichton rescues Rose from muggers on a planet somewhere in the Uncharted Territories. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Golden Apples by BetanSurvey
I loved this story! Quoting the author's summary: "Following an abortive attack on Scorpius, John, Aeryn, Chiana, and Jool accidentally enter the territory of the Elite, an isolationist, militaristic species who aren't at all sure what to do with them. And then things get complicated." There's apparently a sequel in the works. (Added 11 Sept. 2004)

Hinterlands by Shaye
Sometimes the expected things don't work out. Aeryn and D'Argo build a life together. (Added 20 August 2004)

I Don't Like Mondays by Red
John and Dargo try to find their way through a city that makes no sense to them. (Added 11 Sept. 2004)

In the Country Of by Kernezelda
A surreal almost-fairy tale that talks about the price of wormholes. (Added 11 Sept. 2004)

Inheritance by Christina Kamnikar
Crichton left a pregnant wife in the Uncharted Territories, a daughter to be born 80 cycles after his departure. That daughter reflects on her heritage. (Added 20 August 2004)

Inner Voices by AstroGirl
A little bit of every person he's helped cross over stays with Stark. He's used to that. He's just not sure why so much of John Crichton seems to be sticking around. (Added 8 June 2006)

Looking Glass House by Voleuse
Farscape/Stargate: SG-1. Two travelers meet some place in between. (Added 19 Nov. 2004)

Mother Tongue by Anna S.
Sikozu speaks many languages, and each one changes how she thinks about the universe. (Added 11 Sept. 2004)

My Kingdom for a Horse (of a Different Color) by not jenny
Farscape/Stargate: SG-1. Teal'c finds himself in yet another unfamiliar world. (Added 21 March 2005)

The Next Frelling Generation by David Hearne
Thirty years later, a new crew comes together on Moya, including D'Argo Sun-Crichton. Humor and high stakes. Life or death stakes. (27 April 2008)

The One Who Got Away by Selena
Farscape/Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Quark tells Odo a story about a gray skinned thief. (Added 30 March 2005)

Ordinary World by thehallway
Stargate: SG-1/Farscape. Aeryn Sun takes a job with the SGC and goes rock climbing with Samantha Carter. (Added 11 July 2006)

Outcast by Melymbrosia
Aeryn worked hard to acheive her status in the Peacekeepers. This piece is a short reflection on what she's lost during her early days on Moya. (Added 26 August 2004)

Peace Through Superior Firepower by Cret Kid
I must quote the posted summary: "Moya itches; Pilot bitches; Zhaan discovers herbal riches; John and Aeryn fall in ditches." The story's a day-in-the-life interlude with no huge stresses but lots of little things going on. (Added 23 Dec. 2004)

Persistent Mysteries by Shaye
Firefly/Farscape. I was of two minds about recommending this. Seeing Chiana interact with the crew of Serenity was enjoyable, and the characterizations felt right, but... The plot was slight, insufficient to justify the crossover. Indeed, Chiana's presence in and eventual exit from the story felt unnecessary. Still, I enjoyed it. (Added 2 Oct. 2004)

Pieces of the Dead by Labingi
Babylon 5/Farscape. After being dispersed, Stark finds himself alive and in very strange company. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Power Play by Apathy
Sikozu watches Crichton and Scorpius play a strategy game and considers the relationship between the two men. It's several years post-series and AU, but... Short and very enjoyable. I like Sikozu p.o.v. fics. (Added 26 Oct. 2004 - fic locked by author sometime before 2 June 2006)

Predestination by Anna S.
Crichton searches desperately for a happy ending. (Added 19 Nov. 2004)

A Question of Trust by Alara Rogers
John has to choose between Harvey and Scorpius. (Added 8 June 2006)

Remember with Advantages by Cret Kid
Rygel uses some of the things he learned during his long imprisonment to help Aeryn after the crew rescues her from the Scarrans. (Added 11 Sept. 2004)

Res-Q by AstroGirl
Farscape/Star Trek: the Next Generation. A certain all too powerful alien takes a personal interest in John Crichton. (Added 30 March 2005)

Sea Change by Thea
Everyone gets tired eventually. An AU future fic. (Added 19 Nov. 2004)

A Set of Common Tools by KodiakkeMax
A vignette showing PK life from the point of view of a tech. (Added 3 Dec. 2004)

Should've Brought a Brown Bag by BetanSurvey
This fic is set not long after the characters who had been traveling on Talyn return to Moya. On a resupply run, someone (and no one's admitting to it) picked up some rather odd food cubes-- Crichton refers to them as 'jellfu' and refuses to eat them. Then the crew discovers that the cubes are alive, somewhat mobile and addictive (not to mention gross)... (Added 26 August 2004)

Snowflakes by Flora
What does Einstein think of John Crichton? I'd never thought to wonder, but this fic answers the question beautifully. (Added 15 June 2005)

Straight and Narrow by Andraste
Braca has a dreadful time trying to balance his survival against his continuing loyalty to Scorpius and the pain Grayza inflicts on him. (Added 11 Sept. 2004)

Stuck in Lodi by themonkeycabal.
Farscape/Doctor Who. Commander John Crichton meets a Time Lord in a bar. (Added 16 January 2006)

Travel Light by AstroGirl
Doctor Who/Farscape. The Seventh Doctor and Ace become involved in a rebellion against the Peacekeepers. (Added 6 November 2005)

Travelling Light by Andraste
Scorpius considers Sikozu, his situation on Moya and the lessons life has taught him. (Added 26 August 2004)

The Trouble with Trill-Bats by Flora
Farscape/Star Trek: Deep Space 9. A little wormhole trouble drops Moya near Deep Space 9. While her crew is on the station, intruders beam in and try to take over. (Added 30 March 2005)

24 Hour Pass by Ann Harrington (aka Annigmatic)
An AU set during season 2. John Crichton returns to Earth for a very short, one time only visit. (Added 20 July 2004)

Wayfarers at Night by Debby
A missing scene from right after Gilina's death. Crichton is not coping well. (Added 3 Dec. 2004)

Where the Stars Are Strange by Flora Stuart
Star Wars/Farscape. During his journey to Degobah, Yoda finds himself, briefly, a prisoner aboard a strange living ship. He shares his cell with another creature his own size, Dominar Rygel XVI. (Added 6 November 2005)

Woman with Gun by Tosca's Kiss
Saiyuki/Farscape. While on a backward planet, the members of Moya's crew find themselves in need of transportation and try to steal some. (Added 22 June 2005)

Written on a Thumbnail by cofax
An AU of what might have happened with the two Crichtons, two men who start out exactly the same and then become different people. This is both darker and happier than what the series actually ended up doing with this plotline. (Added 26 August 2004)

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