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Author: Amy the Evitable a.k.a. LunarGeography
Fandom: xxxHolic
Pairing: DoumekixWatanuki
Rating: PG
Summary: Camouflage is one Watanuki's skills. Written for a 'give me a title' challenge.
Last Updated: 9 February 2008

Love, At This Volume

"Noisy," said Doumeki, as Watanuki shrieked at Mokona for swiping a piece before he'd had the chance to set the garnish on it properly. Stealing another, the diminutive black familiar began a game of keep-away, as Watanuki pursued, fiercely brandishing his parsley.
"Does it bother you, Doumeki-kun?"
He thought it over a few moments before he answered Yuuko-san. "He over-reacts."
She smiled, and took a deep drag from her pipe. "Does he?"
They watched the game in silence for a time, as Watanuki grew louder, and clumsier in his frenzied pursuit, tripping himself up and ending up flat on his face in the sand.
"Where do you hide a red fish*, Doumeki-kun?" He looked at her, raising an eyebrow to indicate that he had no good answer. "Among a school of other red fish. Where do you hide a scream? Perhaps among a great deal of other noise. And where do you hide a fight no one else can see?"
Doumeki pondered this. It was true – When Watanuki squealed and yelled, or flailed at the empty air and rolled over the road, struggling with invisible attackers, people who knew him didn't think anything of it. It was spastic, dramatic, loopy Watanuki-kun, again, whispered the girls. He's blown another fuse, muttered the boys. Teachers rolled their eyes, but they didn't decide he had epilepsy, or Tourette's, or need to be put into a straitjacket and locked in a padded room.
It was the perfect camouflage.
That woman's smile turned mischievous. "And where do you hide a strong feeling you don't want to admit to?"
Doumeki pondered this, too.
Then he reached out, and stole a piece of the unassembled, ungarnished lunch Watanuki was preparing.
"Doumeki, you jerk!" And there were gangly limbs waving in his face, as Mokona's game  was utterly forgotten in the face of Doumeki's theft. "You – you – I do not have words for how irritating you are! I would have to invent a whole new language just to begin to express all the ways you infuriate me! Entirely new verbs because you keep finding new ways to insult me! New classes of superlatives! I can't stand  you! Just looking at you makes me want to scream, but that's not enough for you! Oh, no! The great Watanuki-sama is lowering himself to prepare a feast for you – ENTIRELY UNDESERVING YOU – and you mess up my preparations! You --"
Doumeki smiled. He could live with this.

* Author's Note: My brain would not come up with a good original metaphor for camouflage, so I shamelessly stole this one from Mercedes Lackey. I take no credit for it whatsoever.

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