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About my taste in fanfics.

DC Universe fics:

I'm lumping a lot of things together here. I tried keeping them separate, but I only ended up confusing myself. If you have as much trouble keeping track of DC canon as I do, I recommend looking at the Crack Van's DC Comics summary. As such things do, it has the author's biases, but it helped me sort out some of the stuff I'd already read and place it into a framework of sorts.

Able to Succeed by Betty
Sometimes Tim finds the practical side of crime fighting easier than the contingency planning and preparations, but Bruce has high expectations. (Added 6 November 2005)

Amazon by Loligo
Justice League/Buffy: the Vampire Slayer. While on a mission, post-series, Faith crosses into the Justice League universe and encounters Wonder Woman. (Added 23 Feb. 2005)

And Burn the Phoenix by Livia
Bart confuses Kon, but then so does most of the rest of his life. Growing up is complicated, and sex makes it even more so. (Added 2 March 2006)

Aspire to Touch the Sky by Brown Betty
AU. Diana, Princess of Themyscira, agrees to an arranged marriage with Bruce Wayne in order to better pursue her mission in the world of men. (Added 20 April 2006)

Bart Is a Run-on Sentence by SomeInstant
Bart talks to Tim, trying to combat boredom. (Added 21 July 2005)

The Batman by DoctorV
Booster visits Gotham. Batman gets territorial. They talk. (Added 15 January 2006)

Birds of a Feather by Smitty
This was written for the Timfinity challenge and features Tim Drake as 'Canary Lad,' Black Canary's sidekick. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

The Black Cat and Mr Reeves by jamjar
Vic and Gar go undercover in Gotham. Largely humorous. Note: Netscape can't read this, and Safari reads it as if it were a .txt file, with all the html coding visible in and around the text. (Added 8 June 2006)

Cake Drabbles by JBMcDragon
Tim give backrubs and gets cake. (Added 21 July 2005)

The Case of the Disappearing Felines by Jamjar
Cats in Bart's neighborhood have been disappearing, and he asks Tim and Kon to help him investigate. He's hoping that working with them will help him understand some of the people stuff that he doesn't quite get. (Added 6 November 2005)

Cat-Tales by Chris Dee
This is a long, multi-story arc focusing on the relationship between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne. Each story stands well on its own, and I like the mix of humor, adventure and angst. Since I don't know the canon particularly, I'm not sure how AU it is. The author's still writing more stories in the arc, so it might be considered at WIP, but I wouldn't label it as such. (Added 1 June 2005. URL changed 3 Oct. 2007)

Change Is the Only Constant by Mara
DC Comics/House. Bruce Wayne's looking for a doctor he can trust, and House's hidden past makes him the best candidate. (Added 15 August 2005)

Checking In by Dizz
Bart visits people who matter to him. (Added 17 December 2005)

Cold by Brown Betty
While Gotham's cut off, Tim feels the cold very strongly and finds sharing a bed for warmth the only way to get a decent night's sleep. The (purely platonic) bed hopping gives an interesting view of his relationships with other characters. (Added 15 January 2006)

Compass That You Gave Me by Zee
When an erratically powerful teenager shows up in Bludhaven, claiming to be Superman, Nightwing takes him in. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Contabescence by Slipstream
Shiva visits Tim at school. The story's told from the point of view of one of Tim's classmates. (Added 17 December 2005)

Digital Descent by Beth Winter
DC Comics/The Matrix. I'm not sure how to summarize this one...  Trinity meets someone-- something-- in the Matrix and discovers a powerful ally. (Added 15 January 2006)

Dress Blues by Corinna
Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon run into each other at a fund raiser. Quietly melancholy and hopeful. (Added 8 June 2006)

Duty by Merlin Missy
Life as a superhero involves some occasional unpleasantness. The men of the Justice League plan the watch schedule. (Added 20 Jan. 2005)

Escape Artistry by David Hines
Batman learns of Wonder Woman's weakness and offers her lessons in ways to compensate. (Added 31 July 2006)

Everybody Has a Birthday by Mara
Dick gives Bruce a puppy for his birthday. Funny and sweet. (Added 15 January 2006)

Father, Son and Progeny by ethrosdemon
Superman, Clark and Kal-El see Conner very differently. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Fathers and Daughters by David Hines
A retired Commissioner Gordon encounters the new Batgirl. (Added 21 March 2005)

The Faults They Had by Brown Betty
Cass and Alfred share a cup of tea. (Added 8 June 2006)

Five Ways Gothamites Saved Themselves (and Others) by miarrow
Ordinary people deal with dangers when the costumed heroes aren't around. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Freedom by D Benway
Young Justice League AU/X-Men AU. I have mixed feelings about rec'ing this because I kept hoping, desperately, that it wasn't going where I knew it was going, but... I couldn't stop reading it, and I haven't been able to forget it. Don't read this if you want to be uplifted or if you want to feel good. Robin Timothy Drake attends a boarding school in Genosha. (Added 28 April 2005)

Gravity Always Wins by Jintian
Hawkgirl spends a while living alone after her people leave Earth, but the other members of the League don't leave her unwatched. (Added 12 Feb. 2005)

Heart Humble by Brown Betty
Tim's father has to think about what being Robin and not being Robin mean to and for Tim. (Added 17 December 2005)

How Much String Is in the World. Who Has It. by SomeInstant
Nightwing is drunk, very, very drunk. (Added 6 May 2005)

I, Janitor by Dotfic
The Watchtower needs support staff, and the narrator of this fic is one of them. He has a sense of humor about it, and I laughed when I realized where he'd worked before the Watchtower. Be sure to read the sequels: Heroes in a Box, ...And I Feel Fine, and Chasing Normal. The narrator gets to see life in the Watchtower from unexpected angles. (Added 2 March 2006)

In Darkest Light by Meljean Brook
A spell makes Batman and Wonder Woman fall for each other. Extricating themselves proves more complicated than either expects. (Added 15 August 2005)

In Glass Vases by voleuse
Vixen gets to know Hawkgirl. (Added 8 June 2006)

In the Mood to Lose My Way by Te
Gear asks Robin for help and gets more help than he expected. (Added 8 June 2006)

Keeping a Straight Face by Smitty
Zatanna and Wonder Woman have a talk about Bruce Wayne. (Added 5 July 2005)

Kid Stuff by Lacey McBain
Batman/Smallville/JLU. Batman is temporarily reduced to the outward appearance of a nine year old boy. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. (Added 28 April 2005)

The Last Temptation of Alfred by David Hines
Alfred attends a convention for butlers and finds himself facing a powerful temptation. (Added 8 June 2006)

Life of Riley by Livia
What's Nightwing to do when he regains consciousness with Margot and Aliki arguing over him? (Added 2 March 2006)

Making Friends by Sivi
This is a pleasant story of four people going bowling. I'm not sure how else to describe it. (Added 21 July 2005)

Measured Out in Coffee Spoons by David Hines
One of Arkham's inmates has lost his memory and searches for something else. (Added 17 December 2005)

Melt Like Lemon-Drops by Te
I don't think I can call this anything but crack-- Batman in drag and singing in a cabaret. Tim can't believe what he's seeing. (27 April 2008)

The Music of the Spheres by jen_in_japan
Right after Superman Returns and Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent meet. Batman and Superman also meet. This one is long and consists of multiple stories. It very rapidly becomes Bruce/Clark. It manages to be sweet and funny while still having plot. (27 April 2008)

Myth of the Bat by p q laertes
Batman/Forever Knight. Batman follows the Joker to Toronto. The Joker meets Nick while Batman meets LaCroix. (Added 2 March 2006)

The Next Best Thing to Normal by Merlin Missy
Pamela Isley and Harleen Quinzelle raise Harleen's son, Jason. Told from his point of view. The story gives a very different view of the world of villains and heroes. (Added 20 January 2007)

Nightly by Kaylee
Alfred looks after Bruce Wayne. (Added 9 April 2005)

No Man's Eden by Sandy Justine
Helena meets Poison Ivy. (Added 8 June 2006)

Not a Heart, Beating by Brighid
Two-Face is still Harvey, and Bruce loves Harvey. Dick does his best to help Bruce stay anchored. Just a bit smutty at the end. (Added 8 June 2006)

The Obituary by Perkulator
Superman Returns movie continuity (I'm *not* separating it out. I'm not). Perry White does a bit of just in case preparation while Superman's in the hospital and, based on what he uncovers, kills a story. (27 April 2008)

On the Couch, or the Way Clouds Feel by Lacey McBain
At President Luthor's request, three members of the Justice League talk to a psychiatrist so she can assess their mental stability. This borrows the character of Dr. Chase Meridian from Batman Forever, but I couldn't quite consider it a crossover. (Added 6 May 2005)

Opposites & Choices by Wendi
Smallville/Justice League. This is a longish series of stories (and only just barely qualifies as a crossover, at least to my mind) that starts with Clark torn between his two identities and his two loves. As Clark Kent, he's with Lex, and as Superman, he's with Lois Lane. Some of the stories feature Chloe with Wally West. (Added 16 May 2005)

A Perfect Diamond by jen_in_japan
Batman loses most of his memories and regresses to his seven year old self. Superman-- Clark, really-- worries enough that he goes to Gotham to keep track of the situation. Very cute. (Added 31 July 2006)

Reconcilable Differences by astolat
After getting to know his other father, Kon decides that he needs to get his parents back together. Uses the Smallville continuity for Lex and Clark's backstory. Very funny. Although this doesn't (IMO) demonize Lois, she definitely gets the short end of the stick all around. (27 April 2008)

Reflections by Te
It's rare that I'll recommend a fic in a fandom I don't know that requires specific knowledge of canon to be comprehensible, but... I read this one, then did a search for an episode guide ( Look at episodes 37 and 38, "A Better World" parts 1 and 2. I think there's quite enough there to explain the backstory) and read the story again. A few warnings-- This is a rape fic (the author's warnings don't mention that), told largely from the point of view of the rapist, and while the victim is rescued, there's no magical recovery, no healing true love. Also, I found the author's punctuation confusing-- There were periods where I think dashes or ellipses might have been more comprehensible. There's some occasional pronoun confusion, and there's at least mention of two versions of just about every character. Still... I liked it. Tired of being alone and helpless, Batman from another universe kidnaps Flash. The two sequel stories are also worth reading. (Added 16 Sept. 2004)

Right on Target by Derry
Cissie has to visit her former teammates one more time. (Added 21 March 2005)

Seconds by Mary
Dick Grayson and Jason Todd talk, two former Robins, two different chosen paths. (Added 15 June 2005)

Secrets by Lucy Gillam
Nightwing and Superman share two secrets, one of them involving a brief bit of sex. The story uses Clark's point of view, and the sex is a very small part of it. (Added 8 June 2006)

Sex Pollen by David Hines
(Actually, I'm not clear that "Sex Pollen" is the title of this, but it's in the header for the entry and is closer to a title than anything else, so...) The Flash finds super speed useful for taking care of certain... sudden urges, and he's been having a lot more of them recently than usual. This made me snicker. Several times. (Added 6 November 2005)

A Small Cat by Sister Wolf
A sorcerer's curse leaves Tim temporarily rather feline. He copes, but his teammates are highly amused. (Added 2 March 2006)

So Sweet a Changeling by petronelle
This is an AU in which Robin, young Dick Grayson, crosses into another universe where, years in the future, Tim Drake is Batman. Robin decides that this Batman needs him more than the Batman back in his own universe does. Puberty leads to eventual Bat Family sex. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Something That Will Not Let Go by Te
This is a possible future for the Batclan. Tim is Batman. Cass is Batgirl. They can't hold Gotham alone, and they try to find acceptable alternatives. (Added 8 June 2006)

Spokelse by 'rith
Zatanna and Tora work together to deal with a little problem in the Arctic. (Added 15 January 2006)

The Stolen Child by Merlin Missy
While visiting Gotham's social services office, Bruce Wayne recognizes an abandoned child and starts pulling strings to try to get him out of the system. The situation gets more and more complicated from there. The backstory involves alternate dimensions and time travel. This is not a tragedy, but parts of it hurt. It ends more with a things-might-be-okay than with a happily-ever-after. (Added 6 November 2005)

Third Wheel by Shrift
Bart tries to help Tim after Tim's father dies. He's just not sure what he's supposed to do. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Tim, Tam by Mary
Firefly/DC Comics. Serenity takes on another orphan, and Tim tries to fit in. (Added 15 January 2006)

Twilight Time by Wendi
Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson deal with fallout from Bruce's back injury. (Added 21 July 2005)

Watchtower Bulletin by icarus_chained
The Flash circulates some bulletins to help new members of the Justice League find their footing. (27 April 2008)

Water Like a Stone by Sarah T.
It's Christmas Eve at the Watchtower, and J'onn takes a trip to Mars. For remembrance. (Added 12 Feb. 2005)

What to Do with Things in Your Hard Drive by __marcelo
Bruce Wayne, being an intelligent man, decides to take a new approach to crime fighting. (Added 20 January 2007)

The Year of Living by Merlin Missy
A very damaged Tim Drake shares a college dorm room wiht Virgil Hawkins. (27 April 2008)

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