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Doctor Who fics:

All This Season of Snow and Sins by cherryice
Romana and Jack meet, after the Time War and before Jack leaves the Time Agency. Bad things happen. (27 April 2008)

Amuse Yourselves by samfeasor
Ace and Rose find themselves at loose ends while their Doctors talk. Ace/Rose but not dreadfully explicit. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

As Ordinary Things Often Do by Doyle
This is an AU in which Rose and Marth meet Harry Sullivan and John Benton. Benton and Sullivan have been thrown through time by a device made by Torchwood, and Rose and Martha are traveling together in the TARDIS. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

The Boy Who Killed Time (The Last Love Song Remix) by rosa_acicularis
There are ghosts in the TARDIS. The doctor knows what's going on, but he hopes he's wrong. (27 April 2008)

The Candle that Burns Brightest by icebluenothing
Rose gets a bit lost on her way back to try to rescue the Doctor (serious spoilers for the end of the current season). (Added 5 July 2005)

Catalyst by nostalgia
The Tenth Doctor takes steps to ensure that his past happens correctly by getting a job as a substitute teacher in order to explain explosives to a twelve year old who isn't yet known as 'Ace.' (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Closed Circle by Calapine
At the end of her travels, Rose finds the first Doctor. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Destination: Disneyland by lindseyjo
Doctor Who/Buffy. Buffy arrive at the library for training to find a mysterious, blue police box just inside the door. A very short humor piece.  (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

The Doctors by Avendya
Doctor Who/House. Rose is sick, so the Doctor and Jack take her to the best doctor Jack can remember from her era of history. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

An Element of Blank by Calapine
Doctor Who/Star Trek. The Doctor meets Dax on Deep Space 9. She very nearly understands. (Added 8 June 2006)

Entangled by Doyle
I never thought anyone could make Adam sympathetic, but Doyle succeeds. Second person point of view. (Added 2 March 2006)

Five Moments in a Life that Never Was by cadhla
Five vignettes about Susan, sweet and painful. (Added 15 January 2006)

Five Things That Didn't Happen To, Because of, In Spite of, or In Proximity of Rose Tyler by kickair8p
This is exactly what the title says it is. Each of the AUs is sharply possible. (Added 11 July 2006)

Five Times Jack Harkness Never Interfered with Rose Tyler's Timeline (and One Time That He Did) by travels_in_time
Jack can't resist looking in on Rose from time to time. (27 April 2008)

Flowers for Romana by Nostalgia
The Doctor tries for a romantic gesture-- by human standards. Romana doesn't quite get it. (Added 31 July 2006)

Four Ways Mickey Never Travelled with the Doctor and One Proposition that Was Never Made by mythverdandi
I rather like Mickey, and it's nice to see some what-ifs written around him. (Added 11 July 2006)

Ghost in the Machine by Rain
A glitch in the TARDIS sends Rose careening through time. She encounters previous Doctors and companions. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Going Home by Claire
Doctor Who/Farscape. Crichton rescues Rose from muggers on a planet somewhere in the Uncharted Territories. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Grounds for Annulment by Sub Rosa
The Doctor and Peri are forced to marry. Humor without smut. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

His Story by calapine
Rose demands an accounting from the Doctor. (Added 8 June 2006)

The History of the Kings of Britain by livii
Brigadier-General Winifred Bambera and Ancelyn make a life together in spite of the obstacles. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

The Holes in the Ground by mercurial-wit
Doctor Who/Stargate: Atlantis. The Doctor drops in on Rodney McKay at various points in his career. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

I Speak for Gallifrey by Calapine
Changing the timeline is a huge risk, but sometimes that risk is necessary. (Added 15 January 2006)

Ivory and Horn by Tara LJC O'Shea
Rose pushes the Doctor a bit too hard, and he gets them both into trouble. (Added 21 July 2005)

Light Bending Backwards by Troll Logic
I like the author's summary, "The Doctor infiltrates the Time Agency. Jack suffers the consequences." The fic's not very long, but it has layers and complexity. It offers answers to questions I didn't know I had. (27 April 2008)

Living History by MinervaFan
Sarah Jane rescues a stranded alien. The help she can give him comes in a different form than he expects. (27 April 2008)

Long Way Around by Christina K
Doctor Who/Highlander. Methos has a long memory for those who owe him a drink, and he collects from the Ninth Doctor. (Added 15 January 2006)

Look Upon this Sky by Seanan
As Rose settles into life on the Tardis, she finds mementos of those gone before. I also recommend the sequel, What Does the Sky Reply, in which Rose finds reminders of the past a help in facing a difficult future. (Added 15 August 2005)

Lost Possibilities by Lizbet
Rose finds a creative way to try to warn the Doctor about events in Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways. (Added 21 July 2005)

My Nest of Mercies by LC
Ace comes to ask Harriet Jones a few questions about temporal anomalies. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Nine and a Half by astrogirl2
The Doctor's regeneration doesn't quite work out. He finds himself in an unexpected state, lacking a pulse and craving brains. Humor. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

Of Eros and of Dust by Gwynnega
This story is a series of moments between the Doctor and Romana, finding and losing love. (Added 15 January 2006)

Of More Value Than Many Sparrows by icebluenothing
After Father's Day, Rose asks the Doctor what the point is of traveling in time. He shows her. (Added 21 July 2005)

The Parking Permit by SLWatson
Nyssa does what she has to do to rescue the Doctor. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

People of the Universe by Carmen Sandiego
An interlude with Susan and Romana. Implied slash but could be read as gen. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

People Used to Dream About the Future by calapine
Rose, Jack and the Doctor return to London so that Rose can retrieve a few things. They're surprised to find the place crawling with Cybermen. The ending packs a punch. Bear in mind that it's all a lie... (Added 11 July 2006)

A Phantom of Clouds by Doyle
Jack suggests a stop on a vacation planet for team building. The Doctor's reluctant. (Added 21 July 2005)

Planned Obsolescence by Miggy
Jack does what he has to do to survive after the Doctor and Rose leave him. Time agents have rules for how they're supposed to act when stranded outside of their own time. Jack adapts. (Added 2 March 2006)

Pomegranate Seeds by Tenebraeli
Rose considers what it means to be a human who travels with a god. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

The Ragged Edge by Jonquil
This brief fic offers another view of what a Time Lord is and how the Doctor never quite fit. (Added 11 July 2006)

Salt Water by Rhi
There's a time for everything, but it's sometimes hard to know what it's time for. Rose and the Doctor try to find a new balance after his regeneration. (Added 15 January 2006)

So Let the Bells Ring Out by Doyle
Rose and Jackie leave Mickey alone with the Doctor, and Mickey tells him about some of the people he met while he was researching the Doctor. (Added 31 July 2006)

Sojourn by saganamidreams
Jack can't quite understand why Rose and the Doctor keep him around. It's a slow journey toward belonging. (Added 6 November 2005)

Spring Cleaning by infiniteviking
Some regenerations require more work, more practice than others. Becoming the Ninth Doctor was hard. (Added 2 March 2006)

Still Waiting by Sheila Adamson
Jo Grant and the Brigadier investigate a possible ghost while waiting for the Doctor. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

Stuck in Lodi by themonkeycabal.
Farscape/Doctor Who. Commander John Crichton meets a Time Lord in a bar. (Added 16 January 2006)

Sure As Eggs Is Eggs by Doyle
Delivering an egg to the hatchery is more complicated than the Doctor, Jack and Rose anticipated. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

The Terminus of Prayer by Seanan
This fic descends through layers of possibilities to take a slightly different look at finale of the most recent season. I'm not sure what else to say to describe it without spoiling it. (Added 15 August 2005)

Then Sleep the Season by Cherry Ice
Romana is the last Time Lord with Mickey as her companion. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Tiny Human Heads by kalima
The Tenth Doctor visits Sarah Jane. Sex ensues. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Travel Light by AstroGirl
Doctor Who/Farscape. The Seventh Doctor and Ace become involved in a rebellion against the Peacekeepers. (Added 6 November 2005)

Trinity by saganamidreams
Rose, Jack and the Doctor go to a party, and disaster strikes. The story's short and rather fluffy in the end. (Added 6 November 2005)

A Triumph of Necessity by mswyrr
The Doctor gives Rose what she needs. It just requires a little chemical tampering. Time Lord physiology makes things easier, but he wishes there were a better way. (Added 2 March 2006)

Trying to Communicate by sam_storyteller
An alien with a rather... unique... form of communication visits the Hub. Humor. (27 April 2008)

'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Suzanne
The Eighth Doctor visits the Brigadier one last time. This manages to be both sad and hopeful. (Added 6 November 2005)

Two to Make Peace by Kathryn Andersen
Doctor Who/Vorkosigan. Miles meets an odd person while dealing with the latest crisis. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

An Undone War Still Wages by Cherry Ice
Doctor Who/Stargate: Atlantis. The Doctor, Rose and Jack arrive in Atlantis in the aftermath of battle. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

The War to End All Wars by snowballjane
This story touches on World War I and its horrors. The time and place have particular echoes for the Doctor that make carrying out his mission harder. The ending hurts. (Added 2 March 2006)

The Watchmaker by LizBee
A second, very damaged Timelord survived the Time Wars and came to live, in hiding, on Earth. The story traces her putting the pieces of herself back together. (Added 11 July 2006)

You Weep Alone by Mara Greengrass
Firefly/Doctor Who. Zoe and the Doctor help each other with a little jailbreak. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

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