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About my taste in fanfics.

As of 5 October 2006, I've cross listed crossover recs so that they're listed in the crossovers section and under each of the fandoms involved. That makes some fandoms suddenly look much larger than before and may, at some point, confuse those looking for new recs who're going by the update list from Recs Rainbow. When I post an update list to Recs Rainbow, I'll still count crossovers only as crossovers rather than double, triple or quadruple counting them to show all the fandoms involved.

I did this because the crossovers page had gotten so large that it was hard to find stories in specific fandoms. I know there are some people who adore crossovers and don't care what fandoms they're in, but there are also readers who're willing to read crossovers in some fandoms and not in others. I hope this will be a help for the latter group.

There are still a few recs that can only be found on the crossovers page because they're for websites or particular authors rather than for stories. There may be some glitches in the cross indexing because I'm not double checking it particularly thoroughly (just setting it up took hours). If you see something that needs fixing, please e-mail me.

Actualize This by Helena Handbasket
Stargate: SG-1/Invisible Man/Sentinel. The plot set up on this is a little weak, but the character interactions are very funny. I only know two of the three fandoms, but I had no trouble following the story. Two characters from each show attend a training retreat. (Added 20 August 2004)

Alternative Medicine by Countess Chiana
Smallville/Harry Potter. Lex is willing to try just about anything in his efforts to regain his lost memories. (Added 28 April 2005)

Along Came a Spider by liminalliz
Firefly/Stargate: SG-1. Replicarter visits Serenity. She and River don't really get on well. (Added 11 July 2006)

Amazon by Loligo
Justice League/Buffy: the Vampire Slayer. While on a mission, post-series, Faith crosses into the Justice League universe and encounters Wonder Woman. (Added 23 Feb. 2005)

Apathy writes wonderful, short crossovers. Rather than trying to pick one or listing all of the ones that I like and taking up a lot of space, I'm just going to refer you to her LJ archive. Look specifically for "North" (Angel/Farscape), "Playing Poster Child" (Babylon 5/Farscape) and "Polarity" (BtVS/X-Men Movieverse); they're my current top three picks. All three are a bit on the dark side, but I like that. (Added 26 Oct. 2004)

Armistice by Adina
Jeeves & Wooster/Lord Peter. This is a companion piece of sorts to the author's "Green Ice" and should be read after that because it will make more sense that way. No one expected Bertie to be in London on November the 11th. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

As Wont to Do by Cherry Ice
Stargate: SG-1/Firefly. Serenity lands on an uninhabited planet for some R&R, and Inara discovers that the place is no longer quite so uninhabited as it used to be. (Added 30 March 2005)

Atropos by Kouri and Karasu
X/Yami no Matsuei. Look for this one in their crossovers section. It's rather weighted toward X/1999. Tsuzuki and Hisoka are assigned to investigate Kotori's death and end up monitoring the conflict. Tsuzuki knows more than he's telling. Fuuma's scheming to make sure that things come out the way he wants them to. Muraki annoys everybody. This is an X AU that somehow manages to be cheerful. (Added 8 June 2004)

Azusa-chan by Ariana Deralte
Ranma/InuYasha. This story's pretty purely silly. A certain highly acquisitive little girl falls through the well and finds the InuYasha characters irresistible. (Added 11 July 2006)

Been There, Done That by Martha Wilson
Hercules/Stargate: SG-1. Iolaus in the SGC. What else do I need to say? (Added 6 May 2005)

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship by Laurus Nobilis
Harry Potter/CLAMP. Nicholas Flamel happens to know two of the craziest and most powerful wizards in the world. Naturally, he introduces them. Humor. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

The Best Defense by JoIsBishMyoga
Yu Yu Hakasho/Harry Potter. Genkai accepts a teaching post at Hogwarts, and Koenma sends Yuusuke and company along with her. AU for fifth year. Some Kurama/Hiei shonen ai. There's a WIP sequel here. I haven't started it yet because I expect it will take a long time to finish. (Added 31 July 2006)

The Best of Times... by Ozzallos
Sailor Moon/Ranma. Ranma makes a wish-- He wants to know why his life is so insane. The answer surprises him and pits him against Sailor Pluto as he tries to remedy the situation (or at least to extract revenge). The story needs editing for homonyms, omitted words and such. (Added 20 April 2006)

The Bet by Rackham Rose
X/Yami no Matsuei. Seishirou and Muraki have dinner together. (Added 28 Jan. 2005)

Black Omen by Daegaer
Weiss Kreuz/Good Omens. Schwarz has a close encounter with the absolute wrong person on a Tokyo street. (Added 11 Sept. 2004)

Bridges by Tassos
Buffy/Stargate: SG-1. This fic was written in response to a challenge about having Xander's family in canon turn out not to be his real family. Colonel Jack O'Neill gets surprising news about a son he never knew he had. The story progresses slowly. Nobody trusts anybody immediately, and both characters maintain their own lives and their own secrets. (Added 19 Nov. 2004)

By Any Other Name by Deviation
InuYasha/Yu Yu Hakasho. WIP. After several years' absence, Kagome finally returns home. She doesn't give her family details about what happened beyond stating that Naruku was finally defeated. She settles down trying to readjust to living in the present. Meanwhile, a 30 year old Kurama is searching for a human woman willing to marry him and give him children to satisfy his human mother's desire for grandchildren. I like the author's interpretation of what the Shikon no Tama really is and what that would mean for Kagome. I also liked the gradual intersection of the two worlds. Sometimes, it felt a little too gradual, but it works. (Added 19 Dec. 2004)

The Case of the Missing Whiskey by Mundungus42
Harry Potter/Sherlock Holmes. Holmes takes on a case that leads him to meet some very peculiar people. (Added 11 July 2006)

Cat's Paw by Aishuu
Bleach/XXXHolic. A black cat visits Yuuko's shop. (Added 8 June 2006)

A Certain Responsibility by incandescens
Petshop of Horrors/Saiyuki. D entertains a dragon. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Change Is the Only Constant by Mara
DC Comics/House. Bruce Wayne's looking for a doctor he can trust, and House's hidden past makes him the best candidate. (Added 15 August 2005)

Changing the Guard by Ecolea
Highlander/Stargate: SG-1. The SGC recruits Adam Pierson to work on translating some tablets found off-world. This is the first in a long story arc, but I haven't been able to locate the other stories. They came less well recommended, so I've worked less hard at finding them. (Added 21 March 2005)

Chaotic Future by Cloud-Dreamer
Ranma/Ah, My Goddess/Sailor Moon. Ranma, in girl form, insults Skuld who, in turn, locks him into girl form. After further insults, Skuld almost kills Ranma and receives divine punishment. She's changed into a god and will remain male until until Ranma names Skuld's firstborn child. Apart from Ranma, Kasumi, Shampoo and Cologne, the story shows the Ranma characters in the worst light that canon has to offer. (Added 20 April 2006)

Chocolate and Sex by lisaofdoom
Stargate: Atlantis/Will & Grace. Dr. McKay puzzles over the function of yet another Ancient device. (Added 15 June 2005)

Chrysalis by flonnebonne
Sailor Moon/Death Note. Ami tries to figure out who Kira is. (Added 20 January 2007)

Clarke's Law by Isis
Stargate: Atlantis/Harry Potter. Carson draws on some peculiarities in his own personal education to come up with a new theory about the ATA gene and to find more help for humans in their struggle against the Wraith. (Added 17 December 2005)

Classified by Dira Sudis
Stargate: Atlantis/Numb3rs. Charlie needs some space and time, and the offer of work on a classified project fits perfectly. (Added 15 June 2005)

Colorblind by duck
Firefly/Star Trek: Next Generation. River follows a crow into a perfect hiding place. Once there, she finds a place that's perfect, apart from those she's left behind. I could feel the difficulty of River's choices here. (Added 6 November 2005)

Connections pt.1 by Lady Addiction
Hikaru no Go/XXXHolic. Hikaru needs help of the sort only Yuuko and Watanuki can provide. Part 2 is here, and "Payment," a sort of side story/epilogue, can be found here. (Added 15 June 2005)

Contredanse by Cofax
Firefly/Farscape. Aeryn Sun takes a new job and tries to find her place in a new crew. (Added 11 July 2006)

Coulda Woulda Shoulda by polynesia
Death Note/XXXholic. Light wants something from Yuuko. (Added 31 July 2006)

Creeping Ambition by Mara Greengrass
Vorkosigan Universe/Firefly. A strange ship picks up Ivan's escape pod, and he has to adapt in order to survive. The Ivan voice is excellently funny. (Added 6 November 2005)

Crossroads by Selena
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Star Wars. While traveling, Wesley accidentally crosses into the universe of the Jedi and meets Obi Wan and Anakin. I particularly enjoyed Wesley's opinions on the Jedi and their policies. This isn't a brilliant crossover, and it's not all that plot heavy, but it's competent and definitely unexpected. (Added 20 Jan. 2005)

Damnation by raison d'etat
Petshop of Horrors/Sandman. D sells desires. One day Desire comes by to visit. (Added 28 April 2004)

Dead Trouble by Marcus L. Rowland
Harry Potter/Buffy. Several years after the death of Voldemort, Harry is asked to escort Dumbledore's niece's body to her funeral. The corpse had been delayed by red tape and then lost for several years, and no one noticed. Because of that, Harry's more than a little surprised when supernaturally strong and athletic young women start chasing him and the coffin across England. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Death By Any Other Name by Jebbypal
Firefly/Highlander. One of Inara's favorite clients asks her to help him book passage on Serenity and embroils the crew in conflicts that have their roots on long ago Earth. (Added 6 November 2005)

Death by Chocolate by Beth Einspanier
CSI/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The CSI team investigates the untimely death of a young man named Charlie Bucket who seems to have died by drowning in chocolate. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Death Comes Unshaven by YamiPaladinofChaos
Bleach/InuYasha. InuYasha dies, and a Shinigami breaks the news to him. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Death's Hands by issen4
Hikaru no Go/Death Note. Touya and Shindou run into (literally) a young man named Yagami. Shindou is very disturbed. The author says she may turn this into a multipart fic, but that's by no means certain, and it stands quite well as it is. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Deliverance by Tosca
Petshop of Horrors/Weiss Kreuz. An unhappy Nagi visits a petshop and finds more than he expects. (Added 5 July 2005)

Destination: Disneyland by lindseyjo
Doctor Who/Buffy. Buffy arrive at the library for training to find a mysterious, blue police box just inside the door. A very short humor piece.  (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Devil Took the Soldier Boy by copperbadge
Lord Peter/Good Omens. During the Great War, an angel and a demon make a bet about a soldier's future. Each is allowed one intervention. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

Digital Descent by Beth Winter
DC Comics/The Matrix. I'm not sure how to summarize this one...  Trinity meets someone-- something-- in the Matrix and discovers a powerful ally. (Added 15 January 2006)

Displaced Persons by Andraste
Blake's 7/Farscape. Avon and Scorpius make a deal. (Added 30 March 2005)

Divine Comedy by tigerlady
Dogma/Brimstone. Zeke Stone needs a little help with his latest target.
(Added 1 Jan. 2005)

The Doctors by Avendya
Doctor Who/House. Rose is sick, so the Doctor and Jack take her to the best doctor Jack can remember from her era of history. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Done by Kathleen Dailey
Buffy/Star Trek: the Original Series. Anyanka knows all about weddings gone wrong. She finds that they're much the same, even on other planets. (Added 12 Feb. 2005)

Don't Fear the Reaper by sweetnovicane
Dead Like Me/Firefly. Five hundred years later, George is still reaping, and she has an appointment on board Serenity. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

The Dream-Quest of Pooh Corner
Winnie-the-Pooh/Cthulhu. This is just a short bit writing the Pooh characters in the style of H.P. Lovecraft. Be sure to read the comments thread. There are several other amusing bits there. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Driven by Murinae
Hikaru no Go/Death Note. Raito and Ryuuku overhear a conversation in a restaurant. (Added 28 April 2005)

Ekphugion by Shaye
Vorkosigan Universe/Battlestar Galactica. A ragtag fleet suddenly appears near Sergyar. The local government is understandably surprised. Matters progress from there. (Added 6 November 2005)

An Element of Blank by Calapine
Doctor Who/Star Trek. The Doctor meets Dax on Deep Space 9. She very nearly understands. (Added 8 June 2006)

Elijah's Cup by lembas7
Harry Potter/Narnia. After coming home through the wardrobe, the Pevensies were no longer ordinary children. They weren't wizards and witches, but they weren't Muggles either. Many years later, Albus Dumbledore summons them to Hogwarts because he believes they need protection from Voldemort. This takes both series AU. I enjoyed it a lot, but I also... How to put it? Adult Lucy, Edmond and Peter may come across as a little too perfect for some tastes. I think, though, that what it really is is that they act like responsible, involved adults, something the early Harry Potter books conspicuously lack and the addition of which can't help but alter the story considerably. (Added 20 April 2006)

Enigmatic Absurdities by eponine
Buffy/House. House deals with an impossible patient, a man who's been hit by an SUV but whose vitals make no sense. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Enlistment by shaye
Farscape/Harry Potter. After defeating Voldemort, Harry and his friends seek a new challenge. This fic is very short, just a brief first meeting. (Added 26 August 2004)

An Eye for an Eye by Rose
Weiss Kreuz/Brimstone. After the museum collapsed, the rest of Schwarz started thinking that Farfarello was dead. This story won't make sense unless you have a good feel for the premise of Brimstone, but it's perfect when you do get it. (Added 24 January 2006)

Fading Footsteps by stickmarionette
Harry Potter/Fullmetal Alchemist. While trying to find his way back to his own world, Edward Elric takes a teaching post at Hogwarts and becomes something of a mentor to young Tom Riddle. The ending about broke my heart. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Fallen Star by Roseveare
Howl's Moving Castle/Chronicles of Chrestomanci. Chrestomanci searches for a lost fallen star and finds instead a very ugly castle. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

A Fish Named Cheung by Roach
Firefly/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A temporal accident lands Ford and Arthur on a planet in an alien universe. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Flying Low At Night by cofax
Stargate: Atlantis/Farscape. Cut off from Earth, John Shepard hires out as a pilot and takes a job getting a few refugees off a station about to be taken over by the Nebari. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Forgotten Girl by monkeycrackmary
Buffy/Neverwhere. After Buffy's death, Dawn finds that she's slipped through the cracks of reality. (Added 20 April 2006)

Fortunate Voyager by Mara Greengrass
Enterprise/X-Men. Severe stress causes Scott Summers to use a power he hadn't known he had, stranding him, Logan and two students in another universe. (Added 17 December 2005)

The Fortune-Teller by Hth
Firefly/Buffy. River needs a teacher. The one they find isn't quite what they expected. (Added 11 July 2006)

Freedom by D Benway
Young Justice League AU/X-Men AU. I have mixed feelings about rec'ing this because I kept hoping, desperately, that it wasn't going where I knew it was going, but... I couldn't stop reading it, and I haven't been able to forget it. Don't read this if you want to be uplifted or if you want to feel good. Robin Timothy Drake attends a boarding school in Genosha. (Added 28 April 2005)

A Gift of Ordinary Magic by Liz Marcs
Buffy/Harry Potter. Events in the Wizarding World have a negative impact on the rest of the world, and Xander tries to cope with the fallout. (Added 2 March 2006)

Given Up by Yahtzee
X-Files/X-Men. Mulder and Scully visit Xavier's school. This one is just a bit heart breaking. (Added 28 April 2005)

Going Home by Claire
Doctor Who/Farscape. Crichton rescues Rose from muggers on a planet somewhere in the Uncharted Territories. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

A Good Hand by elishavah
Stargate: SG-1/Firefly. Kaylee talks to a stranger. (Added 30 March 2005)

Green Ice by Adina
Lord Peter Wimsey/Wodehouse. Bertie Wooster arrives at a country house to find that the person who signed his invitation denies sending it. Then the Attenbury emeralds are stolen, and someone frames Bertie. His college friend, Lord Peter, offers to help but also confuses Bertie to no end by refering to events Bertie doesn't remember. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. Part 4 is here. (Added 1 Jan. 2005. Links updated 6 November 2005)

Guter Ausgang by Tosca
Weiss Kreuz/Sandman. Schuldig meets Death. (Added 11 July 2006)

Harry Potter and the Legacy of Light by Gramarye
Harry Potter/The Dark Is Rising. Will Stanton intervenes in events in the Wizarding world to help Harry Potter and his friends prepare to face Voldemort. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

Having a Lousy Time, Wish You Were Dead by aishuu
Death Note/Dead Like Me. In this brief AU, Light's death note comes with quite a different sort of shinigami. George does not find Light amusing. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

Heir Apparent by Yuri the Seventh Demoness
Weiss Kreuz/Tokyo Babylon. Yohji gets targeted by Seishirou who claims to want Yohji to be the next Sakurazukamori.

Hellblazer: Hogwarts by Camwyn
WIP. Hellblazer/Harry Potter. A magical attack throws John Constantine from his own London into that of Harry Potter. While trying to find a way home, he takes on a new job-- As Hogwarts latest Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. (Added 2 June 2004)

The Holes in the Ground by mercurial-wit
Doctor Who/Stargate: Atlantis. The Doctor drops in on Rodney McKay at various points in his career. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

An Imperial March by Kakodaimon
Babylon 5/Star Wars. Vir has a lot to learn. Galen introduces him to an expert teacher. (Added 30 March 2005)

Incarnate by Fay
Harry Potter/Sandman. Severus Snape summons Death, and she decides to answer. (Added 28 April 2005)

Inner Strength by Monica
Tokyo Babylon/Highlander. Duncan McLeod does his best to teach a new Immortal how to survive, but Sumeragi Subaru has other priorities than his own continued existence. (Added 21 March 2005)

It Hurts My Brain. This LiveJournal community showcases some bizarre crossovers. Periodically, participants suggest lists of characters. The moderator then pairs them up randomly, and various participants volunteer to write fics involving some of the pairings. If you enjoy crossovers, it's worth your time to wander through back entries to see what you can find. (Added 28 April 2005)

It's a Kind of Magic by Moony12
Good Omens/Harry Potter. WIP. This is one of those works in progress that will probably never be finished, but it doesn't matter at all. Adam remade the world as he thought it ought to be, and now he's going to Hogwarts. Crowley and Aziraphale have been assigned to keep an eye on him and wangle teaching positions at the school. (Added 28 April 2005)

Kid Stuff by Lacey McBain
Batman/Smallville/JLU. Batman is temporarily reduced to the outward appearance of a nine year old boy. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. (Added 28 April 2005)

Kitten Caboodle by Lady Bast
Weiss Kreuz (Gluhen)/Tokyo Babylon. Weiss hires Subaru to exorcise a ghost. Nothing goes quite as planned. (Added 6 May 2005)

A Letter from Screwtape to Mr. Holland Manners by HonorH
Angel/Screwtape Letters. Holland consults with an expert on how to make Angel despair. It fits beautifully. (Added 2 March 2006)

Life, Life, Life by Jane Carnall
Blake's 7/Highlander. A post Gauda Prime fic that offers another possibility for why Avon and Vila stuck with Blake for so long. (Added 26 Oct. 2004)

Like Minds by Pam Smith
The Dead Zone/Angel. John Smith and Cordelia Chase meet in a bar and offer each other the sort of support that only someone else with the same problem can. (Added 2 June 2004)

Little Bits of Junk by Fern Withy
Harry Potter/Raiders of the Lost Ark. In an effort to prevent a powerful artifact from falling into the hands of Voldemort's followers, Neville Longbottom travels back in time. (Added 28 April 2005)

Little Flower Shop of Horrors by ladyofshadow
Weiss Kreuz/Little Shop of Horrors. A very strange plant shows up at the Koneko. A series of drabbles. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Long Denied by Cousin D
Fruits Basket/Petshop of Horrors. The Souma family curse is inextricably linked with D's past and his family. The story begins with a strong focus on Shigure as a child as he finds out that, as the Dog, part of his role in the family is to know how the curse really began. This story badly needs proof reading, but I found it compelling in spite of that. (Added 20 July 2004)

Long Way Around by Christina K
Doctor Who/Highlander. Methos has a long memory for those who owe him a drink, and he collects from the Ninth Doctor. (Added 15 January 2006)

Looking Glass House by Voleuse
Farscape/Stargate: SG-1. Two travelers meet some place in between. (Added 19 Nov. 2004)

Luminous by Twinkledru J.
Star Wars/Firefly. This appears to be part of a series titled Five Jedi Yoda Never Trained. It's short and gentle. River trains with 'the teacher.' (Added 6 November 2005)

Made to Be Lost by Mara Greengrass
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy/Farscape. Arthur Dent wakes up on board Moya. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Marble Into Music by Glossolalia
From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler/The Young Unicorns. Claudia Kincaid and Emily Gregory discover each other. (Added 6 May 2005)

Marks and Scars by Erica H. Smith
Harry Potter/Vorkosigan. Lord Mark finds himself temporarily in the company of Severus Snape, and they talk. Believe it or not, the story really works! (Also, believe it or not, my husband found this one and recommended it to me. Usually, fan fiction scares him.) There are two sequel stories. (Added 28 April 2004)

A Matter of Pride by Laurus Nobilis
CLAMP/Star Trek. Q decides to teach Clow a lesson. Humor. (Added 31 July 2006)

A Million Light Years from Home by Victoria P.
Harry Potter/Firefly. A lost dog follows Kaylee home. (Added 20 April 2006)

Mr. Weasley Discovers 'Teme' by AKA Anonymous
Harry Potter/Prince of Tennis (with a Tokyo Babylon cameo). Mr. Weasley talks about his impressions of Japan and describes a Muggle sport that made quite an impression on him. Very, very silly. (Added 6 November 2005)

My Kingdom for a Horse (of a Different Color) by not jenny
Farscape/Stargate: SG-1. Teal'c finds himself in yet another unfamiliar world. (Added 21 March 2005)

Myth of the Bat by p q laertes
Batman/Forever Knight. Batman follows the Joker to Toronto. The Joker meets Nick while Batman meets LaCroix. (Added 2 March 2006)

The Naming of Names by Victoria P.
Earthsea/Buffy. Earthsea, too, needs Slayers, and one meets a wizard. (Added 2 March 2006)

Nativity by Milkshake Butterfly
Dogma/Brimstone. Driving through an unexpected snowstorm, Bethany has to start looking for a sheltered place to have her baby.
(Added 1 Jan. 2005)

Night Operation by Tosca
House/Weiss Kreuz. Strangers with guns break into House's home and demand medical assistance. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Nights of Endless Conversations by Fahye
Sandman/Firefly. The Endless visit with Serenity's crew. Very nice views of the characters. (Added 2 March 2006)

A Nine Lived Enchanter in Queen Attolia's Court by Roseveare
Chronicles of Chrestomanci/Queen of Attolia. Chrestomanci petitions for permission to retrieve an artifact from the mountains of Attolia. (Added 6 November 2005)

Nine Lives by Marcus Rowland
Lois and Clark/Highlander/Batman. Someone's decapitating people in Metropolis. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Nothing Important Happened Today (or "Today We Saw Rocks") by Medie
Babylon 5/Stargate: SG-1. The ship under Ivanova's command finds Samantha Carter floating, unconscious, in space. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Office Hours by Aldalindil
Spiderman/X-Men. Peter Parker discovers that he has a lot in common with Professor Hank McCoy. Peter's still getting used to the demands of life as a superhero, so Hank can serve as a role model of sorts. (Added 6 November 2005)

Oh, the Places He Goes by phoukabro
Buffy/Just about everything you can think of. After returning from Africa, Xander travels throughout the U.S., troubleshooting for the Watchers' Council. I didn't recognize all of the crossovers, but I did enjoy all of them. There are some typos and omitted words, so be warned if that bothers you. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Old Country by astolat
Harry Potter/Supernatural. Dean inherits an estate and title after Voldemort's defeat. Spoilers for Deathly Hallows. This contains incest which is a squick of mine, but it fits the story and the characters, and there's a lot more to the story than the sex. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

The One Who Got Away by Selena
Farscape/Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Quark tells Odo a story about a gray skinned thief. (Added 30 March 2005)

Opposites & Choices by Wendi
Smallville/Justice League. This is a longish series of stories (and only just barely qualifies as a crossover, at least to my mind) that starts with Clark torn between his two identities and his two loves. As Clark Kent, he's with Lex, and as Superman, he's with Lois Lane. Some of the stories feature Chloe with Wally West. (Added 16 May 2005)

Ordinary World by thehallway
Stargate: SG-1/Farscape. Aeryn Sun takes a job with the SGC and goes rock climbing with Samantha Carter. (Added 11 July 2006)

The Other Side of Twilight by Fuu-chan
Ruroni Kenshin/Tokyo Babylon. This story offers a possible way that Saitoh might have met his wife, Tokio, and focuses pretty much entirely on her. She's a young woman who has been trained as the possible future head of the Sumeragi clan and who finds herself facing a dangerous opponent. Look for the story in the Ruroni Kenshin section of the author's page. There's a sequel to it also to be found there and a sequel to that in the Tokyo Babylon section. (Added 3 May 2004)

Ouran Academy Guest Lecturers Series - Japanese Literature (Sohma Shigure) by Celeste
Ouran High School Host Club/Fruits Basket. This is utter silliness involving Shigure as a guest lecturer at Ouran High School. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

Pain and Magic by violet_quill
House/Harry Potter. House has a patient who insists that he's a wizard. (Added 11 July 2006)

Persistent Mysteries by Shaye
Firefly/Farscape. I was of two minds about recommending this. Seeing Chiana interact with the crew of Serenity was enjoyable, and the characterizations felt right, but... The plot was slight, insufficient to justify the crossover. Indeed, Chiana's presence in and eventual exit from the story felt unnecessary. Still, I enjoyed it. (Added 2 Oct. 2004)

Pharaohs and Phantoms by Snickerer
Magic Kaitou/Yu-Gi-Oh. No Kaitou can resist a dare. Events in this very short story lead directly to events in the sequel (which is longer and more fun), Phantoms and Shadows. (Added 20 April 2006)

Pieces of the Dead by Labingi
Babylon 5/Farscape. After being dispersed, Stark finds himself alive and in very strange company. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Play Pretend by Melanie-Anne
Pretender/Desperate Housewives. Miss Parker drops in on her brother to find out what he's doing pretending to be Mike Delfino. (Added 20 January 2007)

Pretty in Pink by Selena
Firefly/Babylon 5. An accident leaves Inara stranded on Babylon 5. She gets a little assistance from Vir in adapting to her new situation and then offers some assistance in return. (Added 6 November 2005)

Queer Eye for the Fandom Guy by Yahtzee
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy/multiple fandoms. I really thought I'd rec'd this before... The Fab Five give much needed advice to men from several different fandoms. (Added 28 April 2005)

Quid Pro Quo by Tammaiya
Full Metal Alchemist/XXXHolic. Ed works for Yuuko while he tries to how to get home. Well, not so much how as how to be able to pay for it. Fortunately, Yuuko finds him deeply amusing. (Added 15 January 2006)

Razorbeasts by MacNair
X-Men/Highlander. Wolverine witnesses a beheading in an alleyway and tries to find out enough about the survivor, Connor MacLeod, to decide what to do. A complicated confrontation between two killers who haven't yet made up their minds about each other. (Added 6 November 2005)

Refuge by Elizabeth Ann Lewis
Firefly/??. The author states that she believes that naming the second fandom detracts from the story. I don't entirely agree (but then I recognized it instantly), but I'll respect her wishes. Serenity is hired to transport a load of colonists fleeing the Alliance. (Added 26 August 2004)

Res-Q by AstroGirl
Farscape/Star Trek: the Next Generation. A certain all too powerful alien takes a personal interest in John Crichton. (Added 30 March 2005)

Rough Heals by Voleuse
Buffy/Firefly. Dawn sees the end of Earth That Was. (Added 2 March 2006)

Satan Is No Gentleman by afrai
Buffy/Good Omens. Adam finds out something unexpected about Pepper. Very short. (Added 31 July 2006)

The Scarab by BK the Irregular
Buffy/Stargate: SG-1. Go'auld and vampires are a scary combination-- There's a new force rising in Sunnydale and recruiting demonic servants. Riley's inquiries, seeking more information, alert SG-1 to the presence of an active Go'auld in California. The two teams collide then cooperate.  (Added 26 August 2004)

Search and Rescue Series by Laney
Buffy/Stargate: SG-1. This series is still a WIP, but the first two stories stand well enough on their own, and they are complete. The stories badly need a proofreader, but they're worthwhile for those who can work around the misused words, punctuation problems and such. In an AU where Buffy, Xander and Oz died at Graduation and Faith never went bad, Willow pursues a career in the Air Force. After her training's done, she ends up working for the SGC on a search and rescue team. (Added 21 March 2005)

Serenterprise-D by inlovewithnight
Firefly/Star Trek: Next Generation. Just little interactions between the two crews. Amusing little interactions between the two crews. (Added 15 June 2005)

Shadows in Starlight by Vathara
Star Wars/Rurouni Kenshin. An AU in which the characters from Kenshin live on a frontier planet with a rather high percentage of Force sensitive folks and in which Obi-Wan survives the encounter with Vader on the Death Star but fakes his own death and heads for the frontier. I love Vathara's stories and had a lot of fun with this one. It works well. (Added 27 April 2008)

Shoveling by PaBurke
Buffy/MASH. Doctor Benjamin Franklin Pierce (retired) notices some odd things about the inhabitants of the house next door to his and gets gradually drawn into the Slayers' war. (Added 20 January 2007)

Slayer of Nightmares by L. Mouse
Buffy/InuYasha. Post-canon for both series. Kagome has received a photograph that proves the InuYasha is alive in the modern era. She goes searching for him only to discover that he's made some powerful enemies. (Added 20 January 2007)

The Sound of Her Wings by Rokeon
Stargate: Atlantis/Sandman. John Sheppard has met her in many places, and he's not surprised to her here, too. (Added 15 January 2006)

Stardust by Kikkimax
NCIS/Stargate: SG1. Gibbs and his team are called in to investigate a trio of mysterious deaths and to deal with the amnesiac John Doe found tied to a chair near the corpses. Those familiar with Stargate will recognize the amnesiac immediately. (Added 1 June 2005)

Stuck in Lodi by themonkeycabal.
Farscape/Doctor Who. Commander John Crichton meets a Time Lord in a bar. (Added 16 January 2006)

Sudden Death by Hope of Dawn
Weiss Kreuz/Yami no Matsuei. Schwarz is sent to attempt to recruit a Japanese psychic. Somebody's timing is off. Or perhaps... Somebody's timing is better than anyone guessed. (Added 19 Nov. 2004)

Sweet Delight by Jaelle
Petshop of Horrors/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. D finds a golden ticket and takes Mike TeVee's place on the tour. Leon accompanies him. I'd have loved to have gotten more details of this, but the small glimpses the author gives us are beautiful. (Added 2 March 2006)

Swordsmen by L. Mouse
Rurouni Kenshin/Highlander. Kenshin has a very low opinion of the Game, and Duncan MacLeod isn't quite sure what to make of a century old Immortal who won't play. (Added 20 January 2007)

A Tale of Too Many Worlds by Eildon Rhymer
Howl's Moving Castle/Chronicles of Chrestomanci. In this sequel to "A Tale of Two Wizards," Howl finds himself dealing with 'awkward and inconvenient things' and needing Chrestomanci's assistance. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

A Tale of Two Wizards by Eildon Rhymer
Howl's Moving Castle/Chrestomanci. A wizard and an enchanter meet in a dimensional prison. (Added 8 June 2006)

Talking to Strangers by Ysabet
Detective Conan/Puppetmaster Sakon. Conan is more than a little startled when a box left on a seat in the subway starts talking to him. (Added 17 December 2005)

The Taura-Tara Nexus by keswindhover
Buffy/Vorkosigan. Taura is near to death and looking for help. Her request for a spirit guide summons a surprised Tara to her side. Explicit f/f and death. (Added 2 Dec. 2006)

That Gorram Fox by Stories from AngelsFall
YuYu Hakasho/Firefly. A fox takes passage on Serenity. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

There and Back Again by Beth
Stargate: SG-1/Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Samantha Carter exits a wormhole in a very different place than she expected. (Added 21 March 2005)

Thirteen Going on Fourteen by peroxidepest17
Bleach/One Piece. Dead pirates find a place in the Soul Society. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

This Ain't a Fucking Fairy Tale by Aishuu
XXXHolic/Utena. A prince meets Yuuko twice, before and after. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

This Is the Law and the Prophets by fryadvocate
Battlestar Galactic/Dead Like Me. The day before the world ends is a busy-- and a heart breaking-- one for the reapers. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

This Man, This Canary...! by Minisinoo
X-Men/Harry Potter. While on vacation in London, the original five X-Men fine their way into The Leaky Cauldron. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Three the Hard Way by Julie Fortune
Invisible Man/X-Files. Fawkes and Hobbes encounter Scully while taking some brush up clashes in unarmed combat.  Fawkes, being Fawkes, has to find out who she is and why she's not happy. (Added 12 Feb. 2005)

Tim, Tam by Mary
Firefly/DC Comics. Serenity takes on another orphan, and Tim tries to fit in. (Added 15 January 2006)

To Dust by Mhalachai
Buffy/Stargate: SG-1. Dawn takes a job with the SGC. Faith comes along as bodyguard. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Travel Light by AstroGirl
Doctor Who/Farscape. The Seventh Doctor and Ace become involved in a rebellion against the Peacekeepers. (Added 6 November 2005)

Tricks and Traps by Luce Red (Formerly called "Thousands of Star-filled Paths)
Hikaru no Go/Petshop of Horrors. Hikaru and Touya wander in search of ramen but find a petshop instead. The strange proprietor challenges Hikaru to a game. Anything further that the author writes will be gravy. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. Part 4 is here. Part 5 is here. (Link to part 5 added 15 January 2006)

Trick or Treat by Kei
Stargate: SG-1/Buffy. A captive Goa'uld that SG-1 is transporting escapes them and attempts to possess Xander. Unfortunately for Xander, SG-1 sees him spit the parasite back out and takes him into custody to investigate his apparent immunity. Set after the end of Buffy. (Added 11 July 2006)

The Trouble with Trill-Bats by Flora
Farscape/Star Trek: Deep Space 9. A little wormhole trouble drops Moya near Deep Space 9. While her crew is on the station, intruders beam in and try to take over. (Added 30 March 2005)

An Undone War Still Wages by Cherry Ice
Doctor Who/Stargate: Atlantis. The Doctor, Rose and Jack arrive in Atlantis in the aftermath of battle. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Unless You're Us by Kathleen Dailey
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Star Trek: the Original Series. Two characters bond a little after a group counseling session for the recently returned from the dead. The story's short and largely humorous, not even trying to reconcile the canons. (Added 6 November 2005)

Untitled by emungere
Petshop of Horrors/Antique Bakery. Leon searches for D and finds a bakery. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

Unto the Breach by Grey Bard
Stargate: Atlantis/Babylon 5. This is rather more a fusion than a crossover. Agent Bester of the NID comes to Atlantis to find a traitor. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Upon a Fiery Steed by Vathara
Stargate: SG-1/Gundam Wing. I'm usually not big on AUs that take canonical characters and put them in a non-canonical setting, so I was iffy about the Gundam Wing aspect of this story. But what Vathara has done works well-- The elements of Gundam Wing canon have been reshaped to fit the Stargate universe, and they work well there. The story starts with Daniel Jackson in the hands of a Goa'uld. There, he meets another prisoner, a stranger from a world he's never heard of. (Added 11 Sept. 2004)

Venificus Ex Machina by ideom
CSI/Belgariad. Grissom's puzzled by a corpse, but he simply can't believe what the bearded, old man tells him about it. (Added 6 May 2005)

Walk Out of the World by Martha Wilson
Firefly/Stargate: Atlantis. When Kaylee stumbles into another universe, River follows because nobody should be alone. (Added 6 November 2005)

The War of Winter by lacewood
Bleach/Narnia. How Rukia's zampaktou woke. The story makes sense without knowing Narnia but will lose a lot. I don't think that it makes sense without knowing Bleach. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

We Don't Need Another Hero by Sophia Prester
Heroes/XXXHolic. Yuuko grants a six year old's wish. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

What Would Have Followed by gisho
Tsubasa/Narnia. During their quest to find Sakura's memories, the group makes a brief stop on Charn. (Added 2 March 2006)

Where the Stars Are Strange by Flora Stuart
Star Wars/Farscape. During his journey to Degobah, Yoda finds himself, briefly, a prisoner aboard a strange living ship. He shares his cell with another creature his own size, Dominar Rygel XVI. (Added 6 November 2005)

Wholesale by Dead Ship
(Blake's 7/Deep Space 9) A wormhole accident throws Garrick into another universe. (Added 17 Feb. 2005)

With a Star by Don Sample
Buffy/Vorkosigan. The crossover part of things is glancing. During his honeymoon, Miles visits Earth, a place called the Sunnydale Lagoon, and finds himself fascinated by the history of the place and of the mysterious monument there. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

With No Companion by gaisce
Utena/Princess Tutu. Anthy wanders and finds a walled city and a prince. She offers Rue a warning about the nature of princes. Set before both series but containing spoilers for both. (Added 20 January 2007)

With Sword and Head Held High by Ushmushmeifa
Highlander/Harry Potter. Professor McGonagall inherits leadership of her clan and her family's obligation to hunt down the Demon of the McLeods. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Woman with Gun by Tosca's Kiss
Saiyuki/Farscape. While on a backward planet, the members of Moya's crew find themselves in need of transportation and try to steal some. (Added 22 June 2005)

Yami no Schwarz by Rana Eros
Yami no Matsuei/Weiss Kreuz. In this series of drabbles, the members of Schwarz from Weiss Kreuz canon are replaced by characters from Yami no Matsuei. (Added 20 April 2006)

Ye Merry Gentlemen by Sleeps With Coyotes
Legend of Sleepy Hollow/Pirates of the Carribean. Ichabod Crane's supervisor sends him to investigate a 'ghost ship.' He finds that it truly is the infamous Black Pearl. (Added 2 March 2006)

You Are Not the First by Kamui-kitten
X/Death Note. Misa has a disturbing conversation with a man whose name she can't see. (Added 3 Oct. 2007)

You Weep Alone by Mara Greengrass
Firefly/Doctor Who. Zoe and the Doctor help each other with a little jailbreak. (Added 3 Oct. 2006)

Multiple Fandoms
This is a central index for the various Anonymous Kink Memes that have appeared on LJ. There are likely some that aren't linked here, but there are a lot that are. Many of them are also still open for writing and/or requesting. Since the memes die if there aren't active writers, I suggest writing a couple of ficlets before placing any requests. These are all sexually explicit. Some are kinkier than others, but they all likely have things that will appeal and things that will squick. Be cautious. (Added 20 Jan. 2008)

Female Gen Ficathon 2006. I wish I'd heard about this in time to join in the writing. I truly love the idea of it. Oh, well, at least I still got to read the stories. I only looked at those for fandoms I knew something about, so my recs from this are rather incomplete. Other readers may find some gems in there that I missed. (Added 15 January 2006)

Madamhydra has written stories in several different anime fandoms. She's got several works in progress that she doesn't update all that frequently. I like all of the stories I've sampled.

While We Tell of Yuletide Treasure: The Obscure Fandom Secret Santa Project.
Which also has a Live Journal. Let's see if I can explain this... Some time ago, some people decided that it would be neat to swap fics as a holiday celebration. Various of them added requests to a list of fandoms and pairings, and various other people endeavored to write stories to fit those requests. Some of the fandoms and pairings present aren't, in my opinion, all that obscure (that may just be my perspective), but others are things I'd never have thought of, anime/manga series, TV shows, movies, classic works of fiction, everything. At any rate, everything I've looked at on the site has been excellent. Also, if you want that sort of challenge, there's still a list of unfilled requests that anyone is welcome to try to meet. (Added 28 April 2004)

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